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Attract More Customers To Your Business With Neon Lighting

Have you been struggling with attracting new customers to your business? Do passersby never even glance at your storefront? Do you want to do more to make your storefront turn heads and transform passersby into paying customers? Sounds like what your budding business needs is a makeover! And here at Neonize, we think a neon light makeover will just do the trick.

Did you notice how many photos taken from Las Vegas or Hong Kong are always recognizable? With a single glance at any photo, you can easily tell they took them in Las Vegas and Hong Kong. Have you wondered why? That’s because of the beautiful and bright neon lights that have made these two places iconic!

Discover the many ways how neon lighting can help your business grow!

Can Neon Lighting Signs Help My Business Gain More Customers?

Absolutely yes! But if you’re still unconvinced that neon lights will be a worthwhile investment for your small business, let us persuade you otherwise! Neon light signages not only brighten your storefront under its neon glow but can also herd potential customers towards the door. Read more below to learn how a neon sign does its magic!

Pique Their Interest With One Look

With minimalism on the rise, many business owners today downplay the importance of having an eye-catching storefront. For many, a sign with the business name does the trick. Spending money on storefront decor and whatnot is considered an unnecessary business expense. But what these business owners miss out on is the huge potential to transform passersby into paying customers.

You see, once a neon lamp sign gets their attention, there’s a high chance they’ll want to know what the store has to offer and walk in.

Introduce Your Business With A Glance

Suppose your store specifically offers alcoholic drinks. Unless the people passing by are already familiar with your liquor store, they won’t even give it a second thought. So, why not install some neon lights in the shape of a beer bottle or the word “liquor” on your storefront? With a straightforward sign, passersby will know what your business is all about in milliseconds.

Moreover, custom neon signs are better as they are unique and leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Help Them Remember Your Business

While passersby may not be in the market for your products or services at the moment, they might need you in the future. When that moment comes, your business’s name should be the first thing that pops into their head. You can help them recall your business with a subtle sign that easily reminds them of what your store offers.

For instance, you can install a flashing bright neon LED sign with your business’s name on it. You can even go for a unique catchphrase! Every time they pass by your storefront, your business’s name will leave a memorable message in their minds.

Make Your Store Instagrammable

Do you want to expand your demographic? A custom LED neon sign can help increase your business’s exposure on social media. Your neon signs will attract the younger and tech-savvy demographic who will share your bright storefront for their social media posts. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to pay for boosted or sponsored posts. 

Who knows? Your storefront might even become a local tourist attraction if you play your cards right!

Stand Out During Nighttime

When walking down the main street at night, do you catch yourself looking into the glass windows of the stores you pass by? The dull glow of the fluorescent lights from these stores usually doesn’t turn heads. If anything, these lights serve a utilitarian purpose rather than an aesthetic one.

If you want to stand out among the other storefronts along the main street, install a LED neon sign! The bright-coloured neon glow will stand out against a row of window displays and signs. When customers come looking for your store during the nighttime, they’ll “know” which store is yours.

Neonize Your Business!

Are you ready to give your storefront a makeover? Let Neonize help you find the perfect neon signage for your small business! Here’s what makes Neonize LED neon signs a cut above the rest:

Doesn’t Hurt The Wallet

If you think the reason why many businesses don’t install neon signs is that they cost too much, then you may be surprised to learn that it’s quite the contrary! Neonize’s neon signs start at an affordable price of $267. Any small business can decorate its storefront with eye-catching and brightly-coloured neon signs at such a low price!

Lasts As Long As You Need

Unlike old neon signs, LED neon signs are more durable. Particularly, Neonize’s neon signs are manufactured using the latest Neon Flex Technology, improving their durability and lengthening their lifespan. So if you’re thinking about how old neon signs in Las Vegas or Hong Kong often go out, don’t worry about the same thing happening to Neonize’s LED neon signs.

Free From Hazardous Gases

As mentioned above, old neon signs are less durable than the newer LED neon signs that Neonize makes. Aside from doing away with fragile glass tubes, modern neon signs no longer contain hazardous neon gas. Likewise, contemporary neon lights no longer need neon gas to produce the same iconic neon glow, all thanks to the light-emitting diode or LED.So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay your storefront’s neon-inspired makeover, and grab a neon lighting kit from Neonize’s collections today!

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