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The Passerby Collector: Boost Brand Discovery With a Welcome Neon Sign

Countless passersby come across your store daily. Maybe they take your route to another place—some might've lost direction and ended up in front of your shop, while others would casually be taking a stroll down your street to look for a destination. Of course, the best scenario would be them actually looking for your store and finding it in a prominent shopper’s district.

You might think these people don't have anything to do with your business unless they enter your store. However, it's actually an exciting and limitless opportunity to grow your business in the long run! As a brand, random passersby are no strangers that you can ignore. Rather, they're your potential customers in the making—traffic.

In-store customer experience starts with a few steps outside the door: make the beginning a strong foundation in growing your customer base! This article discusses the first step of the customer journey and the significance of a Welcome neon sign in your store.

Why Customer Experience Matters

Customer experience is the journey of interaction between a business and a customer. With an end goal of customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is now one of the standards for brand success. 

Various statistics support this marketing principle:

  • Businesses that focus on improving customer experience can increase revenue by 80%.
  • 86% say they are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • 73% agree that customer experience influences their buying decision.
  • 60% say that customer experience is a high priority for them.

These reports clearly state that customer experience can make or break a potential brand-client relationship. In that case, you have to make sure that you're not overlooking this aspect in building your strategies. In terms of physical location, how are you going to start?
Put yourself in a customer's shoes. What is the first thing that may lead them to enter your store? It could be the storefront. Sure, you have a nice in-store environment, but a customer doesn't know any of that unless they get in. Therefore, having a welcoming storefront, such as putting up an open or a welcome sign, is more significant than you might think.

Using a Welcome Neon Sign to Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the first step of customer experience. It's the phase where people discover your brand and are interested in finding out more. It's important to exert effort in brand recognition because it helps grow customer loyalty and overall business growth. 

A welcome sign neon can give you a powerful kick start in the visual, emotional, and financial aspects of your store. Below, we’ve listed down reasons and ways a simple welcome LED neon sign can significantly help in boosting brand recognition.

The Psychology of Store Signs

Signs do more than just pretty store displays. They carry a purpose to communicate messages that can change human behavior: a sign can persuade, inform, guide, or warn a customer. A welcome sign does most of those things—it indicates that your shop is open, invites customers to enter, and guides them to the entrance.

Additionally, other store signs like product labels unlock limitless buying opportunities. For example, a customer ends up buying something they didn't know they needed at first. Naturally, these signs help lead customers to more products they might be interested in!

The Passersby Collector

Suppose a car drives down your street and makes a spontaneous decision to take a look inside your store after seeing an illuminating sign. Impulsive customer behavior can lead to a long-term and prosperous connection, so strategic sign placement is highly important.

An outdoor sign draws the attention of potential customers and might even convince them to make an impulsive store visit. Imagine how many passersby you can convert into regulars after being captivated with a simple OPEN or WELCOME neon light sign. 

A Brand Attribute

Naturally, every single item that makes up your store becomes an attribute. It helps customers create a unique perception of your brand that sets you apart from the rest. Additionally, it instills a sense of familiarity in customers—a prelude in the development of a repeat customer.

A LED neon light can do that job well. Let's say you're selling beauty products, but you want to highlight skincare items for sale. Neon signs can be words or symbols—you can get a sign of a woman with a face mask on or a sign that uses the words "skincare day!". With its captivating light colors and aesthetic design, you will surely attract more customers to your store.

A Tool to Claim Store Location

One of the challenges in physical stores is that you could be side by side with other businesses. What's worse is that they might be direct competitors or more well-established brands. Still, you want customers to remember your spot as a special one, like a go-to store for a particular product or service. 

Fortunately, an eye-catching tool like neon signs can be super handy for this! With their illuminating aesthetic, you can definitely grab the attention of passersby and get them to try your products and services. Additionally, it will be easier for customers to locate your store: neon signs are especially useful at night, so people may use them as a guide.

The Ergonomic Production of Neon Signs

Aside from visual appeal, one of the main reasons neon light signs are popular is their ergonomic construction: they are energy efficient, safe, durable, and versatile! 

  • Energy-Efficient - LED signs only use 12–24 volts. This is significantly lower than traditional neon signs.
  • Safe - Neon signs are UL-certified and mercury-free. As a result, they are relatively safer than most decorative items. 
  • Durable - Neon signs are made of LED flex for durability, portability, and heat resistance. They also don't use traditional glass tubes, reducing the risk of quick damage. 
  • Versatile - There are many ways to use neon signs. Whether for business advertising or personal space decor, you'll get plenty of color and design options.

Neon Sign Maintenance Tips

Now that you understand the incredible impact of store neon signage, here are a few pointers to guide you in the proper maintenance. Generally, most neon signs require the bare minimum, so many prefer it for their commercial establishments. Still, low maintenance doesn't mean you can skip the nitty-gritty details of the item. 

Here are basic maintenance tips to keep your neon sign clean, illuminating, and long-lasting.

Install in a convenient spot

Although neon signs today are easier to use, you must still practice safety placement when installing them in your store. Make sure to find a comfortable height to put the sign—it should be visible enough for customers to notice. At the same time, it should be in an area where people would less likely bump into it (especially pets and kids).

Clean it thoroughly

You don't necessarily have to clean the neon sign daily. But whenever you do, make it a thorough cleaning process. Neon signs are dust magnets—particles pile up fast due to crowds and outdoor conditions, which is why you need to clean them well. Here's how to clean your LED store sign:

  • Turn off and unplug the sign first before you start cleaning it.
  • Use a feather duster and small brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush. The small brush can help to get into and clean the tight areas.
  • You can also use warm, soapy water if your neon sign requires more thorough cleaning. However, ensure that the soap doesn't contain ammonia because it can damage the tubes. 

Plug it 24/7 as much as possible

It might not seem like trustworthy advice, but neon signs are best when they're plugged in all the time. Doing so keeps the durability of the power transformer, preventing it from wearing out fast and using more electricity when restarting. Unless you will clean it, keeping neon signs on gives you more benefits than safety risks: it's super energy efficient and doesn't overheat. 

Tips to Pick the Right Neon Sign

Selecting a sign to put up in your store isn't always easy. While open or close signs are not difficult, choosing the right color, size, message, or symbol requires you to consider essential factors before making a decision.

What is the Neon Sign For?

The first step in selecting a neon sign is to set a clear objective. What is this neon sign for? What do you want people to do when they see it? It could be a sign introducing a certain product, beautifying the storefront, or making an important announcement. 

Once you have answers to this question, you can narrow down your options in selecting neon signs.

Who is this Neon Sign For?

Identify your target audience. Well, for a physical store, you can welcome anyone who comes across your spot and takes an interest. Still, it's important to have a target audience in mind. It will help solidify the concept of your sign. 

You may consider demographics to begin with: age, gender, occupation, location, and nationality. In addition, you should also find out their needs and interests—research and customer surveys can help you with that. 

Final Thoughts

The early stages of customer experience are often overlooked, especially when there are no secured interactions. But that's exactly where a business should exert a lot of effort to increase brand awareness—the rest will follow.

For customer interaction to happen, show something that will pique their interest—a “walk-ins, welcome!” neon sign is one example of cool, yet purposeful store decor. It makes a great 24/7 advertising tool with minimal upkeep and long-term usage. 

If you plan to get an open neon light or customize a neon sign for more creative options, Neonize It has a wide range of incredible designs for you! Additionally, they are safe to use and include a screw kit to help you with easy installation. Give your customers a kickass welcome!

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