You didn’t hear it from us, but did you know that any kind of event is instantly more special with a LED name neon sign? Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, festival, or corporate event, a custom neon sign is a great way to add a personal touch. So if you want to make your next event extra special, consider adding this colourful ornament.

Here are some reasons why you should use custom-name neon signs to make different events even more special.

Neon Name Sign: Serving a Variety of Benefits for Every Occasion

Custom-name neon signs come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s one to fit every occasion. Here are the many benefits of adding a customized name neon sign to your next big bash!

Makes It Clear What or Who the Event Is For

If you’ve ever planned to attend an event in a venue you’re unfamiliar with, then you know how confusing it can be. Imagine trying to find your way around a new place to attend an event without signage. It would be nearly impossible!

Luckily, there’s not a single event without signage that makes it clear what the event is all about. And there’s nothing more lively than a neon sign that screams, "This is my event." So whether it’s someone’s birthday party, wedding, or a store opening, a custom neon name sign can make all the difference.

Adds a Personal Touch to the Event

One of the greatest ways to add a personal touch to any event is by adding a custom name neon sign. It will not only help your guests feel welcomed but also make the event owner feel special. Plus, it’s a unique way to ensure that your event stands out from all other events.

For instance, you can put the birthday celebrant’s name on a custom neon sign. Or, if you’re hosting a business event, you can use the neon sign to advertise the company’s name. Neon signs are also popular for weddings because you can use them to display the bride and groom’s names.

What’s more, you can be completely in charge of the signage’s design. You can customize it to fit your favourite colour or font preference and even add special graphics or artwork. So no matter what event you’re hosting, adding a custom neon sign will give it that extra touch. 

Highlights Areas of the Event Venue

A name in neon lights is always a showstopper, whether displayed on a venue wall or in the front window of a small business. That’s why using a LED name neon sign is a great way to highlight certain areas of your event venue.

Name neon LED signs are also a great way to direct people to specific areas of the venue. For instance, if you have a stage, you can use a LED neon sign to designate where the performer should stand. Or, if you have a dance floor, you can use a neon sign to let everyone know where they should go dancing.

Sets the Mood or Atmosphere of the Event

A neon light name sign is an excellent way to set the mood or atmosphere of an event. For example, if you are hosting a party, you can use a neon sign to let your guests know they are in for a fun time!

You can also use a neon light sign to create a sophisticated atmosphere. For example, if you are hosting a business event, using a neon sign can help to command attention and create an air of professionalism and success.

Using a neon sign is an easy and effective way to do whatever mood or atmosphere you want to create.

How to Choose the Perfect Name Neon Sign for Your Event

With so many options available, picking the perfect neon sign can be challenging. But choosing the perfect name neon sign for any event is easy when you follow a few simple tips.

Think about the overall theme of the event.

LED neon name signs are a popular choice for event decor, but it’s important to consider the overall theme and atmosphere of the event when choosing a design. For example, a bright and colourful neon sign may be perfect for a birthday party or festival, but it would look out of place at a formal wedding.

On the other hand, a more subdued neon sign can help to create a fun and festive atmosphere without being too over the top. Ultimately, the goal is to choose a neon sign that compliments the event rather than detracts from it. With a little planning and forethought, the perfect neon LED name sign decoration can enhance any event. 

Be mindful of where you’re planning to place the sign.

A name neon LED sign is a fantastic way to liven up the decor for your event. But before you buy one, take into consideration where you’re planning to place the neon sign. That way, you can choose the right size and ensure that it’s not too big or too small for the available space.

Double-check the sign’s quality.

When choosing a neon sign for an event, it’s crucial to double-check the quality of the neon LED sign. You want to make sure the neon tube is durable and free of any cracks. Doing this ensures that your neon sign will not fall apart during your event and cause damage to property or injure people.

Before purchasing, don’t forget to ask about the warranty and return policy. By taking these factors into account, you can be sure to choose a high-quality neon sign that will add excitement and style to your event.

Don’t forget to consider your budget.

Be sure to factor in the cost of decor when planning your next big event. Neon signs are a popular choice for adding a touch of fun and excitement, but they can range in price depending on the size and complexity of the design. So keep your budget in mind when buying a custom neon light name sign.

Don’t forget to compare prices from various stores before making your final decision. That way, you can get the perfect neon sign for your event without breaking the bank. So shop around for your neon LED name sign with the best price!

Wrap Up

Neon-name LED signs are the perfect way to give your guests a warm welcome and set the tone for an amazing event. Not only do they look great, but they also serve various practical purposes. Plus, you can customize them to any design that you want!
So don’t wait any longer! Explore our neon sign collection at today to find the perfect neon sign for your next big bash!

Have you been struggling with attracting new customers to your business? Do passersby never even glance at your storefront? Do you want to do more to make your storefront turn heads and transform passersby into paying customers? Sounds like what your budding business needs is a makeover! And here at Neonize, we think a neon light makeover will just do the trick.

Did you notice how many photos taken from Las Vegas or Hong Kong are always recognizable? With a single glance at any photo, you can easily tell they took them in Las Vegas and Hong Kong. Have you wondered why? That’s because of the beautiful and bright neon lights that have made these two places iconic!

Discover the many ways how neon lighting can help your business grow!

Can Neon Lighting Signs Help My Business Gain More Customers?

Absolutely yes! But if you’re still unconvinced that neon lights will be a worthwhile investment for your small business, let us persuade you otherwise! Neon light signages not only brighten your storefront under its neon glow but can also herd potential customers towards the door. Read more below to learn how a neon sign does its magic!

Pique Their Interest With One Look

With minimalism on the rise, many business owners today downplay the importance of having an eye-catching storefront. For many, a sign with the business name does the trick. Spending money on storefront decor and whatnot is considered an unnecessary business expense. But what these business owners miss out on is the huge potential to transform passersby into paying customers.

You see, once a neon lamp sign gets their attention, there’s a high chance they’ll want to know what the store has to offer and walk in.

Introduce Your Business With A Glance

Suppose your store specifically offers alcoholic drinks. Unless the people passing by are already familiar with your liquor store, they won’t even give it a second thought. So, why not install some neon lights in the shape of a beer bottle or the word “liquor” on your storefront? With a straightforward sign, passersby will know what your business is all about in milliseconds.

