Throw a birthday party that your kids will never forget with this fun, easy-to-plan LED Neon Sign party! Your little ones can create a special message to display at the front of the event. The sign will surely add an extra flare and sparkle to the celebration—making it one for the books! 

With minimal effort, you’ll have a great day for everyone to enjoy and have fun in a kid-friendly environment. Plus, all parents love a good opportunity for some fabulous photos (which you’ll be able to take away with you after the event!). 

Read on as we explain how to throw this unique, cheerful, and unforgettable celebratory experience filled with lights & laughter!

Throw A LED Neon Light Signs Party: The Tips

The party you are about to give for your child is like no other, as it is an uncommon theme. But the uniqueness will set it apart and make it the best among the best—just what you want for the most special little person in your life. 

Check out these tips to perfect LED neon signs for a children’s party.

Light Up The Stage

Make the center of attention worthy of its spot by focusing your design on the stage. Colorful and various sizes of balloons, eye-catchy garlands, fun life-size theme characters, cute stuffed toys, and interactive toys are excellent designs. 

But you can always level up the decoration by adding a glowing neon sign featuring the birthday girl or boy’s name or even their age! Pick the light that matches the theme, so it blends smoothly but stands out at the same time. 

Welcome Visitors

Meanwhile, you don’t need to wait for the visitors to enter the event's vicinity before they get an idea of the light theme.

Greet them with a “Welcome” neon sign. You do not need to find an LED neon “OPEN” sign factory to get these, as many stores online offer these beautiful welcome signs. You can even go for a custom LED neon sign, so the welcome sign says, “Welcome to (name of the celebrant)’s birthday!” From then on, your visitors will be graced by glowing signs that add to the birthday cheer.

Make Food More Enticing

What’s a party without sumptuous food that pleases the belly and makes people happy? Decorate your food bar with different kinds of neon signs. You can go for images of burgers, hotdogs, ice cream, pizza, doughnuts, or simple and elegant text versions of these party favorites. 

Before visitors fill their tummies with good food, their eyes will be pleased first with the beautiful design and theme they will see. Instagrammable food is always trending—you’ll have this too for your little one’s party.

Light Up a Photobooth

There are party photo booths that come with party packages, but they do not always have a neon LED sign all the time. Hence, it is better to be prepared with one or some. Hang the sign on the prepared background so all shots will feature the LED light theme of the party. 

Creating a DIY photo wall is also made easy. You can decorate a wall using balloons and a neon sign, and the simple design will already shine.

Gifts Corner

And, before we forget, children are always excited about their gifts on birthdays. Let them see beautifully wrapped boxes and birthday paper bags stocked up in the corner gift pile. Their faces will surely light up with excitement.

Meanwhile, make it easy for your visitors to see the space where they’ll put their gifts. You can choose a gift neon sign, a balloon LED light, or a text that says “Gifts here!” for a cute corner decoration. It also matches the theme well!

neon led sign

Neon Signs And More Ways To Have a Cheerful Party

Now that you know how to use neon signs and where to put them to light up your child’s party,  let us now make sure that the pretty design won’t go to waste by ensuring all the details of the celebration are well-planned. Keep reading for more ways to have a festive party.

Pick A Theme:

The theme of a birthday party keeps everything consistent and visually pleasing, so early on, determine what it will be. It is best to consult the celebrant if they can already decide. But if they are too young, you can go for pastel hues, cute characters, and child-friendly themes

Incorporate the theme in your neon lights and every item for the birthday, like invitations, cakes, banners, and giveaways. As you go for generic themes, do not forget to personalize to make the theme, especially for your kid.

Plan Your Guests

Next, list all the people you’ll invite to the party. If your child can decide, ask them who they want to invite. You can create an online reservation list of your guests where they can sign up, confirm their attendance, and inform you if they have additional guests with them. 

In this way, you can better understand the exact headcount of partygoers. The number of guests is always a consideration in many party decisions.

Pick the Date, Time, and Place

The best day to hold a children’s party is on the weekends because they have no school and their guardians are on a day off. 

When it comes to time, consider the age of the partygoers, and hold the party past nap time if the celebrant and visitors are toddlers, but for older kids, party time can be more flexible. Consider the number of invited people to the place, so you are sure they won’t feel cramped in a small space or empty if it is too big.

Ready the Food

To make sure that all the food served on your child’s birthday is delicious:

  1. Have a taste test before the day. If you can prepare dairy-free food, vegetarian options, and other specially prepared dishes, do so to cater to all types of diet preferences.
  2. Above all, prepare food kids love, like pasta, chicken, doughnuts, and many other cute treats.
  3. Of course, do not forget the cake!

To match the light-filled theme, you can avoid regular candles and try the available specialized birthday candles.

Games and Activities

Let’s go to the fun part—the party games and activities. Although you are holding a children’s birthday party, know that music matters still. The music they are familiar with will get them jivin’ and energetic. Prepare a program and brief the hosts on what you want to happen.

Most importantly, prepare games and activities. Here are some of what you can include:

To entice the children, let them know that if they win, a prize awaits!

Don’t Forget The Giveaways

Make these trinkets of gratitude for attending the birthday simple yet unique by adding an element of light to what you will give too. Make the birthday giveaways consistent with the light-filled theme birthday by picking items that emanate light. 

You can go for headbands, necklaces, rings, lamps, bullpens, and many other child-friendly toys with light. You can also personalize the wrapping for aesthetics by adding a thank you note featuring the character used in the theme or your little one’s picture.

Your Birthday Gift

Finally, let’s save the best for last—your birthday gift. Although the party you threw is already a huge treat itself, you surely won’t allow not having a gift for your baby. As a parent or guardian, you know what your child likes best, so grab that toy, ticket, clothing, book, or gadget now! 

Their birthday is the best time to give them the things they dream of the most. Their birthday is already special because of the unique LED theme, their visitors, the delicious food, and more, but it will be their most memorable because you showed them how much you know and care for them.

led neon open sign factory

LED Neon Lights By Neonize

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to plan an unforgettable party for your child with eye-catching LED neon lights. A LED Neon light sign party is a great way to make your child’s birthday cheerful. 

With tips on how to Light Up The Stage, Welcome Visitors, Make Food More Enticing, and Light Up A Photobooth, you can make sure that your guests will enjoy themselves! 

And if you want the very best LEDs, be sure to check out Neonize. We offer a wide range of handcrafted signs that will brighten up any birthday bash. Plus, we have a team of experts who can help you pick the perfect custom neon signs for your event. Discover many of our designs, check out what you like, and we'll send it out for delivery. So don’t wait—contact us today and let us help you make your child’s birthday one they’ll always remember!

The Christmas season is heating up, providing much-needed joy and wonder as the year draws closer. Families throughout the world celebrate in their special ways. Some are burying a pickle in the tree or eating twelve lucky grapes on New Year's Eve. Other communities are sipping a cup of eggnog while unwrapping presents. 

But one thing unites them all: festive Christmas lights! Annually, everyone adds a flash of color to brighten up their holiday mood, whether it be through glittering tree lights or illuminating window displays. And this year, why not take it one step further and add some custom neon decorations into the mix?

Don't feel limited by traditional decorations; custom neon signs can warm your home while reminding everyone about the upcoming special year. And good news! Neonize is here to guide you with the best LED neon lights that will be the talk of your neighborhood come Christmas morning. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Do Festive Lights Shine So Brightly During the Holidays?

