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Neon Signs For Your Wedding: 6 Love Symbols You Can Use When You Tie The Knot

The union of two people is by far the most romantic affair everyone will come by. If you are lucky, you will find someone to wed, exchange vows, and spend the rest of your days with. Aside from the wedding ceremony, couples make their day extra special with vibrant and meaningful decorations to bring out the romantic feeling. 

Floral and white themes are still in for weddings, but as we go more modern, LED neon lights can bring out more glam to your wedding decor, and where else to get the best LED lights than on Neonize

This blog post will give you unique ideas for custom neon signs for weddings. So take note of these love symbols because we'll help make your wedding day the most unforgettable one. 

6 Romantic Symbolism for Your Wedding Neon Signs 

Cupids and hearts are common at every wedding in town. In addition, there are different love symbols used by different cultures worldwide. But if you want to remember something for a long time, do something different. 

We've chosen some unique love and marriage symbolisms you can use as inspiration for your wedding décor.  

Celtic Love Knot 

We often hear the words "tying the knot" during weddings. However, not many people know that the tradition of tying the knot is one of the most ancient practices in Celtic culture. As the Celtic call it, the love knot is a symbol made of interlacing knots with no beginning or end. This knotted infinity symbol symbolizes the intertwining of two souls. 

The Celtic knot is usually used in wedding bands as a promise of infinite love and friendship between the married couple. But you can also use this design for a custom neon wedding sign embossed with your names to show that both of you are intertwined together with no end. 

Claddagh Symbol 

The Claddagh is another ancient love symbol from Irish culture. This symbol originated from an old love story in the Irish city of Claddagh. According to the story, there was a man who went out fishing and was kidnapped by pirates. He was forced to be a slave and found his way as an assistant in a blacksmith's workshop.

Every day, he would steal tiny gold specks to complete a ring he wished to give the lover he left behind—if he ever found his way back home. The symbol of Claddagh has three components; hands, a heart, and a crown. The heart represents the young man's eternal love, the hands represent the friendship between two people, and the crown is the unfaltering loyalty to someone's love. 

Rose Flower

The language of flowers is indeed a romantic one, and everybody knows that the most romantic flower is a rose. So if you want a declaration of love through flowers, this is the best way to do it. Using rose as a symbol of love and admiration originated from Shakespeare's famous work, Romeo and Juliet. 

However, the different colors of the rose petal have different symbolisms. Make sure to pick the correct shade to make the moment more meaningful and unforgettable. 

  • Red is for passionate love, which means you are looking for a romantic partner. 
  • Yellow roses mean deep friendship and wanting to care for somebody. 
  • Pink is for showing admiration and gentleness of love. 
  • Purple or Lavender are rare rose variants representing love at first sight and awe. 
  • White means never forgetting and a sign of respect for your partner. 


Shells are another ancient love symbolism. In Greek mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, is born from a giant seashell, making this the ultimate symbol of love. 

Generally, shells have a hard casing that protects the precious pearl inside. Different cultures interpret this as a type of protective love essential to married couples. Seashells are uncommon for neon signs for weddings, but their meaning will surely reflect immense feelings. 


To some cultures and religions, the apple is a forbidden fruit that originates evil and sin. But in Greek culture, the apple is the symbol of love. Apples are staple gifts to females as a sign of courtship. 

According to their mythology, the goddess Gaia gifted an apple to Hera at her wedding to Zeus. The apples would signify their eternal love and union. 

The Red String of Fate

If you want to make your wedding decor extra sentimental and meaningful, then recreating the red string of fate will make your hearts and eyes swell. According to Chinese mythology, two people are bound together by fate itself. The story says an invisible red string is attached to the end of your pinkie finger, and the other end of the string is the one fated for you. 

The string can be infinitely long and tangled, but no matter how long or far apart both ends are, they will eventually have their fateful meeting. These ties can be postponed, but the strings meant for each other will never be broken. 

This story has given relationships and marriage a deeper point of view. The red strings of fate transcend love in its physical form. You are fated to each other and will meet again in this life and the life that comes next.

Tie the Knot With A Neon Sign!

Wedding preparations can be stressful. Everything must be perfect, from the gowns, guests, decorations, and food to be served. Fortunately, the trendiest LED neon lights are not just for business and personal spaces. With the right theme and design in mind, your wedding will surely be one of a kind. 

We hope these symbols help you get inspiration when you choose your neon signs for wedding. Aside from the romantic decoration, the success of the wedding ceremony lies in the commitment both souls will keep with sincerity. If you're looking to spruce up your wedding, you can check out our catalog or wedding neon light signs. You can also have customized LED lights of any design of your choice. Don't forget to browse our shop for all your neon sign needs!

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