You and Me neon sign hanging on a balloon wedding arch

Light Up Your Nuptials with Wedding Neon Signs: The Ultimate Guide

The beautiful thing about preparing for your wedding is that you can decorate it however you want! Whether you pick a traditional venue or something more casual like a beach wedding, there are plenty of ways to make your nuptials stand out from anyone else’s.

Custom wedding neon light signs can do just that. They add an element of elegance and excitement that will make your big day memorable in more ways than one. 

If you’re about to get married and looking for neon inspiration for your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will show you how to Neonize your wedding venue

Here are the things you will learn.

Benefits of LED Neon Sign at a Wedding

LED neon signs are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a fun way to announce your wedding or a special event. Not only are these signs eye-catching and inexpensive, but they’re also effortless to install. 

The best thing about neon signs is that they add a tinge of personality to your space. Custom wedding neon light signs, in particular, are easy to make, allowing you to choose a design that complements your event no matter the theme. The best neon sign shop can create all kinds of designs, including heart-shaped wedding LED signs, custom logos, and wedding phrases. 

But neon signs’ awesomeness doesn’t end there. Here are more ways to brighten up your upcoming nuptials using LED neon lights.

Expression of Love

Neon signs are not just for big businesses or corporate brands. They have become a great way to express your love and creativity in celebrations such as weddings. Nowadays, wedding planners are constantly looking for ways to make their events unique, and neon signs can help them achieve this.

Enhanced Atmosphere

Neon signs for weddings lighten the mood or improve the ambiance during the event. You can place them in different spots in a venue, such as the dance floor, stage, or entrance. You can also display them outside so that guests can see them when they arrive.

Modern & Affordable Lighting

Neon signs add an extra flair to your wedding reception or ceremony. Wedding lighting with neon signs draws attention to your wedding decorations and highlights their appearance. In addition, neon signs give your guests something to look at while they wait for you to arrive and walk down the aisle.

Neon signs are also perfect for lighting up areas like foyers, hallways, and dance floors at night when you’re partying with your guests. You can even use them to highlight certain areas of your venue, such as the bar or food table area, where guests can get drinks or eat their meals.

Conversation Starter for Guests

You may have seen neon signs in your favorite restaurant and wondered if you could use them to make your wedding celebration fun. The answer is a resounding yes! 

If your goal is to create an event that guests will remember for years, you might just be persuaded to get one for your wedding celebration. A neon sign starts a conversation among guests. It creates a fun and interactive atmosphere that gets people talking about it while taking photos in front of it.

Neonize Mr. & Mrs. neon light sign

Neon Sign Ideas for Your Wedding

Let’s say you're sold on using neon signs for your wedding, but you don’t know how to design them exactly. Don’t worry; we listed a couple of wedding neon sign ideas for your big day.

Your Names

The backdrop of your wedding is one of the highlights of the day. You want to make sure it’s as beautiful as possible and fits in with your wedding theme. It means you can’t just choose any backdrop and expect it to look good. 

Since it is a celebration of your love, using a neon name sign for your wedding is a popular choice. A first name or last name neon wedding sign will make your event more personal and memorable. 


What are wedding hashtags, and why are they such a big deal? Using wedding hashtags is a fantastic way to organize all the fun photos from your big day. When you and your guests post them on Instagram and Facebook, the hashtag provides one easy-to-find location for all of them.

What better way to remind your guest of the wedding hashtag than through a customized LED sign? This neon sign will be uniquely yours; you and your spouse will treasure it forever.

Romantic Quote

A wedding is a celebration. It’s one of the most important days you will remember all your life. 

To commemorate the beauty of your love, a heartwarming quote or a line from your favorite love song as a neon sign will do just fine! It tells a lot about the couple's story to the guests in a few characters. 

Wedding Date

No one will forget a wedding with the date in bright neon lights. So if you want to leave a mark on your guests’ minds, a neon wedding date is the way to go. 

Where to Display Your Wedding Neon Sign

Wedding neon light signs are great for celebrating your joyful nuptials and have many uses. Here are some spots where you might like to exhibit your wedding neon sign.

Neon welcome sign for reception

Walkway or Gate

Your wedding neon sign is a special piece of art, so it’s important to display it in a way that's befitting your work. The walkway or gate is an ideal place for it because you can use it to set the first impression of your wedding as guests see it upon entering.

Neonize pro tip: Use the neon sign to greet guests or to guide guests to the bar or the dance floor.

Just Married neon sign hanging above a wedding lounge


When your guests aren’t too busy wiping their tears away from your heartwarming vows, the reception affairs will keep them occupied. So take this chance to wow them even more with a neon sign for your reception. 