Every year as the wintertime approaches, cities and neighborhoods all over the world come to life with breathtaking displays of lively Christmas lighting. And that’s no coincidence; these glowing lights have a special way of transforming our homes and showering them with holiday cheer.

But other than the enchanted effect they bring to our festivities, there is so much more that gleeful lights can do for us!

#1: They Bring People Together

Brightly lit strings of festive lights come alive during the Christmas season. These spectacular decorations woven into doorways or pooled around mantelpieces bring a beautiful spark and establish the holiday spirit. But more than the pleasant energy they create, the radiance of these lights symbolizes solidarity among family and friends.

From backyard gatherings to office holiday parties, decorative lighting creates an enchanting ambiance that encourages people to cast aside stress, connect, and get in the soul of celebration. These sparkling bulbs may bring out the best in us all: creativity, fun, and cool memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

#2: They Create Awe-Inspiring Visual Effects

One thing is for certain this jolly season: colorful lights can create some incredible visuals! The vivid energy of lanterns is always a welcome treat at this time of the year. They can light up any space and turn them into something magical. 

For instance, you can easily transform your lobby area or store entrance into a mesmerizing wonderland by suspending strings of bright little bulbs across the ceiling or railing. Alternatively, you can illuminate the area with additional colorful motifs for a remarkable effect that enhances the celebration around your place.

#3: They Inspire Creativity

The beauty of Christmas strings is they give plenty of room for imagination. Their beauty resides in the limitless customization and creativity it offers—letting you express yourself in a way that reflects who you are. 

Connecting multiple pieces of string lights enables you to create intricate patterns and effects. You can also wrap them around Christmas tree branches for an extra sparkly look. This invention will have everyone in your circle of family and friends oohing and ahhing when they come over!

#4: They Invoke a Sense of Childlike Wonder

Picture yourself as a child, walking back home on a winter night and completely amazed by the sight before you. Magical holiday lights illuminate dark spaces, painted in an array of colors. Then, you suddenly spend a few more minutes admiring the beauty surrounding you and feel the presence of Christmas. 

This nostalgic feeling, an ever-present reminder of being young and carefree, brings us back to our roots. It also solidifies our pre-existing family bonds or allows us to create new memories with those closest to us this holiday season.

#5: They Emit a Warm and Positive Energy

Christmas lights not only look nice, but they also evoke the feeling of warmth, security, and happiness.

Derived from long-held traditions and customs that span generations, holiday decorations like festive lights offer an undeniable feeling of comfort when life is uncertain and filled with unknowns. And as you enter a space divided up with Christmassy flair, you’ll likely experience warmth like no other—as if flooding the surroundings with love and joy was their very purpose!

6 Custom Neon Lights You’ll Certainly Love This Joyous Season

This Christmas season promises to be brighter and more beautiful than ever with the addition of custom neon lights! These ravishing neon artworks make a memorable statement in any home or business space that you won’t soon forget. 

Here are just a few of the best personalized neon signs you can use this holiday period:

#1: Christmas Tree LED Neon Sign

Christmas tree LED neon signs are the ideal custom neon signs you can display at your place. Their surreal glow will create a splendid tone and capture the sparkle of the Christmas season. 

Beyond this special effect, these signs will also infuse an unforgettable Christmas spirit into any space with their unique touch and energy-efficient LED bulbs. After all, everybody wants to have a durable and striking treetop neon piece for years to come, right?

#2: Reindeer LED Neon Sign

Wanting to upgrade your holiday decorations? Set your holiday celebrations ablaze with a mesmerizing reindeer neon sign. 

The reindeer LED neon sign emits an ambient glow that will ensure your memories this season have the spotlight! Its accents dance across walls and windows, offering energetic lighting solutions for any interior or exterior setting. And whether it’s icy whites or classic reds, there’s a perfect hue that can match your Christmas mood board.

#3: Snowflakes LED Neon Sign

The snow may have melted away, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t already started dreaming of a white Christmas. So customize your LED neon lights with snowflakes for your design! This classic icy sign will help spread Yuletide spirit throughout your entire home all season long! 

No matter how big or small your space is, this modern decoration and its playful curves create geometric patterns that wrap around each other as if they’re from another world. Its exquisite design also paints itself against any background in vibrant fluorescent colors, just like real snowflakes!

#4: Snowman LED Neon Sign

Glow through the winter holidays with a custom neon sign featuring an enchanting snowman! Glistening icicles gracefully hanging over the figure are sure to invoke feelings of warmth and tranquility during chilly Christmas evenings. 

On top of that, this personalized neon sign signifies happy times with family or friends. When lights are low and the outside temperature drops, bask in the alluring neon ambiance while snuggling up under a blanket together with them.

#5: Christmas Gift LED Neon Sign

Light up your Christmas gathering with a bright gift-wrapped neon sign. Its creative arrangement of curved glass tubes gives the LED sign its unique charm. The soft LED lighting brings a subtle aura and cheerful color palette to any space.

Moreover, this neon sign also pays homage to the traditional gift-giving of Christmas. An absolute joy for kids, this custom neon light is sure to put smiles on the faces of both young and old! 

#6: Gingerbread LED Neon Sign

Gingerbread custom neon signs are the sweetest way to accentuate any holiday home décor! This fun design is the perfect balance between classic and eclectic. Featuring rich details that glimmer in a warm glow, it will remind you of all the sweet treats awaiting this December.

Plus, customization makes it even more special. Its small size fits elegantly into any room, or you can request a larger one to stand out from the crowd. So stir up some extra sweetness this season with a friendly brightness of gingerbread neon!

Final Thoughts

Holiday festivals often feature lavish lighting displays, and it’s easy to see why. These installations radiate happiness like nothing else can this time of year! 

And with custom neon light signs, it all enhances the delightful Christmas party. Their eye-catching striking shapes draw us in from afar and give us that extra hint of joy we need for this upcoming holiday celebration. 
Want to prepare yourself for this jolly season? Neonize can personalize your desired lighting this Christmas. We have everything you need—from storefront and business logo designs to home and outdoor decorations. Check out our designs today and Neonize your holiday!

Hosting a birthday party for your kid? We all know it can be a real blast, but it can also be a lot of work. So, how can you add a little razzle-dazzle to the extra special day? Include some decorations in your party preparations! And what could be more festive than a custom LED neon sign?

In this blog post, we will give you tips on creating an amazing bash your little one and their friends will never forget. Plus, we'll give you neon light ideas that are perfect for any kiddie celebration.

5 Things to Prepare For a Perfect Kiddie Birthday Party

There is a lot to think about at birthday parties–from the guest list and invitations to food and activities. However, if you're organizing a party for your child, don’t be afraid to get creative!

With good planning and preparation, you can throw a fantastic kiddie birthday party that everyone will remember. Here are some things you need to prepare to throw a great birthday party:

Birthday Banner

Birthdays are a time to celebrate the precious life of your little one. So what better way to show your child how much they mean to you than by hanging a colorful birthday banner for them? Banners are an inexpensive way to decorate for any birthday party! They add a touch of festivity that will make any birthday boy or girl happy.  

Additionally, banners can be easily customized to match the theme of the party or the interests and favorite colors of your little one. You can keep it simple with a basic "Happy Birthday" banner or get creative with a custom design. 

