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Why It’s Better to Use Custom Neon Signs for Your Business

Are you searching for innovative ways to distinguish your business from the competition? One of the effective ways to grab a customer’s attention is by using custom neon signs. Business owners can use them in beauty salons, small restaurants, bars, and almost any other commercial space.

In this blog post, we’ll examine the advantages of using personalized neon signs and why they’re a good investment for your business.

Advantages of Using Custom Neon Signs

Neon signs have long been recognized as a tool that effectively captures attention from storefront passersby. With their bright color and eye-catching designs, they can easily leave a memorable impression in people’s minds.

But custom LED neon signs offer much more perks than you may think. Here are some of those advantages: 

Creative Freedom to Design

The versatility of custom LED neon lights presents businesses with endless design possibilities. It allows them to create any neon sign they want displayed in their business establishment.

If you own a business store, purchasing a custom LED neon sign means you can choose from various colors, fonts, shapes, symbols, and other design elements. Use them to highlight your business logo, social media handles, taglines, or other brand visuals. 

They Can Match Your Brand Style

Businesses use different colors, typography, and logos to establish their brand identity in many ways. Selecting custom neon LED signs lets you incorporate your unique brand style into these colorful, eye-catching displays.

For instance, if your brand's primary color is red, you can incorporate a red glow into your neon sign. It doesn't stop there! You can also choose text or imagery. This level of customization ensures a consistent brand image across all your materials.

You Stand Out by Being Unique

You can’t capture the attention of passersby if your neon sign looks similar to other businesses. This is where custom LED neon signs can help you. With custom LED lights, you can create unique designs—different from standard and pre-designed neon lights

This attention to detail increases brand recognition, leading to more foot traffic and sales to your physical store. 

Customer Engagement

Custom LED lights may spark the interest of potential buyers. Compared to traditional neon sign designs, these unique and personalized lights are more likely to encourage people to interact with your brand.

The uniqueness of a business’s neon sign can inspire potential customers to visit the store and purchase. In case you’re not yet aware, the appearance of your store directly impacts a customer’s retail experience

a Coffee Time neon sign mounted on a black wall, chair, and coffee table

7 Neon Sign Ideas for Businesses

You now understand why custom neon lights, in particular, are a better investment for your business. But if you're still overwhelmed by the extensive options for designing business neon signs, we’re here to help. 

Here are seven unique ideas that you can use for your business neon signs

  1. Cactus Neon Sign

If you’re running a plant shop or selling gardening tools, a Cactus custom quote neon sign would make an excellent addition to your store. This custom design can quickly cactivate the essence of your business. 

Using the cactus symbol immediately communicates what your business is all about. Remember to pick the right neon sign color and typeface that will help reflect your brand. 

  1. Skeleton Tequila Neon Sign

Do you own a bar or bistro that sells cocktails and alcoholic drinks? Then you may want to consider the Skeleton Tequila custom neon sign as a unique addition to your store décor. This neon sign features a skeleton holding a glass of tequila that caters perfectly to people unyieldingly thirsty for a drink.

You can also use it as a photo booth backdrop and encourage customers to take photos and share them on social media. With its one-of-a-kind design, the Skeleton Tequila is sure to become one of your patrons' favorite things about your bar.  

  1. Cake Neon Sign

Do you own a dessert shop or bakery? Add more sweetness and spark to your shop with a Cake neon sign! This LED neon sign is a great way to showcase your products and attract customers with a sweet tooth. 

If you want to enhance your branding and attract more customers, skip the usual text-based neon sign. Use any cake symbol (e.g., cake slice, cupcake, cake with candles, etc.) and customize its size and color to match your brand identity. It not only makes a bold statement but also creates a lively and appealing yet minimalistic ambiance in your store. 

  1. This Must Be the Place Neon Signs

A neon sign that features the phrase “this must be the place in a stylish and versatile way makes an excellent choice for bars, restaurants, spa salons, or dessert shops. It adds a sentimental and inviting touch to your commercial establishment, encouraging people to stay a while because THIS is the place they’ve been looking for.