You can use neon signs to point guests to the buffet table or the bar station. If you want to avoid traditional bar neon signs, you can create funny logos or quotes to highlight that a fun time awaits everyone setting foot at the bar counter. 

You can be as creative and witty as you want, and everyone will love this unique way of maximizing a piece of light. 

And So It Begins neon sign decorating the wedding dance floor

Dance Floor

When you think of a fun time, you don’t think of a dance floor lit with bright fluorescent lights. Instead, you think of a dim dance floor with glowing light pieces encouraging you to boogie. That is what you want for your wedding.

After the sentimental speeches, it’s time to party, so design that space accordingly with a neon sign!

Drunk in Love neon sign at an outdoor wedding bar


Neon signs add a speck of merriment to your wedding. They are the way to go if you’re looking for an elegant way to show off your favorite liquor brand and keep the good times rolling. 

But what if you want something more unique for your reception venue? Then you may want a witty custom-made wedding sign that reads “Drunk in love” or “Soup of the day: tequila.”

Happily Ever After neon sign decorating a wedding photo booth

Photo Booth

Neon lights make a great photo booth decor because they add a fun element to the party. If you want to hop on current wedding trends, you can use neon signs as props at your photo booth. If you want something more conventional, you can use them as backgrounds for your photos.

It's a bit extra, but it's always a good idea to go the extra mile for your loved ones on your special day. 

When it comes to wedding decor, there are two camps of people: those who love subtle colors and those who prefer vibrant ones. But no matter which side you're on, we think you'll agree that there's nothing more fun than displaying your wedding colors in a way that makes an impact. And what better way to do that than with an LED neon sign?

You may think neon is a trend only among the young'uns, but we beg to disagree! You can use neon to create an ambiance that's both fun and elegant. And it doesn't have to be expensive—you can find many neon light sign makers in your area and online.

Here are some of our favorite colors for love neon signs.


Yellow is great because it has a jolly feel. It also works well with other colors like violet or blue. You can use yellow as an accent color throughout your wedding decor or for specific elements like table numbers or chairs.


Pink is feminine and romantic, so it's great for events like weddings where love is in the air. It also has a calming effect on guests who might feel stressed out by the big event! And of course, it goes well with blue and green tones too!


Red is a vibrant color that says, "I'm ready to party!" This color represents passion, energy, and excitement. It's perfect for a venue with an energetic vibe, such as a party space that will be bopping all night long. It's also great for weddings with rustic country or modern city decor.


The calming color blue is another great color for any ceremony or reception with many children running around! This color is associated with peace, tranquility, and relaxation. You'll want this color if your venue is calm and laid-back. Think of a garden wedding or one by a lagoon.


What better way to symbolize your matrimony than the color white? It's traditional yet flexible and can complement any type of color scheme. You can use it in conjunction with any other color and still look great. Apart from that, this color provides a clean yet simple look.

Wedding table decor

Checklist of Wedding Day Decor

When planning your wedding decor, it's important to assess all aspects that make up a great event—from the venue to the meals and beverages, the music, and the set. You will stumble upon countless ideas and suggestions for making your big day unique and perfect. However, not all those ideas are right for you and your vision. 

Wedding decor can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start, so we've listed a few notable things to consider while looking for wedding decor.  

Aisle Decor

Sure, everyone just walks down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean it is any less important. The activities on the aisle are just teasers of what’s about to happen in your ceremony. 

So think of it like this: whatever you put on your aisle ultimately affects your overall ceremony ambiance. Below are some aisle decor items you don’t want to miss.

Mason Jars

Contrary to belief, mason jars aren’t only good for canning and storage. They're also good containers for souvenirs or candles. The best part about these things is that they are probably already in your stockpile, so you don’t need to worry about buying them. 

Aisle Runner 

Forget everything except this staple piece. Having an aisle runner is a must. It adds a traditional yet chic element to your wedding. It also incorporates fun colors into your all-white wedding if you don’t have a color scheme planned.  

Quote Signs

You don’t necessarily have to settle for neon signs to display quotes at your wedding. You can put them as calligraphy on blackboards or as typography in frames. You can also use your favorite line from a book that best describes your relationship or a sentence from one of your vows.


Photographers will love you for this one. If you’re looking for a dramatic flair in your wedding, entryway decor to the aisle is a must. The entryway is where the beautiful moment sinks in for the bride and the groom, realizing they are the luckiest person on earth to be with their spouse-to-be.