Moreover, custom neon signs are better as they are unique and leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Help Them Remember Your Business

While passersby may not be in the market for your products or services at the moment, they might need you in the future. When that moment comes, your business’s name should be the first thing that pops into their head. You can help them recall your business with a subtle sign that easily reminds them of what your store offers.

For instance, you can install a flashing bright neon LED sign with your business’s name on it. You can even go for a unique catchphrase! Every time they pass by your storefront, your business’s name will leave a memorable message in their minds.

Make Your Store Instagrammable

Do you want to expand your demographic? A custom LED neon sign can help increase your business’s exposure on social media. Your neon signs will attract the younger and tech-savvy demographic who will share your bright storefront for their social media posts. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to pay for boosted or sponsored posts. 

Who knows? Your storefront might even become a local tourist attraction if you play your cards right!

Stand Out During Nighttime

When walking down the main street at night, do you catch yourself looking into the glass windows of the stores you pass by? The dull glow of the fluorescent lights from these stores usually doesn’t turn heads. If anything, these lights serve a utilitarian purpose rather than an aesthetic one.

If you want to stand out among the other storefronts along the main street, install a LED neon sign! The bright-coloured neon glow will stand out against a row of window displays and signs. When customers come looking for your store during the nighttime, they’ll “know” which store is yours.

Neonize Your Business!

Are you ready to give your storefront a makeover? Let Neonize help you find the perfect neon signage for your small business! Here’s what makes Neonize LED neon signs a cut above the rest:

Doesn’t Hurt The Wallet

If you think the reason why many businesses don’t install neon signs is that they cost too much, then you may be surprised to learn that it’s quite the contrary! Neonize’s neon signs start at an affordable price of $267. Any small business can decorate its storefront with eye-catching and brightly-coloured neon signs at such a low price!

Lasts As Long As You Need

Unlike old neon signs, LED neon signs are more durable. Particularly, Neonize’s neon signs are manufactured using the latest Neon Flex Technology, improving their durability and lengthening their lifespan. So if you’re thinking about how old neon signs in Las Vegas or Hong Kong often go out, don’t worry about the same thing happening to Neonize’s LED neon signs.

Free From Hazardous Gases

As mentioned above, old neon signs are less durable than the newer LED neon signs that Neonize makes. Aside from doing away with fragile glass tubes, modern neon signs no longer contain hazardous neon gas. Likewise, contemporary neon lights no longer need neon gas to produce the same iconic neon glow, all thanks to the light-emitting diode or LED.So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay your storefront’s neon-inspired makeover, and grab a neon lighting kit from Neonize’s collections today!

It’s no secret that neon lights have been a fixture in cities that never sleep. Whether in the Ginza Shopping District of Tokyo, the Times Square of New York City, or the Fremont Street of Downtown Las Vegas, neon lights are a key part of the urban landscape. It is especially true when it comes to businesses.

Walking around, you’ll see many of them use neon lights. But with so many businesses using bright signs to catch your attention, how can businesses avoid getting lost in the world of neon lights? Let’s find out!

What Is Up with Neon Light Fixtures?

Most business stores use neon light fixtures, but why do they choose these colourful lights to decorate their stores over other types of light fixtures? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using neon light fixtures in your business storefront.

Bright Colours Easily Catch Attention

When it comes to catching attention, bright colours always seem to do the trick. Neon hues can’t help but capture our gaze, and that’s why businesses often rely on neon lights to increase brand awareness and lure customers in.

Something about the colourful glow of a neon light makes it impossible to ignore, especially at night. So people can easily spot your store in a street full of competition. Plus, neon lights can easily lure new customers in and make them want to come back again.

Effortless Glow Livens Up Any Space

While some may consider neon lights garish or tacky, they can transform even the most dreary space into a lively and inviting place. For potential customers, seeing a business lit up with colourful neon signs, they’re more likely to stop and check it out.

Plus, when you use neon lighting strategically, it can help to highlight key features of your business. Neon lights can also help to create a sense of energy and excitement, making people more likely to linger and enjoy themselves. In short, they can be an essential tool for any business aiming to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Versatility to Promote Brand Identity

Businesses have long used neon lights to promote their brand identity and attract the right customers. With their versatility, you can create different styles and atmospheres that perfectly match your brand’s unique image.

For instance, neon lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours, so you can really let your creativity shine. Because of this, you can customize the neon light signs you want to use for your business. So no matter what your brand’s style is, there’s a neon light fixture that will perfectly complement it.

A Definite Bang for Your Buck

As a business owner, investing in neon lights is a great way to get value for your money. Aside from being a great marketing tool, they are also heavy-duty and cost-effective. So you can attract more customers while saving money on neon light fixture replacement and electric bills.

Additionally, there are endless ways to use neon lights in designing your store. So, whether you want to use a neon strip light, a neon signage, or a neon wall decor, there’s always a neon light for you.

Getting the Perfect Neon Light Sign for Your Business

There’s something about neon lights that brings out the best in a business storefront. It could be the brightly glowing colours or the smooth lines and curves of the neon glass tube lights. But there’s no doubt that neon light fixtures can make any space feel livelier.

If you’re thinking of getting the best neon lights to reflect your business, here are a couple of things you must consider.


When choosing the perfect neon light sign for your business, colour is one of the most important considerations. The right colour can help to grab attention, convey a message, and create an atmosphere.

For example, you should use bright and cheerful neon colours for ice cream shops and arcades. Meanwhile, you may want to choose a more subdued and sophisticated colour like warm white for high-end boutiques. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but never forget to incorporate your brand colours when searching for the perfect neon light hue for your business.


First impressions are everything when it comes to business signage. Of course, you want your led neon sign to be eye-catching and remarkable, but you also want it to be readable. So choosing the right font is critical in creating a neon sign that will reflect your branding and lure passersby in.

Fonts like Helvetica and Arial are simple and easy to read, making them ideal for large led neon signs that need to be seen from a distance. On the other hand, script fonts can add a touch of class and sophistication, making them ideal for more upscale businesses. And for businesses that want to really stand out, there are always unique display fonts that can make your sign truly one-of-a-kind.