Colorful Tablecloth

Adding color to your child's birthday party will help make this life event even more special. One way to do this is to prepare a colorful tablecloth for the occasion. You can purchase a tablecloth with a festive pattern or design your own using fabric paint and a plain white tablecloth. 

If you're going for a personalized tablecloth, involve your child in the creative process by having them help you choose the colors and patterns. Then, once the tablecloth is ready, set it out where it will be most visible. This is a perfect way to make your child feel proud of their creation on their birthday. 

Party Hats

Simplicity is usually key, but not when it comes to a children’s birthday celebration. Take this opportunity to sprinkle a touch of fun in every element!? 

If you're committed to adding something to your kid's birthday party, why not try making your kid's party hats? It's a lot easier than you might think, and it'll give the party that personal touch to make it truly special.

Goodie Bags

Looking for a unique idea for your kid's goodie bags? Consider filling the bags with personalized items like stickers or temporary kiddie tattoos featuring their favorite characters. You can also include small gender-neutral toys that your kid's friends will enjoy. 

a kid wearing props on a birthday party photo booth

Additionally, don't forget to fill the bags with healthy snacks like fruit cups or granola bars. A few candies or chocolate bars will instantly put a smile on the kids' faces, but you can always throw in a few healthy snack options. Finally, seal the goodie bags with a personalized thank you note from you or your little one. 

Adorable Photo Booth Props

What's a birthday party without some hilarious photos? When it comes to party planning, one of the things you need to prepare is the photo booth. But how do you make sure the kids will be lined up to have their photos taken in the photo booth? The answer is by making an engaging photo backdrop and adding fun props. 

For example, if you're throwing a pirate-themed party for your kid, create a pirate ship backdrop or set up a treasure chest full of props. Additionally, ensure there's plenty of space for guests to move around. 

Custom Neon LED Sign

One of the best ways to add glamor to your child's birthday event is by decorating it with neon signs. But before grabbing a new neon sign, consider your kid's birthday party theme. Neon LED signs help create a fun and festive atmosphere or a more subdued and sophisticated one, depending on your other decorations and party supplies. 

Additionally, consider the size of the room or space where your kid's party will be held. You don't want neon light signs too large or too small for the space. 

5 Ways to Use Custom Neon Signs at Your Kid's Party

Custom neon lights are a great way to add an extra flair to your child's birthday party. You can have the name of your child's favorite character in his favorite colors to incorporate his interests into the party decorations. 

Additionally, you can use a neon light to highlight specific areas of your house where the party is being held. Here are more tips on celebrating your kid's big day with custom neon signs:

Unique Centerpiece

Custom LED neon signs add fun and excitement to your little one's birthday bash. Having a neon light with a custom design makes the event even more memorable compared to general LED lights. 

If you're running out of ideas on where to put custom neon lights, install them on a wall and let them become the centerpiece of your kid's party. A custom sign will not only be a great conversation starter, but it also helps set the mood and atmosphere of the kiddie party. 

When grabbing a custom LED sign from a custom neon sign maker, don't forget to consider a design that reflects your child's personality. 

Birthday Milestone Poster

Celebrate your little one's big day with a special milestone poster! This unique poster is an excellent way to display the celebrant's interests, hobbies, and favorite things for the guests to see. 

Would guests miss the milestone poster if you put them in a corner? Then put custom neon lights around the poster to make it more noticeable. Those custom LED neon signs will surely make your kid's birthday night memorable. 

happy birthday custom neon sign

Customized Kids' Bar 

Have you ever thought of putting up a kid's bar for your little one's birthday party? You can set up one in your kitchen or create a mini kid's bar outside your home. Create a visually appealing space for the kids by lighting up custom neon LED signs and other festive décor such as balloons and streamers.

A kid's mini bar is also an excellent way to keep children busy while waiting for their food. Serve plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, such as simple punch or lemonade, with decorative straws or mini umbrellas.

Coffee and Tea Station for Parents 

Creating a coffee and tea station for your child's birthday party is a great way to ensure that everyone can find a drink to enjoy, including the adults. Make sure to set out various options for the parents of your kid's friends. This may include decaffeinated coffee, herbal tea, or hot chocolate. 

Worried about parents missing out on your mini coffee and tea station? Install a coffee custom neon sign, and guests will surely line up to grab some hot cups of drinks! Don't forget to add fantastic touches like colorful stir sticks and mini marshmallows. 

Fun Photo Booth Backdrop

A photo booth backdrop would feel incomplete without a luminous glow. And what could make it more bright and exciting than custom neon light signs? Custom LED neon signs are an easy way to personalize your photo booth. 

A neon sign with a custom design can create a one-of-a-kind look for your kid's party. Plus, custom neon signs are easy to install with pre-drilled holes and have low energy consumption. 

Best Custom LED Neon Lights for Your Kid's Party

Want to make your kid's birthday one that will be remembered? Have fun choosing the best custom neon signs for your little one. If your desired neon signs for your kid's party aren't available, then it's time to have your own custom neon sign. 

You may complement the theme of your child's birthday celebration with customized LED neon signs. So whether you're looking for something unique for a Studio Ghibli-themed party or want to spell out your child's name in lights, custom neon signs are the way to go!

Here are some custom neon lights you can use for your little one's big day:

Dinosaur Custom Neon Sign

Does your kid find his triceratops and T. rex toys amusing? Why not decorate his own birthday party with a dinosaur custom neon light on the wall? Your kid will surely love this as the perfect addition to his bedroom after his birthday party. 

Piñata Custom Neon Sign

Does your tiny tot love to create paper crafts even at a young age? Inspire his inner creativity and joy with a piñata custom neon light sign on his birthday. You can put it near his birthday banner or the photo booth to encourage kids to get more photos. 

Happy Birthday Custom Neon Sign

What could be a great way to get the kids' attention to sing the happy birthday song than a happy birthday custom light sign? Each font has a different color, making it eye-catching to serve as the centerpiece of your kid's party. 

Cake Neon Custom Sign

Wondering how to make the mini snack bar for kids noticeable and inviting? Install a cake neon custom sign and some fairy lights. This will not only make children's faces light up but also helps guide guests to the celebratory treat. 

Neonize Your Kid’s Birthday Party!

Custom neon signs and other decorations are the perfect way to make your kid's birthday party even more special. With these decoration ideas, you can make the kiddie party a hit with kids and adults. 
Not sure where to get your customized neon sign? Neonize offers various neon signs for business and personal use, including custom neon LED signs. Customize your neon sign today and make your kid's birthday party memorable!

The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. It's where you cook, eat, and gather with family and friends. But let's be honest–sometimes, the kitchen can become a little mundane over time. So if you’re itching to give your kitchen a makeover, why not start with lighting? 

Glowing neon lights are the cherry on top that can take your kitchen space to the next level! These lights are aesthetically pleasing and practical, and you can use them to light up specific work areas in your kitchen. 

If you love cooking and want to make it more fun, read on to learn more about LED neon signs and how they can brighten up your kitchen!

7 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen Space With LED Neon Light Signs

Forget boring old fluorescent lights – vibrant neon signs and strip lights will make your kitchen look amazing! They add a touch of glamor that makes your kitchen a more fun and exciting place. Who doesn't want that?

Check out these tips on using neon lights to customize your kitchen’s look:

LED Neon Strip Lights for Kitchen Shelf

Spruce up your kitchen with a modern, chic addition. Neon strip lights will instantly transform the look of your kitchen shelves and cabinets, adding an atmosphere of intrigue and style. 

