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Welcome Neon Signs

Greet your guests or customers with these bright and sleek welcome neon signs at your front door. They’ll instantly feel welcome thanks to the warm and comfortable vibe these LED neon lights create. Ranging from DC superheroes and villains to tropical LED neon signs, you can have it all at Neonize.

Fun, cool and creative—these LED neon lights just might be the perfect attention-grabbing addition to your restaurant, bar, bakery, hotel, or office. A neon light is great for any occasion, and with our wide catalog of fun and quirky designs, you can easily choose one or two that fit your personality the best. 

For example: If you are hosting a Tarzan birthday party for your kid, then the “Welcome to the jungle” neon sign is the perfect decoration. If you have a loved one come back from the military, greet them with warm hugs and a “Welcome home” neon sign that will make them feel right at home at long last. Whatever design you choose, these neon lights will surely make any family member and visitor feel welcome. 

We give so much importance to making people feel at home that cleaning and organizing a place before visitors arrive is a must. Hanging a vibrant pink neon welcome sign is an easy way to turn your place into a home sweet home while giving it a pop of color perfect for warm aesthetics.

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These neon lights for the room are eco-friendly and easy to set up. You can place it in your nightstand, cabinet, or bathroom. The bright LED light it emits creates a warm and welcoming vibe to your room that encourages you to have fun with your friends.   The welcome neon signs are also perfect for your restaurant and bar. Encourage new and old customers to visit your store and have a good meal. If you’re selling items such as clothes, equipment, or food, this neon light indicates an open and welcoming store that is ready to serve its customers. The neon light also makes for a great wall centerpiece and light source for dimly lit bars.    You and your friends can take a photo of the neon sign as your background and share it on social media. If you plan to have a home party, you can also pick one of these neon lights to complete your theme or set up the ambiance. This way, you can recreate the fun party vibes of a bar without spending so much.    Moreover, LED neon signs are safer and more affordable than the traditional glass neons. They’re durable, strong, portable, and cool to the touch, unlike common household light sources. They are also a lot more cost-efficient using less electricity.   So, if you need a cool and easy-to-use decoration, browse through our collection of neon signs. We have summer neon signs for a beach party, holiday neon signs, superhero and villain neon signs, and many more!

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