Regardless of your business type, choosing the right font is essential to creating a neon sign that will get noticed.


Size definitely matters when choosing the best neon sign for your store. So you should remember that a neon sign that is too small may get lost in the clutter of a busy street. Meanwhile, a neon sign that is too large may look overwhelming and out of place. 

The best way to find the right size is to consider the neon sign’s location and the available space. For example, if you want to place a neon sign in a window, you should measure the window first to know exactly how much space you have to work with. You must also consider the height of the ceiling and any other obstructions that might block the view of the sign.

Once you have a good idea of the available space, you can start browsing or get custom neon signs within those dimensions. By taking the time to find the right neon sign size, you can ensure that your business makes a positive impression on potential customers.

Overall Design

Choosing the right design is crucial when decorating your storefront with the perfect neon sign. The design needs to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, and it also needs to reflect your business’s tone and personality accurately.

You don’t want potential customers to expect something completely different from what your business actually has to offer. So it’s important to create a custom neon sign or choose the right design that reflects your branding to set your customers’ expectations and keep them away from disappointment.

Using Neon Lights to Your Advantage

Neon lights are a great way to decorate your business, and they come with a variety of benefits. They effortlessly catch people’s attention, lure the right customers, and set your store apart from your competitors. So the next time you see a neon light shining brightly in a storefront, you’ll know that there’s more to it than just pretty colours. offers a wide selection of neon signs that perfectly complement any business. So browse our collection today and get ready to put your business in the spotlight!

Feeling like summer is the greatest period of the year? We know we do! In fact, we think vacations are so fetch. The better the weather and beach, the more likely you’ll see us there! 

This season, you'll also have the excuse to wear your cute bikini and Neonize your space to help you live your hot girl summer fantasy. 

So what is a hot girl summer, and why does Megan Thee Stallion keep talking about it?

What’s “Hot Girl Summer”?

As its name suggests, hot girl summer is a word with a gendered connotation primarily enjoyed by women. But, like many other cultural trends, its roots may be traced back to black women who have paved the way for sensational catchphrases and glamorous nails. 

Since immemorial, society has permitted and encouraged men to enjoy sex and hustling. It took a couple of years for women to be allowed such things since some people still think they're only good for housework and motherhood. With 'hot girl summer, women get the liberty to have sex and make money without feeling shame. 

The Origins of Hot Girl Summer

The name "Hot Girl Summer" is a play on three topics frequently discussed online: being a girl, having a hot body, and the summer season. 

It serves as a model against which individuals carry out their responsibilities: Spending a relaxing day at the beach? Hot girl summer! Are you going to be alone in your room at home? There’s no shame in being your own definition of hot girl summer!

Fulfill Your Hot Girl Summer Fantasy

To fulfill your hot girl fantasy and live in the constant reminder that you are, in fact, that girl (even if you live somewhere cold like San Francisco or Ontario), we have written a couple of decor ideas for that specific theme. Spoiler alert: it includes a palm tree neon sign and a whole lot of good vibes! 

1) Think about the significance of summer in your life. Is it the beach? A picnic in the park? Maybe it's a hammock under the shade of an old oak tree. Whatever it may be, try to incorporate that feeling into your space by using colours that remind you of summer. Maybe use something blue or green to mimic the ocean or bright orange and yellow to emulate the warmth of sunflowers and sunsets.

2) Bring in some natural elements like flowers or plants that will make your space feel fresh and alive! You can even utilize them as inspiration for embellishing with accessories like vases or bowls.

3) Ensure some interior parts are unrestricted so you can let in as much natural light as you can! 

4) Use many white and light colours against the pop of colour you chose. They will make your space feel fresh, airy, and clean! 

5) Switch out your rug (if you have one) with one that is coloured brown or blue. Tufted rugs are all the rage these days because of their personalization. However, if you can commission an artist for a rug inspired by the beach, that's even better!

6) Get a palm tree neon light to fully capture the good vibes of summer in your space. Take inspiration from the abundant palm trees in Los Angeles, where it always feels like the weekend or the perfect place to get brunch and cocktails. 

Neon Signs: A Hot Girl Summer Staple

A personalized neon palm tree light from Neonize is probably the only thing you'll need to embody the hot girl summer vibe. It might only be a small addition to your space, but it makes a huge difference, especially with the good vibes it brings. Not convinced? Here are more reasons to incorporate this hot girl summer staple into your home: 

Neon Signs Provide Cool Lighting

This sign is the perfect accent for any room in your home, from a relaxing bedroom to an energetic kitchen. It's also great as a nightlight, providing just enough light to see without leaving you feeling blinded when you wake up in the middle of the night.

The palm tree can transform a room into a tropical paradise at any time of year. From snowmen tiptoeing on Christmas Eve (just kidding-we hope) to H20 balloons floating above Tetris blocks during spring break (no need for explanation here), a neon sign can brighten any space with its good vibes and vibrant colours.

Neon Signs Give the Summer Vibe Without the Heat

Imagine feeling the excitement of summer without the actual heat. This is exactly how you can bring summer into your space with a palm tree sign. You can use this palm tree wall decal from the beach to your backyard as an accent piece for your interior design or outdoor decor. You can even take it with you to the beach house and use it there too! 

Neon Signs Supply Greenery to Any Space 

A palm tree sign is a great addition to your space because it's guaranteed to keep the summer vibes flowing into your home all season long! This palm tree sign is also a fun way to decorate for summer and can add greenery to your space. In addition, it's the best way to incorporate plants into your home without worrying about watering them or keeping them alive.

If you're looking for more ways to bring some tropical sunshine into your life (and why wouldn't you be?), a palm tree neon LED sign is the way to do so. If you want to add more greens, we have plenty of greenery options for you on our site! 

Fire It Up with Neonize

Apart from the good old neon light palm tree sign that every hot girl summer should have (yes, even Megan Thee Stallion), our site also offers a wide range of neon lights. You can find what type of art deco you want for your space with a single click. 

Pink Flamingo Neon Sign for Las Vegas Hot Girls

For those who prefer the Las Vegas theme, even if they're from the other side of the United States or the globe, we have colourful and vivid designs, like this pink flamingo sign from our very own selection. It's pink and definitely matches the whole Las Vegas theme.

