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4 Places Where You Can Hang Up Aesthetic Neon Signs

Have you ever tried rearranging your place’s furniture or painting the walls, but it still felt bare afterward? Then, you might need to buy aesthetic neon lights to complete the whole look of your area. Hanging up neon signs may or may not be in your original plan, but once you check them out, you'll see how much of a difference they make! 

If you're not yet familiar with where you can place aesthetic neon signs and the perfect design you can put up, check out some of our recommendations below.

1. Bar

If you ask anyone where they think the perfect place is to put up neon signs, their first answer would be the bar. The reason is that bars usually have dim lights, and neon lights provide enough illumination without ruining the vibe. So whether you're a bar owner or you're planning on putting up a bar-themed room in your home, add some neon signs before opening your doors!

The best colors to go for are red and blue since they scream “bar vibes” all over. If you’ve seen the TV series Riverdale, think of its aesthetic when you're decorating the place. 

If you need some inspiration on which designs to buy, you can go for a classic bar piece, such as a glass of alcoholic drink, or a minimalist one with just the word “bar” written on it.

However, consider that there are different types of bars, such as tiki bars, juice bars, and even sports bars. These are specialty bars, but you can find neon signs with the logo or design that will signify that it's a tiki bar (with the tiki hut and coconut) or a juice bar (with lemon and cup).

Again, you don't have to own a bar when hanging up bar-themed neon lights. You can still buy these even if you want a bar-themed room at home or you're hosting a party with this theme. A red neon sign aesthetic can instantly elevate the look and feel you're going for!

2. Office or Work Area

Have you ever felt bored or stressed when you're in the office? You most likely have. But since you're at work, you need to stay productive and inspired as long as you’re on the clock. Unfortunately, most office walls have neutral paint colors, resulting in a bland work area. 

Research shows that a good workplace design can significantly boost employee productivity. Since office areas are fixed, you can't do much about it. But while you can't do big renovations, you can still decorate your space according to your style. 

Specific office or workspace neon signs are rare. However, you have a wide array of other design choices, such as motivational or inspirational neon signs. 

It can be as simple as a Do What You Love or Good Vibes Only neon LED sign. Let these sayings remind you that you can conquer anything if you can go through one full workday! You can also hang a Relax neon signage in front of you to serve as a reminder that you should take it easy.

On the other hand, if you own a shop or a coworking space and you have the liberty to decorate the work area, consider adding neon signs! You may place them in your lobby so that guests can see how cool and inviting your store is or in your common or pantry area so that your staff can chill and hang out in peace. Treat your team to an Instagram-worthy office!

3. Living Room or Bedroom

If there's any place in your home that should feel inviting and comfortable for you, it has to be your living room or bedroom. You spend much of your time in these areas, lounging, streaming on Netflix, eating, and sleeping. Thus, they are most likely your comfort areas. 

Make them cozier with dimmed lights and a light neon blue aesthetic neon sign. Although you can choose any color you like to fit your mood and space perfectly, light blue is a calm and soothing color—all the things you're looking for in a living room or bedroom!

Hanging an aesthetic blue neon sign is also the best way to express yourself. For example, are you a fan of Michaelangelo's The Creation of Adam, but you don't want to hang a painting on your wall? Consider getting The Creation of Adam neon sign. It's a statement piece and may also serve as a conversation starter among your visitors.

Another option is the rainbow LED neon light sign. Whether you're part of the LGBTQ+ community or a supportive ally, the rainbow neon light LED sign is the perfect way to symbolize hope. It's also a great addition to your wall, and it lights up perfectly with all its neon rainbow colors!

4. Shop

If you own a business and you want it to look more inviting to your customers, hanging up aesthetic neon signs is the best way to do so! These are the best wall decor pieces to use, especially if your target market are millennials and Gen Zers. The modern with a touch of vintage aesthetic of neon LED lights will hit them just right.

Neon signs go best with any type of shop, from clothing boutiques to coffee shops. You'll never go wrong with neon LED signs. You may choose to hang the generic Shopping sign or a more convincing one with the words “Shop till you drop.”

If you find no pre-made neon signs that fit your store's branding, you can always get them custom-made. You can get your logo or tagline customized, along with the size and color you want it to be. Your options are endless, so don't stress out so much if you can't find the exact design you want for your store.

Customize Your Neon Sign

You can hang aesthetic neon signs in so many places, such as the bar, the office, the living room or bedroom, and the shop. What’s more, you can get a custom neon sign to fit whatever design idea you have in mind. 

If you're worried about having to buy generic ones from Amazon or other neon sign makers, don't be! Neonize can take your vision for the perfect LED neon lights to fit your place. You can also check out our wide array of designs and see if anything fits your aesthetic. So shop from our collection and give color to your place today!

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