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Let Beauty Shine: The Best Custom LED Neon Signs for Your Salon

Starting your beauty bar is an incredibly exciting proposition! You can be your own boss, set your hours, and build something from scratch. But it can also be daunting. How do you find the right customers? How do you drive sales? And more importantly, how do you guarantee your branding is on point? 

Without a glitzy, striking LED neon sign, no beauty bar's branding would be complete. It will make you stay on top of the beauty industry while giving your business an air of sophistication and style. 

But how will you choose the right neon wall art for your beauty bar? The answer: customized neon signs! This article will show you the relevance of getting custom signs for your business and some examples of the best neon signs for your beauty salon.

A Growing Trend: Making Beauty a Business

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in businesses that cater to our every cosmetic need—makeup, skincare, haircare, and nails. Neither does this trend appear to be losing momentum. The global beauty market is expected to reach $750 billion by 2026!

So, what’s behind this boom? It’s the people who are becoming interested in beauty and self-care. We’re living in a time when people are more open than ever about expressing their individuality and taking pride in their appearance. And that is completely fine! We should all strive to look our best.

We’re also shifting towards natural and organic products and moving away from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. As a result, using wholesome, natural products on one's skin, hair, and nails is becoming more and more influential. And as the demand for these products grows, so does the supply.

Otherwise speaking, the trend in the beauty business is here to stay. Everyone is hopping on board and enjoying the ride—and you can, too! It's up to you how to fit into the mold, engage the right customer, and rule the industry.

The Value of Custom LED Neon Signs for Beauty Entrepreneurs

The establishment's ambiance should be the first thing consumers notice when they enter a beauty bar. Is it tidy and maintained? Is the staff warm and friendly? Each of these contributes to making a memorable experience for potential customers. But the level of creativity and fun that permeates a space is what makes it stand out.

Custom LED signs meet the extra level of excitement and personality every customer wants. From playful designs to edgy statements, custom LED signs can help you leave your stamp on the beauty world.

Here are other reasons why beauty biz owners should start investing in custom neon signs right away:

#1: Attract Attention

As previously stated, thousands of beauty businesses are already competing for attention. Therefore, you must develop a plan that separates yours from competitors.

A brilliant way to steal the scene is with a custom LED neon sign. Bright colors and fun designs from these neon signs can easily catch customers' attention and entice them to check out your beauty bar. On top of that, they help convey the value proposition of your salon. So, why not turn your beauty sanctuary into the coolest kid on the block today? 

#2: Cost-Effective Marketing

Without question, marketing is the nuts and bolts of any business. It aids in publicizing your name and creating interest in your product or service. Unfortunately, it can also be costly. Traditional methods like print ads and flyers can quickly eat into your budget.

With a well-designed custom neon sign, you can get all marketing benefits without hitting a wall. This sign will encourage customers to check out your parlor the easiest way possible. No need to bombard them with advertisements or promotional materials. One glowing neon tube on the wall or storefront is all they need to come in.

#3: Expressive

When you walk into a salon and see a beautiful, personalized LED sign, it creates an instant feeling of luxury. It's like the business is saying, "You're special, and we want to give you the best possible experience." That's the power of custom signage.

When you have a personalized sign, it shows that you care about your business and your customers. You're willing to fall over backward to create an unforgettable experience. And that's what builds your presence and differentiates you from the rest. 

The Best Custom LED Neon Lights for Your Beauty Salon

No two beauty salons are alike, so why settle for cookie-cutter neon signs when you can have custom ones made? These custom LED neon lights are extremely versatile, can transform your space, and can accentuate any feature in your bar that you want to draw attention to.

Listed below are some of the best custom neon signs to hang on your parlor to pique your customer’s interest:

#1: “Looking for a Makeover” Neon Sign

In the market for makeovers? Why not try this ad copy for your neon sign? Certainly, passersby will be drawn to your salon when they see this enticing neon sign. The nice thing about this neon light sign is you can hang it in your window or on an exposed wall to inform everyone that your salon freshens up faces and hair. You can also design it to include your salon’s name and logo. 

#2: “The Glamorous Life” Neon Sign

This beautiful neon sign shows your customers you’re in for a treat! It can feature a glamorous woman with perfect hair and makeup. This sign will undoubtedly attract new customers looking for a salon that offers the best haircare and beauty services. After all, Hollywood glitz is what everyone wants, right?

#3: “Pamper Yourself” Neon Sign

Promote relaxation and luxury in your area! With this custom art sign, you can convey a sense of tranquility. All you need to do is choose the right soft colors, sizes, and simple fonts to match the mood of the beauty salon. This way, you can communicate the notion—that this is the place to come if you want to pamper yourself!

#4: “Walk-ins Welcome” Neon Sign

Make it known to everyone that your salon is open to all! What’s great about this sign is that it will let potential customers know they don’t need to make an appointment to be pampered. Not only that, but you can also show off your hospitality and friendliness using this vibrant sign.

#5: “Relax, We Got This” Neon Sign

Anyone trying to recuperate after a hectic day would appreciate this encouraging "Relax, We Got This" sign. It’s like allowing your customers to sit back and relax while you take care of them. Most certainly, the crisp color of the neon sign will blend in any space where the image of peace and serenity is needed.

#6: “Open Late” Neon Sign

Open late? No problem! Tell your customers they can always drop by for a last-minute hair appointment. The bright colors and LEDs will make your sign visible even at night, while the bold font ensures that it’s easy to read from a distance. No more worries about last-minute hair emergencies! 

Beautify Your Salon with Neonize It!

Revamping your beauty business is never easy, but it's especially difficult when trying to engage with the right people. Whether starting from scratch or just trying to reach a new audience, you must see that you're getting your name out there correctly.

Neonize can transform your space and get the right sales! We can help you beautify your salon in the most creative and fun way possible—with neon! It's an excellent marketing strategy that will make you go above, both online and in person. Plus, they'll be dying to take photos in front of them and tag you on social media! So not only will you be getting more customers in general, but they'll also be a free advertisement. Win-win! 
Remember, first impressions are everything, so these signs will surely turn your salon into an inviting haven for beauty enthusiasts. Funky? Chic? Classy? We can do the right tone, style, and message for your branding. So don't wait any longer! Get your salon signage customized and leave it with us!

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