New York Neon Sign for Hardworking Hot Girls

As for those hot girls who work hard and dream even harder, a New York light is all they need to make them hustle harder for their dreams. Who knows? Maybe today's North Carolina, but tomorrow it's Times Square. So keep thriving, hot girl! 

Follow the Call of the Disco Ball for Retro Hot Girls

Are you the type of girl who loves the 70s and 80s? You're all about the groovy throwback, and you take inspiration from fashion icons like Farrah Fawcett. We have a neon sign that reads, 'Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball.' Fulfill that disco hot girl fantasy with this neon light! 

Your Hot Girl Summer Starts with Neonize

If you are looking for a way to add some tropical fun to your home, then this neon palm tree sign is a perfect choice. It's not only super cute but also practical! This palm tree will be perfect if you don't have room for a real plant or just don't feel like watering it. You'll love how easy it is to hang up, and it comes with a warranty, so this investment won't become another impulse buy in vain. 

Check out our other designs and neon sign reviews to find the perfect LED neon light to complement your vibe!

Izakayas are a popular type of bar in Japanese culture. They serve a variety of small dishes and snacks that go well with alcohol, and they're known for their friendly atmosphere. They are also popular for their Japanese neon sign aesthetic. It's common to find big groups of people eating and drinking together while chatting away over their meal.

A good izakaya sign can help set the tone for your business by showing off your style and personality—something you want to do right when potential customers walk through the door! Of course, there are many different styles available, but there are some things everyone should keep in mind before choosing one.

These are all essential queries that need answers before making an important purchase.

About Izakaya

The word izakaya refers to a type of Japanese drinking establishment. Izakayas are known for their casual atmosphere, small size, and focus on food instead of alcohol. The word itself is said to be derived from the phrase "to stay (izanai) and drink (sake)" about the practice of eating after drinking sake.

Unlike traditional bars that serve only alcohol and sometimes snacks, an izakaya usually offers a variety of appetizers or tapas-style dishes alongside their drink menu. 

If you’re lucky, some establishments even offer karaoke services! In addition, Izakayas usually features counter seating rather than tables and chairs, ideal for quick conversation over small plates with friends or coworkers after work or during happy hour at lunchtime.

It's easy to see why izakayas have become so popular: they provide an intimate setting where people can gather together over food and drink without feeling rushed or pressured into ordering anything more than what they want at that moment in time, whether it be a glass of wine by itself or one paired with delicious chicken wings!

A Brief History of Japanese Neon Signs

Japan's post-World War II economic growth has been closely correlated with LED neon signs. An occasion, the Tokyo Olympics, came to be seen as a representation of Japan's highly developed economy.

After they were hosted in 1964, the appetite for outdoor advertising skyrocketed. Since then, images of neon-lit urban vistas have also been included whenever economic expansion is depicted visually. The Japanese neon light has evolved into a representation of prosperity and harmony.

Designing with a Neon Japanese Sign

Neon signs have been around since the 1920s worldwide, but they've grown increasingly popular as a way to add character to your store. The traditional designs are still visible today, but there has also been a surge in interest in more modern takes on the style.

To capitalize on this growing trend, many design companies now offer customizable options that let you personalize your neon sign with anything from your favourite movie quote to an image of your dog (or cat). 

These types of signs are perfect for businesses that want something unique while still maintaining their authenticity and staying true to their roots.

How Do I Pick a Good Design for My Sign?

When designing your neon sign, the first thing to do is select a design that echoes your label. You want something that will stand out and make an impression but also be easy for customers to read and identify with you. 

If you run a bar with anime features to welcome your otaku customers, a Sailor Moon or Naruto-themed light is a good neon style. On another note, if you operate a gay bar, a neon version of a pride flag is optimal. Or suppose you host wedding functions in your space; a light source of love is an option to consider.

Neon signs can be very meaningful in Japanese culture in terms of their use of colour and shape, so be sure you understand the meaning behind them. Also, if you have any specific requests or requirements, like having English on the sign or even Japanese characters (for example), make sure they're accounted for when designing it!

It would be best if you also considered how big of an impact this neon sign will have on your establishment. If it will look prominently displayed over the entrance wall or tucked away somewhere off-center, consider getting something really large! 

The size of your space will dictate whether or not having more than one letter would work best. If there's only room for several characters per side, pick something brief but witty, so everyone who sees it immediately gets its meaning; otherwise, go wild!

Where Can I Get a Custom Neon Sign? 

We are committed to creating a custom sign that reflects your business. We have a team of graphic designers and craftsmen ready to help you find the perfect design for your restaurant or izakaya and a custom Japanese neon light sign that will complement your design. 

At Neonize, we can create your neon sign in as fast as five minutes! All you have to do is upload your preferred neon style and wait for it to render. Then, in a couple of days, we'll have your high-quality custom neon sign delivered to your doorstep. 

Get Your Japanese Neon Sign at Neonize

We're here to help you find the best sign for your izakaya, whether it's a bright and colourful one that will attract customers from all over town or a traditional piece of Japanese art that will give your restaurant an authentic feel. No matter which type fits your needs best, we can create something special for you at a price that won't break the bank! No matter if your bar is inspired by the nightlife of Hong Kong, New York or Morroco, we'll have the best custom LED neon sign for your establishment. Subscribe to Neonize for more LED neon light ideas, discount codes, and special offers!

Hey gorgeous! It seems you're looking for a way to start a conversation with someone you like. Say, why not try complimenting them? Or are you too shy to say anything because you're afraid it'll come across unfavourably? We understand.

If you ever find yourself at a loss for words when complimenting someone, know that you're not alone! So many people feel shy or uncomfortable when giving or receiving compliments. But did you know there are other wonderful and creative ways to do it? 

This blog post will look at six ways to compliment someone without directly saying it. Don't worry about breaking a cold sweat or stuttering; you can avoid embarrassment with a hello gorgeous neon sign, some complimentary candies, and other equally fantastic alternatives on our list!

5 Creative Ways to Give Genuine Compliments Without Actually Saying It

Saying "you're so pretty!" or "you've always been the best part of my day" is as easy as ABC for most people. However, there will always be that shy person in the group who struggles, and you could be one of them. Well then, let's put an end to your dilemma with these five fantastic complimenting alternatives! 

