20 Beauti-FALL decorations for your home!

I know, I know it’s only September and you’re still enjoying your time under the sun getting that tan but Fall is just around the corner and it’s one of our favorite seasons of the year. The perfect season to get all cozy in the house, catch up on some series or movies together with the perfect hot chocolate and even a couple of biscuits with it. 

Fall is a very instagrammable weather with its beautiful, earth tone and mellow color palette. Neon lights are often seen in cafes, signages and shops which are literally used for advertising but now in 2019, it can be really effective in cozying-up your place which is perfect for that new instagram post for the fall season. With neon lights, your empty spaces will now have a pop of color!

That is why we at Neonize chose 15 home decoration inspirations that you can do to add that extra hint of glow into your room which everyone will definitely enjoy and increase your house coziness up to 3000%.

We hope that these items gave you some sweet hints to get ready for this amazing holiday season! It definitely inspired me to go out and buy even more autumnal items… even though I’ve already bought way too much at the moment!

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