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Neon Open Sign: A Perfect Way to Welcome Your Customers

Everybody loves to shop. And what is the first thing you do before approaching a store when you find something you like? You make sure that the store is open and look for the signage that welcomes you with open arms!

An “Open” sign gives us excitement and draws us closer to our happiness, which lies behind the doors of the shop. Find out why you should purchase an open sign, particularly a neon open sign for your business. 

Why Are Signages So Important for Businesses?

What will instantly catch your eyes when shopping in a mall or an outdoor shopping center is the different signages outside each store. They allow you and other customers to quickly discover various shops you might be interested in. Signages allow businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors while also branding their enterprises.

Let us look at how open signs can directly impact your business.


Signs inform people that your business is open. You need to grab the eyes of potential customers and buyers. You do not want to miss out on sales simply because consumers assumed your establishment was closed and went somewhere else. 

You can hang a bright sign in the window to let customers know that your shop is open in addition to a storefront sign. Some shop owners prefer neon or LED open signs for their storefront windows to attract as much attention as possible.

More Foot Traffic 

A sign is a fantastic strategy to boost foot traffic. Although not everyone has made plans to visit your business on a given day, this does not mean you can't bring people into your store. People simply passing by may opt to come in and check things out if your signage appears to be engaging enough. 

With the correct signs, you may turn a random individual into a committed customer in no time. Having more foot traffic will help you in meeting your daily sales targets.


You can use signs to advertise special deals and discounts to attract even more customers to your store. This will entice them to browse around. Most customers will visit a business if they believe they can get a good bargain.

Strengthens Your Brand 

Do you immediately think about Starbucks when you see that familiar green and white mermaid-like logo? How about when you encounter two golden arches in the shape of an M? Do you think about McDonald's?

You want people to be able to recognize your logo or brand every time they see it. You will need to brainstorm a quirky storefront sign design if you want to build your business. This will determine whether they have a positive or bad impression of you. 

The goal is to produce a strong first impression and draw guests inside to see what you have to offer.


A neon open sign is a vital piece that can either lose or gain business. Whether confronted with a winter blizzard in need of supplies or hoping to locate an open restaurant on vacation, an open sign serves as a lighthouse that connects the business and the consumers.

Any business must have signage. When business owners fail to employ the proper signs, they are likely missing out on a significant amount of traffic, which means they are losing money. 

Small shops with open signs show resiliency. So it is time for you to buy a neon open sign and turn it on as a sign of pride!

How to Improve the Appearance of Your Storefront With a Neon Open Signage

​​There are many ways to make your storefront look more appealing. You can use awnings, canopies, and even planters to enhance the appearance of your business. However, one of the most effective ways to do so is by using an open sign.

There are many different types of open signs available on the market. Neon open signs are a popular choice among store owners since they stand out even from a distance.

As more people purchase online, physical stores must work harder to establish themselves. We all know that appearance is pivotal, especially in this dog-eat-dog world, and you should do everything you can to attract customers.

The good news is that improving the appearance of your store is simple. You need cleanliness and sanitation, attention-grabbing details, and the all-important open sign. A LED or neon open sign informs the public that your establishment is open for business and serves as an invitation to open the door and enter.

Be Creative with Your Neon Open Sign!

Open 24 hours neon sign

If you want more loyal customers in your store or establishment, we encourage you to be more creative and quirky! Instead of purchasing the traditional open signage, which can be a bit dull and boring, why not try something funny, weird, or cool so that customers or bystanders will be intrigued to go inside?

You can choose from an array of colors to make your sign pop, including pink, green, blue, red, or any other color. You can also select various fonts and designs to make your open sign more eye-catching.

You also don't have to choose the traditional "Now Open" signage. Instead, there are many ways to tell people that your store is ready to serve!

Message Examples:

- Come On In!

- We're Open!

- Come Visit Us!

- Shop Now!

- Enter At Your Own Risk

- Open 24/7

- Open 24 Hours

Be as creative as you want, and your customers will appreciate it!

Neon open signs are an excellent marketing tool that every business should utilize. This is your opportunity to find the best neon open sign for sale! Don't look anywhere else because Neonize is ready to serve! 

Now Open LED Light display on wall

Neonize Your Sign! 

Here at Neonize, we offer a variety of LED open signs to choose from and find what is most suitable for you. So whether you want a simple neon light or an extravagant and colorful LED light, we are ready to deliver! 

You don't like simple and plain neon open lights? Do you want to sprinkle your open signage with a little bit of your creativity and artistry? No worries! Neonize also provides customized neon signs! Simply upload your design to our custom neon sign generator and relax while we handle the rest!

Come and look at our colorful website and see a wide selection of LED lights from our collection. You can add your favorite movie character or a powerful quote with your neon sign and display them on your door to attract more attention!
Enjoy browsing through our channel and sign up to get an exclusive benefit. We will be waiting for you!

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