1: Give Them Complimentary Candies

Who doesn't like candy? Perhaps some, but few people can resist it, especially if it's accompanied by a compliment! Have you tried a "complimentary candy"? If not, now's the time to discover this creative snack idea.

These are candies with one-word prints on their wrappers, which we think is an excellent packaging strategy. Not only do they put a sweet taste into your mouth, but they also make your day better with a compliment. So get your hands on these candies and give some of them to your favourite person!

2: Take a Candid Photo and Write Something About It

A person does not always notice all of the good aspects of themselves. However, some shy, quiet, and observant people would often notice them. Perhaps you're one of them and have proof of those traits saved in your camera's gallery. If you do, now is the time to put them to use and write about how lovely they are!

The picture doesn't have to be of professional quality. Simply choose the photo that best represents your favourite person, whether it's one of them staring at the sky, laughing, eating, or walking beside you. Then, write what you admire about it. Again, it doesn't have to be a masterpiece but should convey what you want to say.

3: Make a Custom List That Reminds You of Them

What songs, movies, or books does this person remind you of? If you've known them for a while, answering this question should be simple. If so, we'll begin there. Create a personalized list of things that make you think fondly of this person. It's a wonderful and effortful way of saying, "It reminded me of you."

Be creative and use every possible option available to you. Some examples are a Spotify playlist for songs, a YouTube playlist for videos, a Goodreads list for books, a cloud-based gallery of paintings or nature photos, or a Letterboxd list for movies.

4: Level Up Your Language Skills

Maybe you're not really afraid to speak up. Perhaps you just don't prefer straightforward compliments and want to put more effort into your words. Moreover, you are aware that your special someone enjoys poetry. In that case, try levelling up your vocabulary skills!

Take some time to learn about creative writing and fill your words with idioms, riddles, or even language translations. Then you can either say it to the person directly, send it via chat, or even make an effort to write a letter about it. Your efforts will perfectly demonstrate your affection.

5: Get Them a Hello Beautiful Neon Sign

Finally, you can go the aesthetic route by purchasing or displaying a hello gorgeous neon light! This is a great idea if you want to make an impactful but fun and creative compliment. It's a fantastic way to light up your favourite person's day (quite literally).

You can give this complimentary LED neon sign as a birthday gift or place it in a special spot where they can easily notice it. What about waiting for them to finish school or work before taking the lead? If you can go this far to tell them they're beautiful on the inside and out, your efforts will be greatly appreciated and remembered.

Can't Get the Words Out? Worry Not! Visuals Can Speak for You

The thought of complimenting someone when you're shy can make you anxious. What if they're uncomfortable about it? What if they think I'm strange? But there is no need to fret! On the contrary, a genuine compliment can often, if not always, brighten someone's day (and yours).

So take a deep breath and consider our six suggestions. They can save you from feeling embarrassed, and who knows? You might even enjoy the creative and entertaining process of preparing them!

Complimentary Neon Lights From Neonize

If you want to try the LED neon light method, look no further than Neonize! We have a wide collection of complimentary LED light signs, from a hello gorgeous neon light sign to babe you look so cool designs.

Can't find what you want? We also offer a custom neon sign service. Get your LED sign ideas on our web page by uploading an image or customizing a text. Then, allow us to work on the rest! We'll create a high-quality, awesome neon sign that you can proudly show to your special someone. 

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Are you redecorating your bedroom? Or did you just move into your new dwelling? Whichever the situation is, your new space will feel more like home when you put your personal touch to it. Say, how about hanging your favourite works of art and memorable photos on the wall? 

If such wall decor feels too dull for you and you would like to try something new, how about installing LED neon signs? They are bright, colourful, and completely customizable. You can put up neon signs all over your home, serving as a conversation piece for your guests!

Read the rest of the article below and discover how neon lights can help you show off your unique personality!

How Can LED and Neon Signs Bring Out My Personality?

If you think neon signs are a thing of the past, we’re here to persuade you otherwise! Neon signs today no longer contain hazardous neon gas. Instead, they are now made with light-emitting diodes or LEDs, making them cheaper to produce and safer, making customized neon signs easier to procure.

Here are eight ways that stylish neon lights can spice up your interiors:

Being Grateful Never Goes Out Of Style

Are you someone who appreciates even the smallest things in life? Do you wake up feeling blessed and thanking God for the morning you’re having? Do you feel gratitude for the birds chirping overhead against the wide blue sky? If you do, this #BLESSED neon sign might be just right for you! 

You can hang this on the wall against your bed to always remind yourself how blessed you are. A visible and glowing reminder to be grateful for what you have wouldn’t hurt, would it? In fact, it may help you become a more grateful and happier person than you already are!

Shrug Your Problems Away

Can you recall the greatest challenge you ever had to overcome? Or how about the most recent inconvenience you had to deal with? Did you make a big fuss, or did you simply shrug it off? If you did the latter, you must be a happy-go-lucky and level-headed person.

A cool person like you may appreciate this equally cool #WHATEVER LED sign! The next time you have to face life’s difficulties, no matter how big or small, let #WHATEVER be your mantra. 

Let People Know You’re A Potterhead

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? You may have the entire book collection on your shelves at home. Or maybe you haven’t read the books yet but watched each installment of its movie adaptation? Whether you have watched the movies or read the books, you are a true Potterhead!

So why not let your guests at home know how big of a Potterhead you are? This 9 ¾ LED sign will surely impress your fellow Potterheads and pique the interest of your “muggle” guests.

Keep Up The Hustle

Do you have big dreams and will do whatever it takes to reach them? Do you have to work numerous jobs to save up for the house of your dreams? If so, you will surely attain everything you have on our vision board if you work hard for them.

That’s enough reason for you to keep the hustle going! Motivate yourself to keep grinding with this HUSTLE neon light. When the going gets tough, the neon glow from this neon sign will put you right back on track!

There’s No Place Like Home

Nothing ever comes close to feeling relief when you set in your own home after a long day at work. Your home is the safest space where you can be yourself without the judgment of others. The home is where you can take refuge from all the turmoil and stress of the day.

If you are a homebody, you may love this “It’s So Good To Be Home” neon sign! This sign expresses the absolute joy found in the simplicity of being at home.