These lights are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they're also energy efficient. Plus, they provide enough warm LED light to bring a certain vibe to your kitchen–from reinventing the traditional cooking area to providing the perfect backdrop for a dinner party. 

Depending on what look you're going for, you can choose from bold neon colors or even more subtle pastels that will impress any guests. In addition, installation of strip lights is easy and requires minimal effort compared to more traditional lighting options. 

Neon LED Strip Lights as Underneath Cabinet Lighting

Instead of opting for standard bulbs and wiring, why not try something more aesthetically pleasing? Underneath cabinet lighting is an awesome way to set the mood in your kitchen while providing you with the illumination you need. 

Strip lights offer a modern feel to your kitchen's atmosphere. By incorporating neon strip lights into your kitchen shelving arrangement underneath, you can create an eye-catching glow with minimal fuss.

Create a Centerpiece Light with an LED Neon Sign

Who doesn't want a statement piece in their kitchen? Look no further than LED neon signs for the perfect centerpiece light! You can make your hub unique and special with vibrant colors and endless designs. 

An LED neon sign will add personality to your kitchen, making it look more lively. So whether you choose one with an encouraging phrase or food design, there's always a design to match your style!

Illuminate the Kitchen Bar with Neon Lights

Brighten your kitchen bar in style with neon lights! Whether you're looking for a casual entertaining area, an intimate space to cook, or want to add a colorful ambiance, neon lights are a great option. 

Choose from LED tubes, flexible strips, or pendant fixtures in many brilliant colors to match your kitchen interiors. Neon lighting can transform your space into an attractive and contemporary place for friends and family to gather. 

Add Pendant Lights for Ambient Lighting

Pendant lights are a modern and stylish twist to help you master the perfect kitchen vibes. If you are looking for something beyond traditional ceiling or cabinet-mounted task lighting, pendant lights can provide atmospheric illumination while adding style and sophistication. 

Best of all, you can get creative and mix and match styles, colors, and sizes to create the look that best suits your space. Complement your pendant lights with a colorful neon sign to make the room more inviting. 

Neon Lighting on the Ceiling

In the mood to shake up your kitchen decor? Adding neon light to your ceiling is the perfect way to make it pop. So whether you go all-out and create your own custom neon art or hang your favorite bar-related neon sign, this is an easy way to turn your kitchen into something special. 

Additionally, you can easily use neon lighting to infuse color and style into the overall look of your kitchen. Make your kitchen light a conversation starter while still providing its function for enjoyable evenings spent around the dinner table.

Add Color with a Bright Neon Sign as Wall Decor

Transform your kitchen into the sizzling hot spot you've been dreaming of with the vibrant addition of a neon sign! Easy-to-install wall fixtures can give your mundane walls an exciting makeover in no time. 

Completely customizable, whether you're searching for retro font style or food neon signs, these lights can easily bring your kitchen to life. So why not make the most of those bare walls and embrace the trend of using neon signs to add flair to your kitchen?

Make Your Kitchen More Stylish with a Customized LED Neon Light

If you're looking to add a bit of fun to your kitchen to make your cooking experience more exciting, consider using strip lights and neon signs. Neon signs can also be customized to say just about anything, so you can make them your own. 
At Neonize, we can complement your mood, space, and style with great-quality neon signs. Feeling inspired? Customize your own neon sign on our website and welcome its luminous light in your kitchen!

The holidays are coming up, so it's time to start thinking about how to decorate your store for the occasion! But how do you make your store stand out for the holidays? 

In this blog post, discover fun ideas to dress up your store for the holidays using personalized neon signs

4 Ways to Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Store

The holidays are a special time when families and friends gather to celebrate. And what better way to spread holiday cheer than to bring the spirit of the season to your store? So is your shop ready for the holiday rush?

Here are some ideas to get your customers and employees into the holiday mood: 

Incorporate Traditional Christmas Colors

Whether you're a retailer getting ready for the holiday season or a business owner decking the halls of your office, incorporating traditional Christmas colors is a great way to bring some holiday cheer to your space. 

When it comes to Christmas colors, there are only three you need to know about: red, green, and gold. Red is the most iconic of all the Christmas colors. It is always a good choice if you want to add a pop of color to your shop this holiday season. 

Meanwhile, green is often used to represent evergreen trees and holly, two symbols of the yuletide season. This color will give your space a more natural look this year. On the other hand, gold is the way to go if you're looking for a more glamorous look in your space. 

Use Familiar Christmas Elements

Christmas is a time of year when people look for ways to make their homes and business spaces feel more merry and joyful. But what if your shop has a limited budget to purchase items in Christmas colors?

One way to solve this is by using familiar Christmas elements such as wreaths, pine trees, and garlands. Use these items to decorate the outside of your shop or place them inside to create a holiday atmosphere. With a little creativity, you'll be able to create a beautiful Christmas display that your customers will love.

Don't Forget Outdoor Decorations

The holiday season is the perfect time to deck the halls–including inside and outside your business space. While designing your store's interior is important, don't forget the importance of outdoor holiday decorations. 

A few well-placed string lights or eye-catching neon lights with holiday greenery can help spread the Christmas cheer. If you have concerns about the cost of outdoor decorations, remember that you can reuse lights and holiday decorations year after year. 

Custom Neon Light Signs

Few things get customers into the holiday spirit, like neon Christmas signs. They shine bright and instantly add a touch of cheer to any space. Before you hang a neon sign on your shop's wall, consider its overall style and feel. It's important to choose signs that fit with your store's overall aesthetic. 

a store window with neon sign and holiday decor

Additionally, neon signs are most effective when placed in a prominent location where customers and passersby will see them. 

4 Decorating Ideas for a Custom Neon Sign

Christmas custom neon signs are an exciting way to add holiday cheer to your business space. But if you're unsure how to incorporate them into your current store’s theme, don't worry–we've got you covered. 

Here are some creative ideas when using neon custom signs as holiday decor:

Festive Backdrop

Since the holiday season is fast approaching, people are getting ready to post their holiday vacation photos or even simple but cool photos of Christmas decorations. That's why custom neon Christmas signs as a festive backdrop to your store can be a great way to get people talking about your business.  

The personalized Christmas neon signs will make your shop appealing and give people a great reason to take photos and share them online. Using a neon sign as your backdrop, you can easily promote your business this holiday season. 

Neon Lighting

There's no denying that traditional Christmas lights are pretty. But let's be honest–they look ordinary if you put them in your store as holiday decor. If you're looking for a way to add extra glam to your holiday decorating this year, why not try out some Christmas custom neon signs?

While traditional Christmas lights can be quite effective, they can also be a bit of a hassle to install and maintain. On the other hand, neon signs are easy to set up and require very little upkeep. Also, neon lights come in various colors, adding a touch of whimsy and personality that will capture the attention of holiday shoppers.

Lobby Area Decor

Consider using Christmas neon signs as lobby decor for your store this holiday season. Neon signs can be personalized to match your store's existing holiday decor. Plus, potential customers will have the holiday energy once they see your custom LED neon signs light up. 

When choosing a Christmas-themed custom neon sign for your shop, ensure that it reflects your brand identity. Also, go for a size that will impact but won't overwhelm the space. Lastly, place the neon sign in an unobstructed area of the lobby.

