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Clouds and Neon Signs—Bring the Outdoor Fun and Excitement Into Your Space

The vast sky wouldn’t seem complete and mysterious without the clouds painted on it. For sure, when you opt for a leisurely walk or jog, you still find the time to look up at the sky and adore the beautiful construction of clouds. There are times when they look like feathers and other cool shapes. There are even moments when you want to be up in the clouds and submerge yourself as if you were taking a bubble bath. Just staring at clouds in the unending horizon can be therapeutic. 

If you really love clouds, why don't you take them inside your bedroom? How about clouds neon signs that you can install on your wall for a dreamy effect? You will love them because they are luminous and vibrant—cloudy, but not, at all, gloomy. 

Getting Deeper Into Clouds

When you were a child, you probably had an endearing misconception that clouds are like cotton candy or they’re solid enough to ride on like a magic carpet. Surely, you’ve outgrown these “silly little ideas,” but it’s always fun to go cloud-watching and recall your fondest memories of childhood. 

On the contrary, clouds are made of water and sea salt or dust particles. Much to a child’s dismay, they are actually not solid and are incredibly light—which is precisely why they are up there. However, clouds do get heavier, and when that happens, they produce rain, thunderstorms, and snow.

There are three main types of clouds that we see regularly, and they are:

  • Cirrus. These clouds are present at any time of the year. They have a wispy, thin, and luminous appearance, probably because they are made of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds stand out among other clouds because they have a bright yellow glow and turn red before sunrise and after sunset. They are known to be high-level clouds with a distance ranging from 5 to 13 kilometers.
  • Stratus. You can easily identify stratus clouds by the wide horizontal layers that have a fog-like composition. These clouds cover a large portion of the sky, for they are made of massive air particles that go up to the atmosphere and condense later. Stratus clouds are common in mountainous regions and coastal areas with a distance of 0 to 2 kilometers. They can bring rainfall and light snow.
  • Cumulus. Cumulus clouds are the most adorable type because of the massive piles of cotton-like structures you see in the sky. These clouds are distinct because of their large mass and rounded edge. They are most common in polar regions, and these clouds are a good sign of fair weather with a small chance of light rain showers.

Clouds as Symbols

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by clouds because they are beyond reach and belong to the sky. Thus, clouds became a symbol for many different things and even received a lot of worship due to their high and mighty position.

Here are just a few meanings clouds have symbolized through time:

  • In Ancient Greece, it was known that clouds were actually beautiful and transparent nymphs called Nephelai.
  • According to a native American tribe called Skidi Pawnee, clouds are the garments of the gods of heaven.
  • The white clouds represent positivity, stability, and a better approach to life. Other positive representations of clouds are cleansing because of the rain, transition for they travel quickly, and protection since clouds can protect everything below from the sun's burning heat. They are also associated with prosperity and purity.
  • The gray clouds could mean negativities and setbacks in life. Other negative impressions include confusion, burden, and secrets because of their fog-like appearance. They can become heavy—bringing thunderstorms, blizzards, and other catastrophic phenomena. In addition, clouds are also associated with the extremities of one's life.
  • Clouds always represented heaven and paradise. It was believed that everything with life goes to the afterlife surrounded by white (good souls) or black (evil souls) clouds.
  • Today, the cloud is a famous representation of online storage where you can save computer files and programs.

Clouds can hold so much meaning in some people’s lives, but for others, they’re no more than a cute and fluffy shape that makes for great home decor! Ideal for nature lovers who have a soft side and penchant for daydreaming, a neon cloud LED sign can be enough to elevate your space.

Fluffy and Bright Bedroom Decor: Neon Cloud Light From Neonize!

Clouds are an attractive addition to your space, and Neonize makes that possible with LED neon signs. You can have a white cloud neon sign or any cloud colour that will suit your preference.

You can choose from any of the following clouds neon signs, brought to you by Neonize, that come with acrylic backing and pre-drilled holes!

  • The Classic Cloud Neon Sign. Classic is elegant and proven fun decor! Get this classic cloud neon sign if you want to add more drama to your wall without overdoing the design. With this neon sign, you are constantly reminded of the bright blue skies and the fun things you can do outdoors.
  • Simple Cloud Neon Sign. There is always beauty in simplicity. Brighten your day by hanging a simple LED cloud neon sign on your wall. This neon sign is a perfect blend of artistic, functional, and retro elements. Try this one and stare at it if you want to have better dreams at night!
  • Double Clouds Neon Sign. What you have here is not just one but two neon clouds for a more realistic outdoor experience, even if you are contained in your space. You can pretend like sitting on a park bench while staring at these double clouds neon signs. This design is perfect in neon blue cloud shade.
  • The Fluffy Cloud Neon Sign. If you have a soft side and love for everything cute, you deserve to have a fluffy cloud neon light sign. Always look at this one and imagine that you submerge yourself in a sea of clouds. Imagination is your limit!
  • Twirly Cloud Neon Sign. Japanese arts are famous for their incorporation of twirly clouds. If it is your dream to go to Japan, a peaceful country that is very respectful of its roots and traditions, get the twirly cloud neon sign. With this neon sign, you can experience Japan without literally flying on an airplane!
  • Japanese Cloud Neon Sign. Another Japanese cloud design, this specific one symbolizes abundance, growth, and better health. Be proactive by hanging this Japanese cloud neon sign on your ceiling or wall.

Aside from ceilings and walls, you can also use these neon signs in your living room, garden, pool area, bar, and comfort rooms. You can also decorate your events with cool neon signs from Neonize. Send it as a gift and let your special someone feel joy and happiness in place of gloomy moods. 

Owning Your Cloud!

It’s not every day that you feel sunny and cheerful. Always remember that you have the power to control your thoughts, and these clouds neon signs do just that with their relaxing yet vibrant glow. Do not stress yourself too much because you deserve to be happy. The four corners of your room can make you claustrophobic, but if you incorporate neon light signs in your space, you can change your perspective, enjoy the brightness, and get rid of the gloom.
Looking for custom neon signs online? Neonize is one message away! Send us an email at [email protected]; we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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