For The Love Of Music

Which musical instruments do you play? Do you play the guitar? Or a piano, perhaps? Maybe you excel at harnessing the musical power of the most natural musical instrument there is your own voice! Whatever musical instrument you play, no one can deny your love for music.

Let your guests know how you cannot possibly live without music with this elegant yet simple G-clef neon light! The G-clef is recognizable to most people, especially for musicians like you who can read sheet music and bring them to life!

Always Keep That Smile

Has anyone complimented your infectious smile? Never take the power of a smile for granted. When you flash a grin at others, they can’t help but smile back. Even by a little bit, you may have brightened up their day. It takes only a little effort to spread some positivity in your little corner of the world.

This Smiley neon light will surely brighten up your day as well. It can serve as your daily reminder to start your day with a smile, especially when everything seems so grim and dreary. 

Keep Yourself In The Present

Do you often feel anxious or held back by your own insecurities? Do you have a tendency to conjure up an image of the worst-case scenario every time you have to make a decision? A round-the-clock reminder is a great decorative piece to help you focus on the present moment.

Rather than replaying imagined scenarios in your mind repeatedly, be inspired by this All We Have Is Now LED neon sign! This neon word sign will always keep you grounded in the present, reminding you that life is too short to waste any second of it.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Neon Lights

You may already be familiar with the glass neon tubes of the past but you may still have some reservations about LED lights. Aren’t they more expensive to produce and, therefore, cost more? Are they safe to install inside your home? And where in the world could you purchase excellent quality customized neon signs?

Let us help you ease your qualms about LED lights by reading the following section below!

Aren’t Quality LED Neon Signs Expensive?

The old glass neon tubes we’re used to seeing in old photos were costly to make. Not only do they cost more money to manufacture, but they are also fragile as they are made of glass. Breaking these delicate neon gas-filled tubes means incurring additional expenses for a replacement.

However, the contemporary LED lights are made of acrylic and PVC materials, both of which are less expensive yet durable. Aside from the cheaper manufacturing cost, LED lights consume much less electricity which will save you money in the long run.

Are LED Lights Safe?

Neon gas is a harmful substance that makes neon lights magical. Fortunately, thanks to LED lights, you can enjoy the same magic minus the hazards of keeping glass neon tubes in your home. They only run at low voltages as well, making it even safer to Neonize your home than ever before.

Where Can I Buy LED Neon Light Signs?

If you fancy any of the stylish neon lights showcased above or want to have custom neon signs made, you can bet on Neonize to fulfill your neon dreams.Check out our collections and, who knows, you might end up with the perfect neon sign for your unique personality!

Before, gaming was deemed male dominated. But now, women are also rising to the occasion to play games, whether casually or competitively. For a woman, taking a break sometimes means slaying that mission in a game. 

An aesthetic gaming room at home is every girl gamer's favorite hangout place. In this article, learn how even a piece of bright neon light can transform a gaming room into one that looks sleek and chic.

The Rise of Female Gamers

Female gamers are rising in numbers. According to a study commissioned by Google in 2021, 65 percent of women are gamers, representing nearly half of video game players worldwide. 

Before, girls who played video games were considered a minority. But, now that women's interest in playing games is growing, it's safe to say that a girl's relaxation is not always about coffee and chocolate cake. But it would be fun if she could have both while playing games!

Pink for Female Strength

For every woman who breaks down barriers in gaming and other important things, pink is the color of strength. This color combination of red and white carries so much passion and energy without losing innocence and playfulness.

In addition, the color pink is associated with femininity and has the power to lighten up dark formal designs. Perhaps it can help brighten up a dull, gloomy room. For girls who hustle and play, pink is the right color to represent their energy and tranquility, especially in gaming rooms. 

5 Ways to Achieve a Pink Gaming Room Setup 

Whether you play chill or competitive games, a good and relaxing environment can help you have a more pleasant gaming experience. 

Regardless of gender, gamers always have a dream design for a gaming room. So, for girls who are starting to fulfill their dreams of having a gaming room, why not design it with a strong accent color like pink? 

If pink resonates with your personality, we say go all out for it! Besides, choosing a vibrant color like pink can help improve the overall mood of your dream gaming room. 

If you’d like to give a pink gaming room design a try, here are some ideas to get you started:

Pink Computer Desk 

Aside from your gaming computer, your desk is one of the most frequently used components in your gaming room. It serves as the centerpiece of your overall gaming setup. 

You can pick a gaming desk with a pink top or choose a different color that still matches your accent color. For example, you can choose white, black, or pastel purple to add a little bit of contrast and character without being overdone.

Pink Gaming Chair

If you’ve got yourself a pink computer desk, you might as well pair it with a nice pink gaming chair. When choosing one, ensure that you can sit on it as comfortably as possible. No gamer would have fun playing games with a backache and neck pain, right?

Look for an ergonomic gaming chair designed for efficiency and the comfort of a user. Then, the color comes second. Find a gaming chair with a touch or beautiful shade of pink or light purple on it to stay consistent with your chosen accent color. 

Pink Gaming Accessories

Aside from a pink desk and gaming chair, level up your chosen gaming room design by incorporating pink into your gaming accessories. This may include your mouse pad, speakers, and noise-canceling headphones. 

Pink Walls

Do you feel bold enough to paint your walls pink? If so, then go for it. On the other hand, if you want to keep your wall as is, there is also nothing to feel bad about. You can still bring aesthetic vibes to your walls through meaningful wall decor. 

To make your plain walls lively, you can create wall art by printing out photos or drawing your favorite characters from the games you’re playing. For additional appeal, you can also display photos of iconic places, like the city view of New York or the skylines of Las Vegas. 

Pink Lighting

Surprisingly, today's gaming rooms are not complete without a neon light sign. Lighting plays an important role in the overall gaming experience. It can boost the mood and serve as a pleasant decoration that will complete your gamer girl setup. 

If you're looking for a high quality, bright and stylish night light option, this is the right time to buy a pink neon sign. It can add drama to your chic gamer girl's room. Plus, it is easy to hang and safe to use. 