Light Up Your Store Window and Entrance

There's no denying that Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. And what better way to spread a little holiday cheer than by lighting up your store's window and entrance with bright and colorful neon signs? 

Hanging Christmas-themed custom neon signs will instantly give your shop a warm and inviting atmosphere. That will put shoppers in the holiday spirit! Plus, neon signs are inexpensive and easy to install, so there's no reason not to try them this holiday season. 

The Best Custom Neon Signs to Spread the Holiday Cheer to Your Store

Ready to spread the Christmas magic to your store? Various Christmas neon signs are available on the market, so you can find ones that suit your brand style. There is a neon sign for everyone, whether you want a classic red and green neon sign or something a little more unusual.

Dedicated to standing out from the crowd? Then you should unleash your creativity and purchase a custom neon sign rather than a pre-made one. Here are some of the best Christmas-themed custom neon signs you can use to spruce up your store for the holidays:

Christmas Tree Presents Neon Sign

A classic Christmas tree neon sign is a great way to attract attention to your store during the holiday season. A brightly lit sign will catch the eye of passersby, and the festive colors will put them in the holiday spirit. 

Running out of space to build the traditional Christmas tree inside your shop? Then worry no more. With the Christmas Tree Presents Neon Sign as your amazing backdrop, customers will still want to have their photos taken for the ‘gram.

Deer Head Neon Light Sign

Reindeers have long been associated with Christmas. They symbolize the wintery feel of the holiday season. Additionally, reindeer are known for their strength and endurance, which makes them a perfect representation of Santa's ability to deliver presents to all the children in the world in one night. 

Since Christmas is for kids, why not include decor that kids can easily recognize? Install a Deer Head Neon Light Sign on the walls of your shop and let kids feel the spirit of Christmas. 

Jingle Bells Neon Light

The Christmas bells' cheerful sound is a testimony to the season’s joy. So why not add a modernized touch to these bells by hanging a Jingle Bells Neon Light sign instead? This neon sign is multicolored, so it would be impossible for customers not to notice this dazzling light.

Happy Holidays Neon Light

A "Happy Holidays!" banner can easily add holiday cheer to your storefront and let customers know you're ready to help them find the perfect gifts. But since other stores may have already hung their own holiday banners, how can you stand out?

Instead of going traditional, install a Happy Holidays Neon Light and let your customers enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at your shop.

Bring the Holiday Spirit with Custom Neon Signs from Neonize.

There's no need to be boring when it comes to your holiday store display. This year, make things pop with a custom neon sign! You can choose from various colors and designs to find the perfect sign for your business. Neonize offers neon signs for different occasions, moods, and spaces. Want to stand out with your holiday decorations? Customize your neon sign today and make a lasting impression on customers this holiday season!

You’ve invested so much into wedding planning, and it would be a shame if all your wedding decorations ended up not seeing the light of day again! It’s often challenging to figure out what to do with everything when the big day is done. However, there are plenty of ways to repurpose your decorations so they can continue bringing joy into your life long after the wedding.

Let us help you bring some flare to your wedding ornaments by giving them a new purpose! That way, they won’t have to stay in your storage room and never see the light of day again.

Bringing New Life to Your Wedding Decorations

When it comes to wedding decorations, many couples go all out with signage, flowers, and other wedding trends. But what do you do with those special ornaments after the special day? Here are seven creative ways to repurpose your neon sign wedding light and other decorations:

1.Upcycle Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding gown is out of this world, so let it see the light of day long after your wedding! This is where upcycling comes in handy. So start getting creative with how you want to transform your wedding gown into something you can wear over and over.

You can have the gown tailored so you can wear it as a cocktail dress. Dyeing it into a different color is also a great idea if you want to wear it for casual occasions. You can also repurpose segments of your wedding gown and turn them into a christening gown for your future children. Another option is to use the fabric to create a memory quilt or a decorative pillow.

Whatever you decide to do with your gown, upcycling is a great way to give it new life and keep it out of the landfill.

2. Turn Your Wedding Neon Sign into a Bedroom Decor

Now that the special occasion is over, you may wonder what to do with that bright neon wedding sign. Luckily, you can repurpose it by turning it into a piece of bedroom decor. 

First, consider using your custom neon sign as a nightlight. You can place it on your dresser or bedside table. You can also decide to hang it on your bedroom wall. It will provide a gentle glow to help you find your way in the dark and add a touch of personality to your bedroom.

Another idea is to use your neon signage as a focal point for your decor. Hang it on a blank wall or over the headboard of your bed. Then, the remainder of your room can then be constructed around it. Use neutral tones and soft lighting to create a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

No matter how you choose to use it, your neon wedding sign will add a touch of personality to your bedroom and help you remember your special day every time you see it. So don’t let your custom neon sign end up in the attic, gathering dust. Instead, put it to good use and incorporate it into your bedroom decor!

3. Create Stationery Pieces With Your Wedding Florals

One of the best ways to repurpose your wedding flowers is to create beautiful stationery pieces with them. For example, you can press your flowers to decorate greeting cards, thank-you notes, or even framed art.

Doing this is a creative way to keep the memory of your special day alive. Plus, it’s a terrific opportunity to add a personalized feel to your thank-yous and other correspondence. So whether you’re looking for a unique way to repurpose your wedding florals or simply hoping to add a personal touch to your stationery, decorating with pressed flowers is a beautiful option.

4. Reuse Your Decorative Vases as Containers

Now that you’ve created stationery pieces with your wedding florals, you may wonder what to do with all those beautiful decorative vases. Instead of simply storing them away or selling them, why not repurpose them as containers? They make lovely vases for fresh flowers and can also hold various other items, such as pens, makeup brushes, or even kitchen utensils.

With a creative mind, you can find all sorts of new uses for your decorative vases.

5. Make a Christmas Ornament Out of Your Wedding Cake Topper

Christmas is a special time to reflect on the past and celebrate the present. If you’re married, repurposing your wedding cake topper as a Christmas ornament is one way to do both. It’s a creative way to honor your wedding day and have a physical reminder of it hanging on your tree year after year.

To make your cake topper Christmas ornament, you must decide how you want it to turn out. You can glue it onto a round piece of cardboard or wood or simply place it in an ornament ball. Then, add some embellishments like ribbon, jewels, or glitter to make it festive. Last but not least, enjoy hanging your ornament on your Christmas tree!

6. Upgrade Your Wedding Candles by Adding Essence

Who says your wedding candles have to sit in a box gathering dust after the special day? With a little bit of creativity, you can reuse your wedding candles and add some extra special meaning to them. One great idea is to add essence to your candles.

To add essence to your candles, simply add a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax. Then, leave the wax to cool and solidify before relighting the candle. You can also add essence to votive candles by placing a drop or two of oil on the wick before lighting.

The essence will add a subtle yet luxurious scent to the room. It will also freshen up your space in a subtle yet effective way. If you have guests that are sensitive to smells, this is a great way to make sure that they are not overwhelmed by the scent of the candles. Adding essence to your wedding candles is a simple way to upgrade them and make them more luxurious.

7. Frame Your Guest Book and Put It on Display

Want to keep your wedding guest book as a special reminder of your special day? Frame it and put it on display! This way, you can enjoy it every day and even show it off to future dinner guests. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

To frame your guest book, simply remove the binding and flatten the pages. Then, choose a frame that complements the book’s size and style. Add a mat with your names and wedding date for an extra personal touch. Not only will this make your guest book into a beautiful piece of art, but it will also help protect it from damage.

