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Bring The Majesty of the World into Your Living Spaces with a Japanese Neon Sign

To explore the world's places, marvel at its beautiful scenery, eat local delicacies, and experience different cultures is the ultimate dream for travellers. But with the global pandemic still ongoing, travelling has become limited, if not impossible. 

Many travellers dream of setting foot in Japan. With their rich culture and tradition, there's so much to explore and discover in the Land of the Rising Sun. You may not be able to travel during this time, but you can brighten up your room with Japanese neon sign aesthetics. Transform your room into another whole new world with these gorgeous signs. 

7 Japanese Cultural Icons for Your LED Designs 

There are several symbols that represent Japanese culture. So much so that it will be hard to choose a single LED neon sign decoration for your room with all the choices available. So, we have listed a few design ideas you can use and have customized to spruce up your living space. 

The Great Wave

You have probably seen a picture of The Great wave in artsy cafes, bookshops, or art stores, and it's one of the most famous representations of Japanese culture. This is the first piece of the 36 views of the Mount Fuji series by Hokusai. This woodblock print art was made between 1829 to 1833 in the Edo period. 

It shows a big wave, hence its name, The Great Wave, threatening to topple three boats while Mount Fuji is visible in the background. This work of art is famous the world over. 

Himeji Castle 

When it comes to castles, Japan has many of them. There will surely be a tourist spot with a castle when you visit the country. Among them, the most famous one is the Himeji Castle. Imagine this Japanese neon light castle towering inside your room. You may never want to turn it off. 

The construction of the Himeji Castle started in the year 1333, and it is situated on a hilltop located in the Hyogo Prefecture. The building is one of the oldest surviving examples of Japanese castle architecture, with 83 rooms and an advanced defence system. The Himeji Castle is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Shiba Inu 

We bet you have seen this dog breed on social media platforms with their cute little smiles and chubby cheeks; they are sure to capture the hearts of anyone who sees them. The Shiba Inu is a dog breed native to Japan. For the Japanese, Shiba Inus are hunting companions. 

The small build of these dogs makes them agile, and they perform well while hiking and on mountainous trails. Shiba Inus are also alert and have a good temperament, making them good companions. Having a LED light Shiba Inu may lift your daily mood. Consider this design for your room. 


The list of Japanese symbols would not be complete without the fierce samurai warriors. In the modern days, we see samurais in video games or as costumes. But they are a huge part of Japan’s history. Samurais were in power during the 12th century. They were the military to the nobility and proved their prowess when they stood against the Mongol invasion during the 13th century. 

You can hang a custom LED light of samurais to keep you motivated. These warriors practiced the Bushido code: loyalty, never backing down, and indifference to pain. So if you are looking for a sign to push you to do great things, this symbol is perfect for you. 


Many tourists flock to Japan during springtime because of the sakura flowers, more popularly known as cherry blossoms. In the olden times, the Japanese cultivated these flowers to bloom in large trees for viewing, and since then, planting cherry blossoms has been widely spread throughout the whole country. 

For the Japanese, the sakura is traditionally associated with Shinto. She is said to be the goddess of Mount Fuji, which keeps the volcano from erupting. Additionally, cherry blossoms also represent the mortality of humans because of the flower's beauty and volatility. 

Mount Fuji 

Maybe you can’t physically go and see the majesty of Mt. Fuji as of this moment, but a custom Japanese neon light sign for this stunning view will surely breathe a new life into your living space. When you see Mt. Fuji in photographs, you immediately think of Japan. 

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in the country and one of Asia's highest volcanoes. Mt. Fuji remains active, but its last known eruption was between 1706 and 1707. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo, with its perfect symmetry and snowy mountain tops; an iconic symbol for the beauty of Japan.


Traveling is not complete without trying delicious local cuisine, and when you are in Japan, it is a must to try their famous traditional food: sushi. A sushi serving comes with vinegared rice and different options for toppings. The most common is raw seafood such as salmon or tuna. But sushi can also be served with egg, vegetables, and octopus.

You can put LED light signs of sushi in your kitchen to give your cooking a Japanese flavour, or, if you own a Japanese restaurant, cute little sushi lights can attract customers to your place. 

Light Up Your Place with Neonize! 

With these design ideas, we hope we helped you decide what neon LED sign you should get for your room. At Neonize, we provide you with the highest quality LED signs that are vibrant, safe, and easy to install. You can create your own customized Japanese neon sign or choose from the numerous designs in our store. 

Browse through our other neon light collections for more options! Experience the world with our neon lights today.

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