  1. Good Vibes Only LED Sign

The phrase "good vibes only" has become popular in recent years. You can showcase this positive message as part of your interior decor.

This neon sign can be used in various settings, from a trendy cafe or boutique shop to a yoga studio or meditation room. By displaying the Good Vibes Only LED sign, you clearly communicate to potential customers that your business is a friendly, stress-free space. 

  1. Cool-Toned Custom Neon Light

Do you want to provide a relaxing environment for your guests? Why not hang a cool-toned custom neon light? Hanging this neon sign in your establishment will help create a sense of relaxation and focus, encouraging your customers to step inside for some coffee or quality time with a book to read. 

  1. Social Media Icons Custom Neon Sign

In today's digital age, having a solid social media presence is crucial for any business. If you're running a business, neon signs are a great way to encourage your customers to follow your social media pages. 

For instance, consider hanging neon signs featuring popular social media icons, such as Facebook and Twitter. Then, customize it by incorporating your social media handles for customers to visit and follow your page easily. 

Other Benefits of Using an LED Neon Sign

Now, you know the advantages of using custom neon lights for your business and some design ideas to start with! You might wonder what other benefits they bring regarding quality, cost, maintenance, etc. Let's reveal them:


Traditional glass neon signs are incredibly fragile, making them expensive to manufacture and difficult to maintain. These traits became a significant barrier for many small businesses in the past. 

Investing in your store's appearance is essential for leaving a remarkable first impression on your customers. Your business is small, and achieving this with a limited budget can be challenging. As a more cost-effective alternative to other types of lighting, this is where LED neon signs come into play. 

LED neon signs are created with LED tubing rather than traditional glass neon tubes. The affordability of LED neon signs makes them an attractive option for businesses who want to enhance their visual appeal while keeping costs down. 


LED neon signs are versatile, so they're attractive for businesses looking to enhance their branding. They offer various placement options to suit your business needs, whether your goal is to attract passersby or create a welcoming atmosphere indoors.

You can hang your neon signs outside your store to create footfall for your store. You can also mount them on your interior wall as a statement piece in your physical shop. 

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the important factors most businesses consider when they want to reduce their operating costs and environmental footprint. This is one of the unique advantages of using LED neon signs for business. 

In terms of energy consumption, LED neon lights consume less energy than incandescent lights. They can bring so much brightness with minimal power consumption, making them an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly decor option.

LED neon signs also last longer than traditional neon signs. This means you can also save money on frequent repairs or replacements.

Easy to Install

One of the best advantages of neon signs is their ease of installation. Unlike other business signages that may require professional installation services, neon signs are relatively easy to install, and businesses can often do it themselves. Some neon sign companies like Neonize even offer free screw kits! 

This saves you the added cost of hiring professionals and gives you more control over where to place your new neon sign. You can even finish installing your neon sign after a few minutes. Plus, they’re lightweight; you can quickly move or reposition them as needed.

a customized neon sign with a bakery theme mounted on dark gray wall with dining room fixtures

Low Maintenance

Maintaining traditional neon signs can be costly and time-consuming. The gasses in them need regular replenishing, which may require professional assistance.

But with LED neon signs, businesses can enjoy low maintenance benefits as they don't require any gas replenishment. You don't need special cleaning tools or products on them, either. This saves you from high maintenance costs and reduces the time and effort necessary to ensure your neon sign functions properly.

Get Custom Neon Light Signs for Your Business from Neonize! 

Custom neon LED signs are better in many ways than traditional and standard LED neon signs. They help brands stand out by displaying unique designs and enhancing the storefronts’ visual appeal. The best part? With LED neon signs, businesses can upgrade their shop interior and exterior while saving on operating costs. 

Are you now convinced? If so, find the best neon signs for every mood, space, and occasion at Neonize! Get a customized neon sign from us and watch it do wonders for your storefront!

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