Filename: an example of pink aesthetic neon sign.jpg

Image Alt: an example of pink aesthetic neon sign

Spice up Your Game Nights With Pink Neon Light Sign

Today's gamer girl rooms look much more impressive when there is an easy hanging neon signage. If you're already attached to your current gaming setup, you can keep it, stick to its design, and make a few tweaks by adding neon signs to your space. 

If you already have a light pink neon sign and want to add a different color and vibe to your space, you can always add a white neon sign to your collection. Pink is a bold color, so don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with how you’ll use it. 

Neon signs are very versatile; you can mount them to your pink or plain wall, to the corners of your room, or even use them in your living room as a home decor. An LED neon sign is an excellent addition to your girl gaming room. Perhaps it can even help you have a smooth gaming experience!

Here are some cool gaming neon light signs for a girl gamer’s room like yours:

Gaming Controller Neon Sign

This is your time to showcase how much you love gaming. Shop for a gaming controller neon light to complete your sleek gaming room. It has a touch of light pink on its borders, so it's a great addition to your rigs. 

Gamer Neon Sign

What could be a better neon sign design for a girl gamer than this one? Whether you play competitively or casually, you are still called a gamer. This LED neon light is perfect for adding more light and liveliness to your walls or at the back of your gaming computer. 

Game Over Neon Sign

Want to challenge yourself to slay all those missions and keep becoming the most valuable player in a game? Put a game over neon sign in your gaming room. This will serve as your not-so-gentle reminder to play competitively during your game wars.

Level up With Personalized Gaming Neon Signs

Choosing pink as an accent color for a dream gaming setup is very fitting for a girl gamer like you. Whether you want to use pink in your gaming room all-out or practice a bit of minimalism, go for what can make you happy and comfortable while playing. Personalisation is the key.

Adding pink gaming neon signs can help brighten up your mood. Neonize offers custom and ready-made neon sign collections for every space, mood, and occasion. 

Do you want a neon sign that has your personal touch and style? Then, get a personalized neon sign from us and make your room a haven to enjoy your gaming hobby. 

Are you a bar owner? If so, you know how difficult it can be to attract and retain customers. People are now more mindful of the businesses they support. In particular, they tend to be loyal to bars and restaurants that take a firm stand on social issues, including LGBTQ equality.

If you want to be a business that people trust, consider showing the public that you welcome all types of love through your bar decor. And one easy way to make your bar more inclusive is hanging up a rainbow LED neon sign.

Before we dive into the reasons having Pride decor in your space is a green flag, let us first explore the history of the rainbow flag and the wonderful world of the LGBTQ community. 

The History of the Rainbow Flag

The rainbow flag of the LGBTQ rights movement is a common sight during Pride Month. How did the rainbow come to represent LGBTQ equality, though?

Gilbert Baker, a gay man and drag queen, created the first rainbow flag in 1978. Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay public figures in the United States, was the one who encouraged Baker to design a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ community.

Baker took inspiration from the rainbow to create a flag with eight colors, each carrying a symbolic meaning. 

Production concerns necessitated the removal of the pink and turquoise stripes and the substitution of indigo for basic blue. The current six-striped flag the LGBTQ community has adopted since 1994 now bears the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

The Different Kinds of Pride Flags

Lesbian Flag

Lesbians are often represented by this rainbow flag, which features pink, white, and red, however some people believe it exclusively represents "lipstick" or "femme" lesbians. This is most likely a holdover from the initial publication.

The most recent lesbian flag however features orange and lavender, along with the aforementioned colors to be more inclusive towards the WLW (women love women) community. 

Bisexual Flag

The flag, which was designed in 1998 by bisexuality activist Michael Page, features a layer of fuchsia at the top to symbolize women, a layer of royal blue at the bottom to symbolize men, and a stripe of lavender or purple down the middle to indicate love to both sexes.

Transgender Flag

In 2000, the flag made its debut at a Pride Parade in Phoenix. The baby blue is for the boys, while the pink stands for the girls. Those who are intersex, in the process of transitioning, or who identify as having a neutral gender or no gender are represented by the color white.

Pansexual Flag

The colors pink, yellow, and blue make up the three horizontal stripes of the pansexual pride flag. Most definitions suggest that pink stands for those who identify as female, blue for those who identify as male, and yellow for those who don't identify with either gender.

The Essence of Having a Rainbow Neon Light in Your Space

Bars are a space for many LGBTQ people to express themselves, so you don’t need to be a gay bar to show you are an ally. Just putting up decor like a rainbow LED neon sign can go a long way!

A neon rainbow sign is a welcoming symbol for everyone, whether you own a gay bar or not. A rainbow sign signals your commitment to equality, inclusivity, and love, creating a sense of trust that helps retain patrons. Love wins no matter what—that's what the sign is all about. A rainbow neon sign shows everyone that hatred and bigotry has no place in your bar.  

Get the Neon Rainbow Aesthetic from Neonize

Love is love, and if you're truly open to everyone, it should be visible. Customers want to see that you're an inclusive business, and we can help you do that with our collection of rainbow signs. 

We at Neonize offer a selection of signs in any neon color you like, including rainbows, to complement different kinds of spaces! They plug into an outlet and run on an electric current, so there's no need to worry about batteries running out. And if you want to place them outdoors, you can be sure they’ll stand against the rain because they’re waterproof.

Apart from our rainbow neon signs, you can opt for the Love Wins neon sign wall decor. We have more ready-made Pride-themed LED neon signs in our collection, but we can also create high-quality personalized LED neon light signs. So if that’s something you’re interested in, we could make it happen.

LED signs can still be a good investment even if they aren’t for your bar. You can also purchase custom neon signs for home decoration. You can even get one for an event like a birthday party. Wherever you’ll use it, the big, bright neon light sign will catch people's attention and capture everyone’s hearts in no time. 

You can send in your personalized design, and we’ll have it hot and ready in five minutes! And did we mention there’s an optional warranty, too? We understand the importance of building trust with customers, so get it along with your neon rainbow sign! 

Check out our collections to find the perfect inclusive LED light wall decor for your bar! 

