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Las Vegas, Tokyo, New York, and Singapore—these are just some of the world's busiest cities known for their futuristic technology and architecture. What really makes these cities stand out is the kind of glow and vibrance you see at night! These are cities that don’t sleep, and when the neon hours strike, the massive crowds and tourists flock to famous shopping centers, restaurants, businesses that come alive with attractive posters and brightly lit signs.

Neon signs are vibrant and colorful, and they attract the attention of many people wherever they are posted. People can easily recognize their favorite stores in a shopping district or a street lined with similarly eye-catching displays. Additionally, using a neon sign at events and any gatherings is proven to be good marketing. Signages usually bear the name or logo of the business, but it’s the way the sign is presented that makes the brand really pop and stand out.

Channel the creative in you with Neonize—whether it’s having your own drawing custom-made into a neon sign or choosing from among the preset designs. Dive deeper into the world of neon signs with Neonize’s vast and vivid collection!

Brighten Up Your Space with Neonize

Neonize offers a wide plethora of neon light signs that you can utilize for your business or personal use. Hang one on your wall and see these signs glow in your favorite color. Neonize has the following categories, sure to have a piece you’ll latch on to while browsing:

  • Aesthetic neon signs that set your desired mood and cater to your style
  • Inspirational neon signs that provide you more reason to keep going and do your best every waking day
  • Neon Letters for your initials
  • Character neon signs including famous anime, series, games, and movie icons
  • Quotes that come in inspirational and witty forms
  • Famous brands that you have an attachment to.
  • Holiday neon signs that you can use on weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, Valentine’s, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s
  • And more!

There are so many things that you can do with neon signs, and they offer a lot of great benefits, too—from redefining your space in more ways than one to keeping your monthly power bills to a minimum with its cost-efficient light source. If you want to learn more about incorporating neon signs into your room, check the 15 Unique Ways to Incorporate Neon Colors Into Your Home

Neonize Services

Aside from a wide variety of neon signs, Neonize also offers customized neon signs. You can create a customized design of your own on their site for a few minutes. The customized design may include your favorite icon, images, and written text in your desired font style. You can also choose from the sizes below:

  • Small (45 centimeters or 18 inches)
  • Medium (60 centimeters or 24 inches)
  • Large (76 centimeters or 30 inches)
  • Extra Large (91 centimeters or 36 inches)

Shipping is for free for orders over 250 USD, and the units are packaged in the safest method possible, ensuring a less than 1% percentage of breakage. All Neonize neon light signs are carefully handmade from LED neon light tubes that are safe for kids, economical, and environmentally friendly. They are also easy to install, lightweight, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient, with an estimated lifespan of 50,00 hours. 

If you order a neon light sign from Neonize, you’ll also get the following:

  • Mounting/Hanging Holes so you can hang the neon sign using screws or a strong finishing line for a permanent finish
  • LED Neon providing the effect of traditional neon lights but consuming less electricity
  • Power adapter that you can simply plug into a power source
  • Receiver which allows you to control your neon sign using a remote control
  • Transparent cable, which is two meters long
  • Remote control and dimmer so you can conveniently control the light intensity of the neon sign
  • Acrylic backing that serves as an outline of the light neon sign

Best Selling Neon Signs You Should Try

Neonize has many neon light designs perfect for your space or event. From the vast and vivid collection, here are some of the best-selling neon signs that you might want to purchase today:

Avengers Logo

★ Superhero Logo Neon Light ($357.00)

Avengers… Assemble! 
The Avengers never failed to give us goosebumps with their iconic action scenes, especially the one in Avengers: End Game—just when people thought all hope was lost, the other superheroes emerged to help defeat Thanos.

Even after dominating the box office, the franchise generated multi-million dollars in merchandise sales. 

Combined with superhero standees and your favorite action figures on display, this Avengers Logo neon sign hung on your wall will make you feel like you’re in the Avengers HQ! This Avengers neon sign is best for spaces like bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and toy/comic book stores. It makes people want to emulate heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Apart from that, this neon light has a superpower on its own as it entices collectors and fans alike to purchase rare Avengers memorabilia from your store! 
One Piece Logo

★ One Piece Neon Sign ($357.00)

One Piece begins with Monkey D. Luffy, an aspiring pirate inspired by his childhood idol “Red-Haired” Shanks. He embarks on a journey and leaves the East Blue Sea to find the titular treasure and proclaim himself the King of the Pirates.

This One Piece (Anime) neon sign will remind you that it’s okay to chase your dreams. You will meet different people that will impact your lives in different ways. You will feel a sense of adventure whenever you look at this anime neon light.
A Japanese cloud

★ Japanese Clouds Neon Sign ($297.00)

Did you know that clouds have different meanings? Clouds are bringers of rain, so it denotes prosperity, wealth, and abundance. If you’re the type of person who finds meaning in everything, then this cloud neon sign is an excellent choice. The twirly design symbolizes the artistic and free-spiritedness of a person. These people often think outside of the box rather than accepting one idea. 

Do you have a friend who loves to innovate and create new things? This neon cloud light is the perfect gift for them. If you’re an artist, you may also decorate your studio with these neon lights, perhaps one for your office, too.

You can hang it on a dark wooden wall and design your office with leafy green plants. Or you can place it on a cream-colored wall and put some white ornaments for a brightening effect. There’s so much you can do with this neon light! 
Jack Daniel's neon sign

★ Jack Daniels Neon Sign (For the price, please visit the product page.)

Live freely. Drink responsibly.

This Jack Daniel’s neon sign brings that classy and elegant look that will make you want to celebrate each day that you’re alive. For birthdays, you drink up with your family and friends. When you have your anniversary date with your significant other, make sure to celebrate with Jack Daniel’s!

Perhaps the best way to celebrate things every day is to get a bar neon sign that will ignite the festive, happy hour spirit. Looking at a “Jack Daniel’s lives here” neon sign every time you dine does the job well.

Getting this Jack Daniel’s neon sign for sale will surely entice your friends to casual hangouts, sparking interesting conversations all throughout. With this neon sign, you can Netflix and chill whenever you want. With the right neon sign, every nook in your home becomes the best chill spot ever!
Quote/Inspirational neon sign light

★ Create a Life You Can’t Wait to Wake Up to Neon Sign ($297.00)

Custom neon signs are the answer to having a room decorated in both artistic and meaningful pieces. 
The Create a Life You Can’t Wait to Wake Up to neon sign is the perfect decoration to see after a long day, bringing the promise of a great tomorrow. Its red, purple, orange, or different hues of blue, pink, yellow, and white lights ensure full relaxation. 

Final Thoughts

Neon light signs can add more life to your space. Aside from that, you can also incorporate neon light signs to promote your business or add attraction to your events. These luminous signs have the power to entertain and inspire you. 

Go and visit Neonize today or email [email protected] for inquiries. Conceptualize and purchase a neon light sign and illuminate your space with your signature aesthetic—it’s well worth it!

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