10 Neon Lights That Would Make Your Space POP!

Neon is having a moment, and while you probably don’t want to add a pop of neon to your bedroom walls, neon may be the best thing to add to an office, bachelor pad, or your kid’s dorm room. It’s fun, it’s funky, and it shows personality in a seriously bright way. Plus, you can get anything from clouds or motivational sayings to custom quotes in lights. Shop below for some of our favorite picks that won’t cost a fortune.

It’s important to note that neon signs have come a long way since their invention in the early 20th century. Today, there are two types of neon wall hangings. The first type is akin to the original neon sign. These artworks are still made up of gas-filled glass tubes. They are highly breakable and tend to be quite expensive. 

The second type of neon sign is the more modern LED neon. These are tubes filled with LED lights made to mimic neon. These types of signs are slightly cheaper than traditional neon and are much safer for use in children’s rooms and restaurants.

We have rounded up some cool examples of neon signage and decorative artwork that would look great hung over a fully stocked bar, in a dorm room or living area for all to see and admire.

Best for coffee lovers

The Coffee  Neon Sign is handmade with non-fragile glass and LED lights. Continuing the trend, this sign is energy saving and environmentally friendly as well. As a coffee cup, it makes an ideal addition to coffee shops, bars or as a kitchen focal point.

Best for dorm rooms

A real neon sign, the Leaf neon light adds a hip element to any room. The fact that our neon lights can be as small as 30cm means that it is highly portable. These two facts make this particular piece of artwork ideal for students and dorm rooms. It comes complete with a clear-glass base and a wire color of your choice to match your walls.

Most Inspirational

I would look great in an office as a daily reminder to, well, really do what you love. As an added bonus, it’s mounted on a clear, acrylic board for easy hanging on most walls.

Best for Singles

Slightly racier than the other signs on our list, the Kindness Neon Sign would make a great addition to any bachelor’s apartment or dorm room. Thanks to LED-filled silicone tubes, this light is brighter and safer than traditional neon. Plus, this light comes with a one year warranty to protect against any accidental breakage.

For Foodies

If you love pizza, burger or junk food in general, this is the best neon sign for you. These are designed by Neonize artists who are experts in neon sign production, this artistic burgers features true hand-bent, gas-filled glass tubes. The sign’s low voltage means it can work in any country and is rather energy efficient when compared to other true neon signs.

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