Why Neon Sign Wedding Signage Is the Best Reusable Wedding Decor

Your wedding day is a time to create memories that last a lifetime, and how you choose to decorate your special event should reflect your style as a couple. Why not go the extra mile in wedding planning and invest in something you can repurpose, like a neon sign? That way, you can have memorabilia that you can use years after your wedding day.

But of all the wedding decorations you can reuse, why are custom neon signs the best choice?

Neon Signs Offer Various Personalization Options

The best part about having a neon sign for your wedding is that you can personalize it however you want. Not only are they stunning decorations for your ceremony and reception, but they also serve as a wonderful memory you can reuse in your home after the wedding. 

From customizing your initials to your favorite quote or wedding vows, neon light signs make it easy to express whatever sentiment fits your wedding style. And after the wedding is over, you don’t have to just store it away because there are so many creative ways to repurpose your custom neon sign!

Neon Signs Can Serve Multiple Purposes

Neon wedding signs offer an eye-catching way to personalize and elevate your special day. And they can also serve multiple purposes, making them a great investment.

From hanging over the dessert table to shining at the entrance of your ceremony, neon wedding signs create an atmosphere unlike any other. Then, after the event is over, you don’t have to say goodbye to them! Repurpose them in your bedroom or living room as a reminder of happy memories, allowing a little piece of your marriage bliss to stay alive in your space forever.

There’s no limit to what you can do with these personalized pieces that add a personal touch wherever you choose.

Neon Signs Are Easy to Spruce Up

You won’t have a hard time finding the perfect place for your neon wedding sign after your wedding ceremony. It’s because neon light signs are so easy to spruce up to suit different wedding themes. After incorporating them with the other wedding decor in the venue, you can bring them home to complement your home decorations, too.

No matter how you use it, you are sure to have a reminder of your special day every time you pass by. With so many creative repurposing options, finding the best place for your neon wedding sign won’t be difficult at all.

Neonize Your Wedding Decorations!

There are so many ways that you can repurpose your wedding decorations! It’s even better if you plan ahead to make sure that your wedding ornaments are reusable. And there’s no better way to do that than to Neonize your wedding decorations!
So don’t wait any longer! Head to to check out our collection or customize your own neon wedding sign. We offer a variety of designs that you can use as they are or modify to make them your own.

Starting your beauty bar is an incredibly exciting proposition! You can be your own boss, set your hours, and build something from scratch. But it can also be daunting. How do you find the right customers? How do you drive sales? And more importantly, how do you guarantee your branding is on point? 

Without a glitzy, striking LED neon sign, no beauty bar's branding would be complete. It will make you stay on top of the beauty industry while giving your business an air of sophistication and style. 

But how will you choose the right neon wall art for your beauty bar? The answer: customized neon signs! This article will show you the relevance of getting custom signs for your business and some examples of the best neon signs for your beauty salon.

A Growing Trend: Making Beauty a Business

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in businesses that cater to our every cosmetic need—makeup, skincare, haircare, and nails. Neither does this trend appear to be losing momentum. The global beauty market is expected to reach $750 billion by 2026!

So, what’s behind this boom? It’s the people who are becoming interested in beauty and self-care. We’re living in a time when people are more open than ever about expressing their individuality and taking pride in their appearance. And that is completely fine! We should all strive to look our best.

We’re also shifting towards natural and organic products and moving away from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. As a result, using wholesome, natural products on one's skin, hair, and nails is becoming more and more influential. And as the demand for these products grows, so does the supply.

Otherwise speaking, the trend in the beauty business is here to stay. Everyone is hopping on board and enjoying the ride—and you can, too! It's up to you how to fit into the mold, engage the right customer, and rule the industry.

The Value of Custom LED Neon Signs for Beauty Entrepreneurs

The establishment's ambiance should be the first thing consumers notice when they enter a beauty bar. Is it tidy and maintained? Is the staff warm and friendly? Each of these contributes to making a memorable experience for potential customers. But the level of creativity and fun that permeates a space is what makes it stand out.

Custom LED signs meet the extra level of excitement and personality every customer wants. From playful designs to edgy statements, custom LED signs can help you leave your stamp on the beauty world.

Here are other reasons why beauty biz owners should start investing in custom neon signs right away:

#1: Attract Attention

As previously stated, thousands of beauty businesses are already competing for attention. Therefore, you must develop a plan that separates yours from competitors.

A brilliant way to steal the scene is with a custom LED neon sign. Bright colors and fun designs from these neon signs can easily catch customers' attention and entice them to check out your beauty bar. On top of that, they help convey the value proposition of your salon. So, why not turn your beauty sanctuary into the coolest kid on the block today? 

#2: Cost-Effective Marketing

Without question, marketing is the nuts and bolts of any business. It aids in publicizing your name and creating interest in your product or service. Unfortunately, it can also be costly. Traditional methods like print ads and flyers can quickly eat into your budget.

With a well-designed custom neon sign, you can get all marketing benefits without hitting a wall. This sign will encourage customers to check out your parlor the easiest way possible. No need to bombard them with advertisements or promotional materials. One glowing neon tube on the wall or storefront is all they need to come in.

#3: Expressive

When you walk into a salon and see a beautiful, personalized LED sign, it creates an instant feeling of luxury. It's like the business is saying, "You're special, and we want to give you the best possible experience." That's the power of custom signage.

When you have a personalized sign, it shows that you care about your business and your customers. You're willing to fall over backward to create an unforgettable experience. And that's what builds your presence and differentiates you from the rest. 

The Best Custom LED Neon Lights for Your Beauty Salon

No two beauty salons are alike, so why settle for cookie-cutter neon signs when you can have custom ones made? These custom LED neon lights are extremely versatile, can transform your space, and can accentuate any feature in your bar that you want to draw attention to.

Listed below are some of the best custom neon signs to hang on your parlor to pique your customer’s interest:

#1: “Looking for a Makeover” Neon Sign

In the market for makeovers? Why not try this ad copy for your neon sign? Certainly, passersby will be drawn to your salon when they see this enticing neon sign. The nice thing about this neon light sign is you can hang it in your window or on an exposed wall to inform everyone that your salon freshens up faces and hair. You can also design it to include your salon’s name and logo. 

#2: “The Glamorous Life” Neon Sign

This beautiful neon sign shows your customers you’re in for a treat! It can feature a glamorous woman with perfect hair and makeup. This sign will undoubtedly attract new customers looking for a salon that offers the best haircare and beauty services. After all, Hollywood glitz is what everyone wants, right?

#3: “Pamper Yourself” Neon Sign

Promote relaxation and luxury in your area! With this custom art sign, you can convey a sense of tranquility. All you need to do is choose the right soft colors, sizes, and simple fonts to match the mood of the beauty salon. This way, you can communicate the notion—that this is the place to come if you want to pamper yourself!

#4: “Walk-ins Welcome” Neon Sign

Make it known to everyone that your salon is open to all! What’s great about this sign is that it will let potential customers know they don’t need to make an appointment to be pampered. Not only that, but you can also show off your hospitality and friendliness using this vibrant sign.

#5: “Relax, We Got This” Neon Sign

Anyone trying to recuperate after a hectic day would appreciate this encouraging "Relax, We Got This" sign. It’s like allowing your customers to sit back and relax while you take care of them. Most certainly, the crisp color of the neon sign will blend in any space where the image of peace and serenity is needed.