Rose Petals

Nothing screams romance more than rose petals scattered all over the floor of a wedding event. Believe us: it might be a cliche, but it certainly sets the tone for your wedding—passionate, sincere, and lovable.

Altar Decor

You’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to consider altar decor when it’s just the altar?” How huge of a deal it is really depends on your beliefs. However, altar decor should still be a consideration because it is where you’ll take the most photos. Think about this: what would you like to see when you look back on your wedding day photos? 

If you’re drawing to a blank, we've listed some ways to spruce up your decor for your wedding altar.

Floral Arch

You cannot go wrong with a classic. A floral arch may seem like it’s behind the times, but it’s one classic not to be forgotten. If you don’t want it to look too simple, you can mix up the florals on the arch with varying colors and sizes. 


If you want your wedding to be memorable for everyone, a gazebo is just what you need. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it. A gazebo is a structure that covers an area and provides shade. In addition, it gives an elegant touch to the whole affair, making everyone present feel like royalty.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors may not seem like much, but think of them as blank canvases. They’re flexible to any theme, depending on how you decorate them. Shift your perspective, and you'll see an altar you'd be proud to stand before.

String Lights

String lights are the perfect altar decor for your wedding because they add a warm, inviting glow to your ceremony space, making your wedding day feel more magical. With the right mix of string lights, you can create a beautiful look that will set a soft, romantic tone for your entire ceremony. The best part? They're pretty affordable, too!

Reception Decor

We are telling you now: renting a huge tent to house your guests will not cut it. Your guests will remember your wedding for years, so settling for something as unremarkable as a white tent is a big no-no. Instead, we've compiled a few suggestions to keep your reception decor alive and classy. 


The best way to use lanterns is by adding them inside the tent itself. These will light up the space and make it look even bigger inside than it otherwise would on its own. It also adds a warm glow throughout the room, making it look dreamy. 


Chandeliers are gorgeous and make any space feel more elegant and sophisticated. Chandeliers are a great way to bring focus to one spot in any room.

So, if you're looking for something unique and different, adding a chandelier to your wedding reception is definitely worth considering!

Botanical Backdrop

Weddings are all about creating a fun and memorable atmosphere for everyone involved. You want your guests to have a great time and talk about their favorite moments of that day. Adding a botanical backdrop is one way to create an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.


Draping is an easy and affordable way to add beauty and elegance to your wedding reception. You can use it to create a dramatic focal point for the room or as a backdrop for your cake table and dance floor. The bottom line is when all else fails, put a drape over it and call it a day. 

Table Decor

If you want to really wow your guests, you have to take out the big guns for table decor. Your guests will be spending the most time here, so it makes sense to splurge a little for this embellishment. 

Let us share a couple of ways to swing this decor out of the park.

Floating Candles

If you’re tired of having the same old lighted candle look for your table, try adding a bit of flair to it with a clear cylinder, water, and tea light candles. It’s an upgrade from a classic look used since time immemorial. 

Personalized Menus

This idea might be a little extra to some, but for wedding functions with only a few guests, personalized menus can take the experience up a notch. It’s thoughtful and worthwhile since most of your guests can take the menu home as a memento. 


We prefer fresh garlands for this one. It might seem messy, but a rustic wedding needs a touch of nature indoors. You can drape them around another centerpiece or place them inside vases spilling out slightly.

Potted Herbs

Want to hit two birds with one stone? Get potted herbs as table decor for your wedding. They are fragrant embellishments on your table, plus they improve the ambiance of your reception or the mood of your guests by bringing nature to the table.

Dried Florals

Let’s say you want to have a sustainable wedding, but you don’t want to seem like a bad host with minimal decor. You can always settle for ethically dried florals. They hold their scents well,  meaning you can create a delicious-smelling potpourri as a centerpiece. 

Cocktail Hour Decor

Next to the ceremony, cocktail hour is every adult’s favorite part of a wedding, so decorating the bar can be quite the challenge. Believe us when we say you need to spruce it up with florals, signage, wraps, cocktail napkins, and drink stirrers. 

These minor details make all the difference to any drinking experience. So, if you’re swinging on a budget, it’s best to take our advice on how to spruce up cocktail hour at your reception.

Cocktail Napkins

It’s a must to have cocktail napkins not only for visual balance but also for functionality. The great thing about them is that they are functional decor that blends into any kind of wedding theme. You can also fold them into all kinds of designs.  

Statement Shelf 

An empty bar doesn’t really excite guests. Do you know what does? An array of liquor bottles of varying colors and origins. So for your wedding, add a statement shelf to your cocktail bar. It not only livens up the backdrop of your bar, but it also encourages your guests to have a great time!

