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Japanese Neon Signs

If there's anything better than showing off your anime pillows, collection of katanas, and sakura-themed trinkets, it's expressing how much you love the Land of the Rising Sun in Hiragana! If you're up for it, why not declare your love for Japan with a Japanese Neon Sign?

A lot of people have learned much about Japan through their representation of anime, live-action films, and other culturally rich masterpieces. From their origami and early calligraphy practices to the Tokyo Skytree and their famous cat cafes, you would surely wish you could visit just to experience all of these.

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Lucky for you, we're bringing a piece of Japanese culture close to your home in the form of Japan neon lights. Our talented team of artists has decided to give you a minimalistic yet authentic feel to the neon light décor by highlighting common phrases using Hiragana. These letters are accurately crafted, making tea time sessions at home feel something like Japanese tradition.   Happily indulge yourself with sweet taiyaki, a tray of sushi, and a bento filled with your choice of fruits, carbs, veggies, and protein with a Japanese neon light sign telling you how much of a great day it is to eat scrumptious food. With our gorgeous collection of Japanese neon signs, you can mount any of our LED neon lights on many surfaces and corners of your home.   Since we value all the Otakus and anime-lovers out there, we also have custom neon signs that would open the table for special requests like logos that display other famous anime shows. Perhaps Demon Slayer, Noragami, and the two Boku no series. Our neon light signs for wall are super easy to set up. In fact, all you need to do is check out the instructions below on how you can do it yourself without any professional help! When this is done, you can hop into your bed and cuddle your anime pillows till midnight!   Binge-watch your most favorite anime series from the 90s or listen to Hatsune Miku playlists while our neon lights do the job of making your indoor space feel cozy, relaxing, and fun all at once! Organize your figurine, manga, and RPG video game shelves with our LED neon signs to give your hobbies the attention and appreciation you deserve. You will be surprised because our Japanese Neon Sign can be modified based on your preferences of color, size, and overall style; just imagine the kind of haven you can create with our neon signs for room!   Still think that this isn't enough? Our Japanese Neon Sign is versatile for all your Japanese-related needs, may it be cramming a virtual party with your Otaku circle of friends, sending a gift to your sibling, or just keeping a set of neon lights all to yourself-- we got you! There is truly no occasion as to when you should strictly express your love for the land of the rising sun!

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