#6: “Open Late” Neon Sign

Open late? No problem! Tell your customers they can always drop by for a last-minute hair appointment. The bright colors and LEDs will make your sign visible even at night, while the bold font ensures that it’s easy to read from a distance. No more worries about last-minute hair emergencies! 

Beautify Your Salon with Neonize It!

Revamping your beauty business is never easy, but it's especially difficult when trying to engage with the right people. Whether starting from scratch or just trying to reach a new audience, you must see that you're getting your name out there correctly.

Neonize can transform your space and get the right sales! We can help you beautify your salon in the most creative and fun way possible—with neon! It's an excellent marketing strategy that will make you go above, both online and in person. Plus, they'll be dying to take photos in front of them and tag you on social media! So not only will you be getting more customers in general, but they'll also be a free advertisement. Win-win! 
Remember, first impressions are everything, so these signs will surely turn your salon into an inviting haven for beauty enthusiasts. Funky? Chic? Classy? We can do the right tone, style, and message for your branding. So don't wait any longer! Get your salon signage customized and leave it with us!

Once upon a time, you established your food business in town. You're ecstatic to tell everyone about it, but the next day, someone else opened a resto around the corner. There's also a food store a few blocks away.

You begin to wonder if anyone will still stop by and see what you can offer.

Maybe yes, maybe no. It highly depends on how you'll market it. However, one thing's for sure: there must be something that will make heads turn. So, you thought of telling your food story using neon sign lights.

That's a clever idea! Neon signs are popular these days—which is both good and bad. It's effective, but everyone's using them. So the question is, how are you going to stand out? That's what this blog is all about!

led light signs - storytelling and storyselling spelled out on wooden blocks

5 Clever Design Ideas to Tell Your Food Story With LED Neon Signs

A fancy restaurant with delicious food isn't enough to ensure success in the food industry. Nowadays, consumers also look for brand stories. How you tell your brand story affects their decisions; are you compelling enough to make them return for more?

When done right, food storytelling can significantly boost footfall into your store. How exactly are you going to do this? With neon signs on hand, how will you make the most of design and storytelling to highlight your story? Here are some ideas!

#1: Food is Calling Neon Signs

Did your business start with a life-changing phone call? That's an interesting start. Consider using a custom neon sign with this design: your signature food or drink is calling from a mobile phone. Mount that neon sign on a stand and display it outside your shop. It will surely catch the attention of passersby!

Aside from being visually attractive, this type of design is also interactive. It's as if you're encouraging the person to answer the "call of their stomach" and visit your restaurant.

#2: Cooking Adventures Neon Wall Art

Unleash your writing talent with adventurous storytelling! Let's say you're the hero of that story whose goal is to make the perfect dish or drink. Talk about the obstacles or villains you faced as you tried to fulfill this mission in your kitchen. Here's an example:

You're baking cakes. One of the hardest parts about it is making sure it rises and tastes good. But what if the cake was flat as a cookie and had an odd taste? Maybe something's wrong with the oven or a particular ingredient—that makes them the villains. Still, you were able to overcome it. What, then, was the solution?

Personify these elements into cute characters or symbols and craft them on handmade neon signs! Then, display them on your store's walls in chronological order. This way, the customers feel like they're following a story as they walk into your establishment.

#3: Food Wars on a Neon Light

What can make a food story more interesting? A recipe battle! You can showcase two of your special recipes in the form of a showdown. Have a custom neon signs company create your bestsellers and display them side by side on a wall.

Another idea is to use your ingredients as the characters of the story. Create a storyline wherein they enter a competition, and the best ingredients meet at the final round (aka final serving) and make the best food (your product). The idea is to make the recipes look like they're fighting each other, helping customers appreciate your products more.

#4: Food Backstories on LED Neon Lights

What's the story behind your restaurant or food product? Customers who are passionate about history will definitely want to know more about your brand. Use vibrant LED neon signs to highlight your backstory, whether it’s a family tradition or a quirky origin!

How did the preparation process, flavors, people, or store concept come to life? Just like the idea of cooking adventures, use neon signs that follow a timeline of your brand's creation. This can help customers easily learn about the eventful journey that shaped your food story.

#5: Diversified Storyteller on a Neon Sign

If you want customers to relate to your story, diversity is key. Naturally, there are many people involved in the creation of your products. Some farmers harvested the ingredients; delivery teams got your products to the store; chefs made them into delicious, edible works of art.

More people can relate to your food story if you focus on these diverse characters. Get creative with LED neon signs that showcase these unique personalities and emphasize their contribution to your journey! Hang them on the walls and watch customers talk about your story as they eat.

Neonize: Crave-Worthy Storyselling With LED Neon Lights

Looking for an excellent way to bring life to your recipes, the people behind your food production journey, or fascinating backstories? Assemble a team of neon signs to tell your food story and make it pop! Their vibrant and versatile nature makes food storytelling through design memorable.

Food neon signs give customers a multisensory experience that will make them crave more! Moreover, they help build a cohesive brand identity, so consider using them to decorate your commercial space. 

Neon signs also make great decor for both indoor and outdoor use. You can mount them on a stand outside the store or on your interior walls.

This creative way of food storytelling will certainly attract more foot traffic to your food business. Plus, you get to show off your creativity and writing skills! With the right technique, design, messaging, and marketing, you will see rapid (and positive) changes in your business.

And if you're looking for a trusted neon signs company, consider the Neonize team! We offer an extensive collection of LED light signs. Can't find what you want? We also have a custom neon signs service. Check out our collections today!

The radiant glare of neon signage attached to various establishments will attract your eyes everywhere you go. No matter what color or shape, you’re bound to notice their enticing and atmospheric glow. 

It’s no wonder that business owners and interior designers alike use these signs to improve a room’s ambiance and brighten any space. 

But let’s debate—which one is better, traditional glass neon signs or newer LED neon lights? Find out in the battle between these extra luminous light fixtures you’ll want for your room. 

Traditional Neon Signs

Glass neon signs have been around for over a century, originating way back in 1910 when a French engineer first demonstrated his neon lamp at a motor show. 

As the name suggests, glass neon signs work using three main components: noble gases (in this case, neon), glass tubing, and electrodes. Mercury can also be added to enhance the sign’s luminosity. 

Neon gas is sealed in a glass tube with electrodes on both ends. When switched on, the gas particles interact with the electrodes, “exciting” the atoms and producing the neon glow. 

It’s important to note that the color emitted comes from the gas inside the glass tubing. Most neon signs emit a red-orange color because that is the natural color of neon when activated. Fortunately, neon sign makers have found a way to emit other colors apart from using different noble gases. Instead, they coat the glass tubing with phosphor, which produces different colors and glows when it interacts with radiant energy. 

Why It’s Better

Because of its long and tested history, the traditional neon tube light is a more popular option. You can’t deny its nostalgic vibe that creates a homey atmosphere. In addition, glass neon signs are said to emit warmer lighting compared to LED neon tube lights. Perhaps, it is because traditional neon signs are wide light sources, giving off consistent lighting in all directions.

Glass neon signs are also customizable. However, you must constantly heat the glass tubes to shape them to your desired form. Because of the tedious process involved, many consider neon sign-making as an art form in itself. There are even museums to honor and highlight neon artists and their art.