Edible Flowers

Before you judge us, hear us out! Edible flowers are beautiful additions to cocktails. They are also safe to eat, which is great since everyone’s too busy drinking and mingling to observe safety precautions with toxic ingredients. 

One way to utilize edible flowers in a stylish way is to have a glass of them on the counter to add a touch of romance to the bar. 

Neonize She Said Yes neon light sign

Neon Signs for Other Wedding Events

Apart from the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, you can also add a tad of jazz to your engagement party and bridal shower.

One of the things that might differentiate your party from others is the use of neon signage. When displayed as centerpieces, they will undoubtedly generate excitement about your event. Additionally, you have diverse choices when it comes to design and color. 

Here are some neon sign ideas for your event.

Engagement Party Neon Signs 

Engagement parties are an opportunity for loved ones to show their support for a couple. Thus, it’s a good idea to go for something that expresses sentimentality. 

If you’re helping your friend get engaged, you can suggest a couple of neon signs that go best with the event. 

  • Will You Marry Me neon sign
  • Crazy in Love neon sign
  • It Was Always You neon sign
  • Love Wins neon sign

Bridal Shower Neon Signs

As for bridal parties, it’s best to go the fun route! You want to send off your friend or yourself to the married life with a blast, so pick vivid neon signs with playful messages that will complement your party.  

  • Kiss the Miss Goodbye neon sign
  • Good Vibes Only LED neon sign
  • You Glow Girl neon sign
  • Be a Badass with a Good Ass neon sign

Design Your Own LED Neon Wedding Sign

You undoubtedly want to make sure that people will talk about your wedding day for years to come. And what is the most effective way to do that? A customized wedding sign that is uniquely yours!

You can customize LED neon wedding signs to express your love for one another. They can say whatever you want them to say—from "Forever and Always" to "You Are My Home" and "Mr. and Mrs." (or "Mr. and Mr." or "Mrs. and Mrs.").

Another popular LED neon sign for the wedding is to have your names and wedding date in neon lights. Doing this adds a touch of class and elegance to your wedding day.

Better Together neon sign on a brick wall

Get a Ready-Made or Custom Neon Sign for Your Wedding

Your wedding will be so much more fun with a neon sign! Imagine your guests seeing it upon entering the venue. They will instantly know that this is the party they've been waiting for. The sign will also look amazing in the background as you cut into your wedding cake.

Neon signs aren't just for businesses anymore—they are a great way to add character to your wedding without breaking the bank! It doesn't matter if you want them to illuminate the ceremony, light up the dance floor at night, or shine bright during cocktail hour. These signs will make sure everyone knows what the occasion is and where they should go once if they need anything. They also come in diverse dimensions!

Not only are neon signs fun, but they can also center on a specific color or theme, making them great focal points within any given venue, whether indoors or outdoors! For a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding, you can get cool neon lights made specifically for the occasion.

​​A variety of wedding neon light signs are up for grabs on Neonize's website! Take the chance to spruce up your wedding decor with only a few clicks on your device!


What do you do with neon signs after a wedding?

You can use neon signs as part of your after-party event decorations at your home or hotel room. You can even use it again for a family photo shoot if you want something really unique for your photos!

How much do wedding neon light signs typically cost?

The price of neon light signs can vary substantially based on their size, the type of material, and the amount of work that went into making them. 

Prices for ready-made LED signage start at $280 at Neonize, depending on their size. We keep our prices more affordable than our competitors while still providing durable and high-quality products!

As for our customized LED lights, you can get one for under $200. Again, the price of your sign will vary depending on its size.

How much does neon cost per foot?

We do not price all of our designs similarly because of the unique craftsmanship each sign requires. But to give you a better idea of the price per foot, we'll use our Hello Gorgeous neon sign collection as an example. 

Seven designs are available for this collection, and they have different starting price points. The Extra-Large size (91 centimeters) of one design costs $617, suggesting it costs around $6.78 per centimeter or $206.66 per foot. The same cannot be said for another design in the same collection, so it is always best to check beforehand. 

How do you display neon signs at weddings?

Find an empty wall where guests are more likely to see the neon sign as the wedding backdrop. Also, ensure that this wall has an outlet nearby; Neonize neon signs are not battery-operated. If you want to design the wall further, build the decoration around it. 

How big should a neon wedding sign be?

Some people may think neon signs are too big or extravagant, but they do not have to be this way. Many smaller designs are available online and can fit into any theme or decor without being too big or bulky. These smaller designs are perfect if you have limited space in your function but still want something unique and fun that will make people smile when they see it!

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