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Japanese Neon Signs Collection

Japanese Neon Signs

A Japanese neon light sign is  good when it has beautiful calligraphy with a meaningful message. Japan is known for its sushi, anime, and obsession for robots. But nothing beats good ol’ Japanese words, which are also popular even in Western countries—iconic terms like aishiteru, ganbatte, kawaii, and oishi. Browse our unique and cool collection below.

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We are thrilled that you have checked out our collection of 100% original LED Japan neon signs. As you can see, we also have a Sailor Moon neon sign that can be a nice decoration for a ramen house, cat cafe, ice cream store, or a diner. It can draw in crowds of teens and kids because of its fun and cool design. Neon signs like these have a knack of attracting curious passersby to your store, thanks to its lively color. You can also put this up in your personal space to add personality to your bare room.   Redesign your room to be worthy of a Pinterest board with a Japan neon light. It is easy to set up, and you can adjust the brightness whenever you want.    Do you want more kawaii custom neon signs? Then you’ve visited the right place because we have more in store for you!

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