More LGBTQIA+ Friendly Decor Ideas

The LGBTQ community is a vibrant, loving, and unique group of people who deserve recognition for all the strides they've made to make this world a better place. You can consider doing the suggested decor ideas to show inclusivity down below: 

Statement Posters

Statement posters are a great way to push your agenda without looking awkward. It's an excellent way to advertise your business by getting your name out there and letting people know they can feel comfortable at your establishment. They're not just limited to gay bars; they can be used in any type of business that wants to show its support for the LGBTQ community (and all other groups).

Pronoun Name Tags 

For your bar staff or other employees, you can opt to have name tags containing their pronouns. We know how much this vivid community values pronouns and their gender expression. Get one for your bar staff to provide further inclusivity. 

Inclusive Bathroom Signage

The topic of bathrooms can be a difficult conversation for some, especially to those that don’t fall in the binary. So, to aid this, it’s ideal to have an inclusive bathroom signage. 

Have you ever seen those bathrooms that welcomes all genders? There’s no indication if it’s males or females. You only need to be a human being to use that space. 

You can recreate that same sentiment with an inclusive bathroom signage. 

Create a Safe Space for Love with a Neon Rainbow Sign

Your bar doesn’t need to be a gay bar to show that you accept all types of love. So go ahead and hang a neon rainbow sign to show inclusivity, and remember: you have the whole LGBT community’s support!

We know it can be hard to take a stand, and it’s valid to feel worried about offending someone or losing business because of your beliefs. But consider this: having an inclusive bar will make your place feel safer not only for the LGBTQ but also for all communities in the margin and their allies. When other places do not welcome them, they will feel safe knowing they can go to yours and be treated with respect.

With a simple click, you may access a wide variety of neon signs that are appropriate for any type of use in your business, including welcoming the LGBT community. Quick, check them out now!

With more than eight million active streamers today, it’s hard to stand out as a streamer and make a name for yourself. That’s why you can’t expect to have thousands or even hundreds of viewers the moment you start broadcasting. The truth is, you will have to start small, so anticipate broadcasting even without a single person watching your live stream.

But don’t worry! Let us share with you a live streaming hack that can set you apart from the hundreds of thousands of other streamers out there: neon room lights. You might think neon signs are a thing of the past, but it’s this is the exact reason why  they can help you expand your audience and reach your live streaming goals.

Ready to find out more? Scroll down to the next section and discover how neon lighting can help you achieve your live streaming dreams!

Why Do I Need Neon Room Lights For My Livestreams?

While they are not a strict requirement, LED neon lights can help you and your live streaming career in ways you may not expect. A neon room sign boldly reinforces brand recognition among your viewers, makes your setup more appealing, and gives your broadcasts a unique personality, among other things.

You can learn more about why you should consider installing neon signs in your broadcast from this article!

Leave A Memorable Impression

We all know how important first impressions are. Whether you’re going on a first date with someone you met on a dating app or showing off your gaming skills on a live broadcast, first impressions will pull your target audience in and make them want to stay. An LED neon sign sitting atop your shelf or on your wall will definitely leave a mark on your viewers’ minds.

Promote Your Social Media Pages

If you’re like most streamers, you surely have numerous social media accounts. As a budding streamer like yourself, it’s essential to have a presence on the most widely used social media platforms. Using these social media pages, you can funnel your audience into your live stream, promote your merchandise, and nurture a loyal following. 

Custom neon signs with your social media handles will make it easier for your viewers to find you and look you up online. .

Let Viewers Know Your Gamer Tag

Do you broadcast your video game sessions? You can take advantage of neon signs to make new gaming buddies! You can display your gamer tag as a custom neon sign so fellow gamers can easily send you an in-game friend request. Having your audience participate in your live stream as your in-game teammates will make them engaged and keep them coming back to your stream.

Reinforce Name Recognition

Who doesn’t know PewDiePie? Even if you’re not a gamer yourself, chances are you’ve heard of  PewDiePie. That’s the power of name recognition. If you want your streaming or gaming alias to stick, you need to reinforce name recognition among your viewers and followers. 

One way to achieve this is by ordering a custom neon sign featuring your name or your alias. In a single glance, your viewers will know how to address you or which name you go by. 

Add A Touch Of Your Personality

Nearly everyone is hopping on the minimalist bandwagon. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, take a look at the most popular posts on Pinterest. Everyone’s interiors have become all-white with a touch of wood. Streamers are no exception as they have also caught on to the trend. 

Set yourself apart and use neon lighting to add a touch of your personality to your interiors. Here’s an idea: you can have your memorable catchphrase in neon if you have one.

Raise Your Production Value

Live streaming has become so easy that almost anyone can do it. You can impress your viewers without even having to spend too much money. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re all set for your first broadcast! 

If you are serious about live streaming, you should let your viewers know that you mean business by installing neon signs around your room. It will give your streaming setup a higher production value at a very low cost.

Play With Ambiance

A well-thought-out lighting setup will greatly improve the quality of your streams. Not only does it brighten up your space, but it also gives you the flexibility to play around with different themes. Play around with different lighting types, such as neon lighting, to give yourself and your streaming room a different vibe. 

For instance, when the Christmas season comes around, colorful and flashing Christmas-themed LED neon lights can introduce a festive ambiance to your room. Here’s a useful tip that can save you money: buy RGB color neon lights for room ceiling so you can change up your room’s ambiance with a single press on the remote.

Promote Your Merch

Aside from sponsorship deals and ad revenue, streamers make money through selling their official merchandise. That’s why content creators aggressively promote their merch, so much so that even their most loyal subscribers find it obnoxious. However, you wouldn’t want to annoy your viewers by telling them to buy your merch every other minute.

Instead, you can hang up a neon light sign telling your viewers to “Buy Merch.” Turn it into a neon wall art visible behind you during your live streams. Even in its unassuming placement, the neon light sign will subtly suggest to your viewers to buy your merch.

Neonize Your Livestreams!

Becoming a successful streamer means making the right decisions. What would your streaming alias be? Who is your target audience? What would be your streaming niche or category? Answering these questions can be challenging but deciding on whether to get neon lights or not for your streaming room is surely a no-brainer.Custom neon lights for your streaming studio are worth every penny you will spend on them. They add character to your streams, introduce your desired ambiance to your living space, and will make your live streams memorable to your viewers. So take a look at our neon flex light collections here at Neonize, or reach out to us to have your neon signs custom-made!

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