Where It Lacks

While phosphor coating is there to help, neon signs can lack in the color department. Unlike LED neon signs, you must either painstakingly obtain noble gases or coat your glass tubes before emitting different colors. 

Additionally, because of the nature of its components, traditional neon lights are difficult to make, incredibly fragile, and are considered high-maintenance. 

A damaged glass neon sign poses a great threat to its owner, potentially exposing them to mercury and other harmful gases once the glass tube is broken. Moreover, many have opted not to use neon signs because they may radiate harmful UV rays.  

Poorly maintained neon signs may also produce a hum or buzz, which can be distracting and bothersome to its users. 

LED Neon Lights

Because the materials are difficult to maintain and introduce several health risks when they come in contact with skin, the use of traditional neon signs immensely declined in the 1950s. Today, you will hardly see traditional neon signage being used. The neon signs you see in today’s establishments are likely LED neon lights

Instead of using easily breakable and hazardous components like glass and chemical gases, LED neon signs use readily available and cheaper ingredients. LED neon signs are created with LED strip lights, wires, and PVC or acrylic materials. 

The light source of LED neon signs comes from light-emitting diodes, semiconductors that give off light when an electric current passes through them. An LED strip light contains dozens of LED emitters lined up in a flexible circuit board strip. 

Unlike traditional neon lights, you can easily customize the color of a neon LED light because it uses electrons and photons to determine the sign’s color and tone. 

Why It’s Better

LED neon signs are much safer to create and use because of their highly durable materials and easier production process. 

LED lights also do not need harmful chemicals like mercury to create a bright glow, allowing their owners to use them without fear of being exposed to these gases. 

Because it uses bendable strip lights, LED neon lights can be easily formed and customized. 

LED signs are cost-effective and energy-efficient—it doesn’t take a lot of energy to power an LED sign. Moreover, LED bulbs can light up a space for 100,000 hours. 

Unlike glass neon signs, neon LED lights don’t produce any bothersome buzzing, even when broken. 

Where It Lacks

Despite the safer materials, LED lights can still cause some health risks with long-term exposure. But these aren’t as serious. Long-term use of LED lights can worsen one’s sleeping habits and increase the risk of cataract growth. 

LED lights are also known to have directional illumination, meaning they only give off light in a singular area instead of all directions. As a result, neon LED signs can give off inconsistent lighting. 

So Which One Is Better?

Traditional and LED neon signs have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Deciding which light source is better will be entirely up to you and what you need the signs for.

Below is a summary of their features. We’ll let you decide.

Traditional Neon SignLED Neon Sign
ProductionHard to obtain materials, long and tedious processReadily available and durable materials, safer and easier process
CustomizationNeed to heat glass tubing to shape it in desired formMaterials are flexible, easily customizable
ColorLimited color options, need phosphor coatingCan create signs and lights with various colors
Energy EfficiencyHigh power consumption, higher costsLow power consumption, more energy efficient
SafetyPoses risks such as exposure to UV rays, mercury, and other toxic gasesSafer to use, long-term exposure can lead to bad sleeping habits and may affect cataract growth
LifespanCan last up to 2 years, luminosity declines every year followingCan last up to 6 years
NoiseMay produce a buzz or a hum if not maintained properlyDoes not make any noises

Brighten Up Your Space With Neonize Today!

If you do end up choosing neon LED lights for room and wall decoration, Neonize has a wide collection of neon signs and lights for you. 

Our signs are handcrafted using durable and high-quality materials such as LED Flex, PVC, acrylic, and rubber flex tubing. Our signs are also easy-to-install with our variety of mounting options.

Customize your neon sign with us by sending your design! 

Get your neon lights and signs from Neonize today with free shipping!

It's not uncommon for a bar owner to use neon lights for space decor. Many use them because of their aesthetic appeal, effortlessly setting a chill yet exciting atmosphere in a dull space. So if you intend to use neon bar lights, you have to think creatively to stand out.

Why not go the extra mile and use neon signs to welcome all types of drinkers? Aside from leveling up your bar interior, they will also make your guests feel a sense of belonging and may even teach them a life lesson! 

Does this idea appeal to you? If so, check out these ten drunken drinking quotes and design templates for your bar!

If an LED Neon Bar Sign Can Speak: 10 Drinking Quotes and Templates for Neon Lights for a Bar

If neon signs can speak for your home bar, what do you want them to say? They usually stand out because of their bright nature, so the wording should be fun or meaningful. That way, your guests can get a good laugh or life lesson on their way out. Let’s look at five quote ideas you might fancy.

#1: Drinking O’Clock

We always make time for things we like, and drinking is no different! Passionate drinkers love to set a schedule for their favorite pastimes. And what better way to remind a busy person about drinking than a glimmering neon light quote?

Hang up a LED neon sign with the following short, funny, and sweet quotes:

#2: Emotional Drinking

Some people look for a glass of wine or beer when they feel down. For example, a customer may need a drink after a long, hard day at work or someone's departure. Perhaps, they've been reminiscing about a bitter past and want a sweet distraction.

If drinks aren't enough to soothe their aching soul, here are neon sign quotes that can keep them going (or laughing, even for a little bit).

#3: Proud Drinker

Some people just love to drink so much that they become a walking, talking neon sign of their passion. They rave about how great it is and often become bar regulars. Take their excitement to the next level with these quotes!

#4: The Drinking Romantic

Couples that drink together stay together! If you love to get a drink with your partner or miss someone special, it'll be nice to hang out in a bar with neon signs that speak for your romantic feelings.

Here are neon sign quotes that set a romantic mood in your bar or nightclub.

#5: Holiday Drinks

The holidays are the best times to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, especially with drinks and neon colors! Consider hanging these LED sign quotes to set a festive atmosphere in your bar or nightclub.

#6: The Introverted Drinkers

Not everyone is social when they drink. Some people choose to keep to themselves, and you should respect that. Check out these creative LED neon light quotes for the quiet drinkers.

4 Templates for Your Bar Neon Lights

Meanwhile, do you prefer an eye-catching design over text? In that case, we also have four design ideas for your bar neon signs! How do you envision your neon sign looking like?

#7: Dictionary Style

The dictionary-style wall decor art is a popular concept used today. It looks like an excerpt from a dictionary placed on a wall. But here's the twist: you can make your own definition! Below are some examples:

#8: Warning Sign

Excessive drinking is harmful to your health. With a catchy warning LED light in neon, you can make people think twice about their drinking habits. It can encourage them to enjoy it without crossing the lines. 

#9: Retro Neon Sign

A little bit of nostalgia won't hurt. So give your bar a touch of vintage and take your guests back in time with retro neon signs! Of course, neon signs already have a retro feel since they have been used for decades. But if you want to add more details, find a neon sign that uses retro fonts and symbols.

#10: Symbols and Icons

Words are fun, but you can take them to the next level with symbols and icons! Sometimes, one symbol is enough to communicate a message. For instance, neon beer bar lights on the entrance door indicate the type of place. In addition, some neon signs combine words and symbols for a more creative and eye-catching visual.

Neonize is as Limitless as Your Alcohol Tolerance

Looking for that “wow!” factor to liven up the atmosphere in your home or commercial bar? There's no better way to do that than hanging iconic drinking signs on your walls! This blog gave you ten ideas for your neon bar lights that will surely make your guests feel welcome. Hope you're able to find something you fancy!

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