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5 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Beautify Your Business With Salon Neon Signs

You think you've prepared everything for the grand opening of your beauty salon, thinking everything will go smoothly once the doors swing open. But here's the catch: a grand opening alone won't guarantee a steady flow of customers. You know what works like magic? Salon neon signs

Sure, you can adorn your parlor with embellishments, from flower arrangements to eye-catching statement pieces. But nothing says “Come and try me!” quite like the electrifying and alluring glow of beauty salon neon signs.

Let’s uncover the advertising potential of neon lighting in this blog and learn how it can work wonders for your beauty business.

Why a Salon Neon Sign Is Crucial for Your Shop

Neon signs have been associated with the advertising industry since their creation and introduction to the world. To those unfamiliar with its history, neon signage has helped raise thousands and perhaps millions of businesses out of the trenches since the 1920s.

While some might find the reasons obvious, it’s intriguing enough to make anyone wonder: how can a simple light source, even something as cool and trendy as neon lights and signs, be this vital to a beauty business or any business venture in general? 

The reasons may be subtle, but neon signage can:

Attract potential clients with its iconic glow

Inform your market about what you do (in the brightest way possible!)

Instantly set you apart from the competition

Be a cost-effective marketing tool

Let’s dive deeper into these four factors below.

Increase Brand Awareness

The most apparent reason for a neon sign's significance in advertising is its distinct and striking luminance. With its vibrant light, a neon sign can turn heads and catch eyes even from a distance. 

Using neon signs for your business will encourage and increase your brand visibility and exposure, letting potential customers and clients know about your company’s existence and possibly sparking an interest in them.

Promote Brand Identity

Besides promoting awareness and visibility, neon lights can inform your intended reach and the general market about your business's focus. These traditional glasses or LED neon signs for salons answer which field in the beauty industry you specialize in. 

For instance, a neon sign designed to look like a pair of scissors outside your shop can immediately inform potential customers that you are running a hair salon. 

On the other hand, a neon light shaped like a nail polish bottle lets them know that your shop is a nail parlor.

Even something as simple as customizing a neon sign in the shape of your business name and hanging it outside your shop can promptly and efficiently convey your brand identity to your audience. 

Gain an Upper Hand

Another reason neon signs are effective marketing tools is that they can give you an edge over your competitors and make you shine brighter. This is particularly true in the glamorous beauty industry, where salons and parlors typically rely on flashy floral themes and nature-related decor for their interior design.

While these decorations indeed set a relaxing tone and ambiance for the salon, they don’t necessarily scream “unique.” With a suitable flowery backdrop, you can hang a neon sign representing your brand while enhancing the atmosphere and setting the perfect mood for your shop.

Have a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Most importantly, LED neon signs and lights are inexpensive marketing tools upon purchase and during use. A LED neon light is made with easily accessible and available materials, so its price is relatively affordable. 

Additionally, the cost of an LED neon sign’s power consumption is low. LED neon signage can consume just above 1500 watts for 12 continuous hours! Isn't it great to have something that is not only durable but also energy-saving?

LED neon lights can also give you more freedom, design-wise. Plenty of neon sign makers allow for neon sign customization, allowing beauty business entrepreneurs to showcase unique logo designs for their salons or parlors. 

shot of a white good vibes only neon sign with a pair of arms outstretched

5 Neon Light Signs That Can Enhance Your Beauty Salon

The reasons listed above may have finally convinced you to try neon signage for interior or exterior decor for your beauty parlor. But where do you start? The endless possibilities for neon light designs can be dizzying. 

Here are five ways to beautify your salon with neon signs to give you a headstart.

infographic showing the best neon signs for a salon

Open Neon Sign: Welcome Customers with Open Arms

Believe it or not, neon signs can help your business at the start of a consumer’s journey. You can use traditional glass neon tubes or LED neon lights to welcome potential customers and clients

A simple “welcome” neon sign outside your parlor will let your customers and the general public know you’re officially open for business and ready to accept and beautify clients.

Business Hours Neon Sign: Let Them Know Your Availability

Another way neon lights and signs can enhance your business exterior is by letting the public know your official business hours. An “open” sign won’t be enough because it won’t exactly tell your customers how long you’ll be open during the day. 

An “8 am - 5 pm” neon sign or a “Monday to Friday” neon light hung outside your salon can help clients determine your business hours at a glance.

Directional Neon Sign: Guide Your Clients

Sometimes, your customers may need guidance when entering your shop, especially if you are renting the second floor of a building or if your salon’s building has an obscure floor plan. No worries! You can use neon signs to help your clients navigate their way to your doorstep.

With directional neon lights like arrow neon signs, you can point curious potential customers to where your business is located, ensure a steady flow of foot traffic, and generate a continuous stream of profit. 

Feel-Good Quote Neon Sign: Motivate Your Clients and Staff

We shouldn’t leave out the interior design when talking about salon decor. You can install various types of neon signs inside your salon, whether a neon sign hung from the ceiling or a neon light mounted on the wall fits your salon’s atmosphere best.

When it comes to the neon light’s design, a neon sign in the shape of motivational and feel-good quotes can work well with your beauty parlor’s ambiance. Not only can you improve your client’s day, but you can also encourage your staff and boost their morale with iconic quote neon signs.

To give you a few ideas, here are some motivational quotes and sayings that you can use for your salon:

  • Good vibes only
  • La vie en rose
  • Look at the bright side
  • Be kind
  • C’est la vie!

Custom Neon Signs: Let Your Imagination Run Wild! 

You can choose from tons of neon light designs for your business. But no matter how limitless the possibilities may seem, there will always be a circumstance where you won’t be able to find what you’re exactly looking for.

In that case, you can let your imagination run wild and get your salon’s neon sign personalized

Think your business logo will go well with your shop’s exterior design? Send your logo design to a neon sign maker and have it customized! Want a neon sign designed like your own handwriting? Get a custom neon sign written in your penmanship!

shot of colorful neon signs for a beauty salon

Find the Ideal Nail Parlor & Hair Salon Neon Signs at Neonize!

Neon signs may seem like simple light sources, but they can make your business shine brighter than the rest, literally and figuratively. Let a neon sign’s dazzling glow enhance your salon’s exterior and set the ideal atmosphere for your interior.

Ready to beautify your beauty salon? Try Neonize! We offer a vast collection of neon lights serving various purposes, from special occasions to day-to-day decoration. They are made from high-quality and durable materials, are affordable, and come with accessories that ensure easy and hassle-free neon installation.

Browse through our selection of neon sign designs and get alluring salon neon lights for your business today!

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