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How Neon Signs for Restaurants and Other Visual Designs Can Attract More Customers

Customers are the bread and butter of any restaurant. And although there are many methods to attract customers to your restaurant, there's one method that has proven successful time and time again.

In this article, you'll discover how visual designs, like a quality neon sign, play a significant role in attracting more potential customers to your restaurant.

How Visual Designs Impact Your Business

Providing the right atmosphere for your restaurant is a key factor in attracting customers. By picking the right interior, down to the lighting and menu design, your business' visual presence will surely draw in the right crowd quickly. 

Here are more ways a visually compelling design impacts your business:

1. Creates Loyal Customers

Customers are more likely to recommend a restaurant when it’s noticeable from afar and has a welcoming ambience. One way to attract potential customers and gain loyal ones is with a simple yet memorable exterior sign. From banners and flags to menu boards, a quality exterior sign showcases your restaurant’s unique visual edge even before potential customers step inside.

2. Excites Customers

Good visual designs evoke emotions. For example, well-designed wall graphics that feature your restaurant's daily specials or menu can influence a customer's mood. It can also help a customer choose their order based on what piques their interest.

Well-thought-of exterior and interior signs can also make your customers feel more relaxed. In addition, this can prompt them to stay a bit longer and order more in your restaurant. 

3. Helps in Name Recall

If you want your restaurant to be noteworthy and memorable compared to your competitors, you need to have effective signage. An interesting restaurant open sign, a bright neon version of your logo, or an extraordinary indoor sign can make you memorable to your customers. One way to tell your sign is working is when a customer remembers the name of your restaurant two days or weeks after their last visit.

Visual Designs for Your Restaurant

It might appear that a restaurant with a good location and serve good food is all it takes to attract attention and gain customer loyalty. However, with so many options available, the restaurant industry is more intense than ever. So how can you make sure your restaurant stands out?

Here are some examples of visually compelling designs you can use in your restaurant: 

Wall Decor

A plain wall can easily bore a customer, especially when waiting for their order to come. So instead, make your restaurant's wall come to life with a splash of color. Take your pick from wall decals to wall signs, or even consider hiring an artist to paint a striking mural. 

If you have limited space in your restaurant, utilize your walls to engage your customers. For example, go modern with a digital menu board to promote your restaurant’s best dishes or add luminous neon signs for that extra stunning glow. 

Seating Design

With a warm and cozy interior, your customers will feel relaxed while enjoying their food. So don't be afraid to experiment and show your creativity in available spaces like your seating area. Why not go wild and paint your chairs for a fresh and stylish look? 

To further highlight your innovative seating space, you can also make a few tweaks to your furniture and tableware. With a cohesive interior feel, you can give your customers a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience. 

Vehicle Graphics

Who says vehicles can't have visual designs? Got a food truck, booth, or delivery vehicle? Take your restaurant's brand message on the road with eye-catching vehicle graphics. 

You can put stickers on your vehicle with the name, number, and location of your restaurant. These will help your customers remember your restaurant’s name and how they can find you. Alternatively, you can also hire an artist to paint your vehicle with your restaurant’s logo or catchphrase.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signs for restaurants are crucial to inviting in your customers. A compelling restaurant signage adds attention to your diner. From menu boards to welcome signs, the options are limitless! 

So whether you already have a restaurant sign or not, it's not too late to turn things around by upgrading your restaurant signage to neon signs. Using neon signs for restaurants brings life to the outside of your restaurant. Plus it will help create a brand new interest for your existing and potential customers. 

Why Choose Neon Signs for Your Visuals?

Neon signs are popular and have helped many bars, coffee shops, and other business establishments to have a strong brand presence. A few noteworthy shops with creative neon signs are Apollo Theater in New York, Margie's Candies in Chicago; and The Dog House in New Mexico.

Taking after these popular restaurants, here are more reasons why you should invest in high-quality neon signs today: 


Is your outdoor restaurant signage bright enough to be seen by customers outside? Neon signs provide a good amount of light at a low cost. Plus, it is also energy-efficient compared to common light bulbs. 

Illuminated signs for restaurants also help customers know which stores are open, especially at night. However, neon signs can be visible in other lighting settings such as during the day. Thus, providing 24/7 marketing for your restaurant. 


LED neon signs can be used for thousands of hours. Aside from its effectivity, they are low maintenance and cost significantly less compared to other light fixtures. LED neon signs are also ideal for outdoor use because they are more durable than traditional neon lights. 


Neon signs draw attention to your restaurant because of their rich colors. As a tip, it is more effective to place your neon signs in the window frames or at the front of your restaurant so customers notice it easily. 

With the right color, size, and hanging system, you can make your restaurant distinctive from other nearby restaurants. If you want to be more creative and unique, you can have a custom sign rather than a pre-designed neon light sign.

Unlock More Possibilities With Custom Neon Signs

Branding is key in the restaurant industry. Excellent visual design, such as glowing neon signs, gives your restaurant the competitive edge and encourages more people to patronize your business. 

Your customers will recall your restaurant’s name if they can associate it with imagery, easy-to-read fonts, or a specific color theme. Reach more business opportunities and have an effective brand image with custom neon signs

Want a glow-up for your restaurant or personal space? Neonize offers various neon signs for different moods, places, and occasions. Get your own neon sign and have it customized today! 

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