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Shops and Neon Signs: Illuminating Your Business in Neon Colors

If you’re living in the metro, glimmering lights shouldn’t be new to you. These marketing strategies tend to be very common as businesses try to expand their reach to a wide variety of potential customers. Amidst all these advancements and emerging trends, a newer way to attract buyers to physical stores exists. This can be achieved by changing the “ambiance” of your business, and neon lights are a good way to start.

Feeling curious about this new type of setup? This article will cover the perfect ambiance, some facts about neon lights, and how Neonize can help you acquire the signage and lighting fit for your business.

Lighting Tricks For Your Store

Sometimes buyers visit a store for the way it looks rather than what is being sold by the business. Window shoppers and spontaneous visitors alike are guilty of it. Taking this behavior into consideration, you might want to take advantage of visually appealing decorations, like wall ornaments, furniture, and incredible lighting.

The last point is especially important to us at Neonize. Let’s take a good look at how lighting positively impacts the growth of your business with seven (7) proven tips that have worked for countless shops out there:

  1. Highlight the primary attributes of your business branding: Think about the characteristics you want your business to be identified or remembered for. You may want to match the tagline of your shop or the main color scheme of your products with your lights. Sooner or later, customers will see a reflection of your business with the atmosphere evoked by your lights.
  1. Take advantage of natural lighting during daytime operating hours: Take note that specific interior lighting can be supplemented by natural light while others may not go well with the presence of it. Should you run a business with lots of natural light, you’ll need to be wise regarding the type of lighting you will be using and its positioning. As much as possible, you’ll want to incorporate flowy curtains for the summer seasons and some huge glassy windows to let the sunlight pass through; not only are you giving your customers a good view, you are also cutting down costs on other charges such as electric bills.
  1. Make sure that your interior can easily shift to a cozy vibe in the evening:  The best trick for this is to use low-intensity and warm colors to accommodate businesses aligned with karaoke bars, nightclubs, and cafes. Like a “dark mode” for mobile phones or users who prefer optic-friendly visuals, dark lighting should also be applicable to businesses that cater to night shifts. To know if you’re using the right intensity and hue for your lights, you may check the temperature and toning scale of your bulbs.
  1. Have a good combination of art materials and lighting sources: Employing artsy visuals and other decorative figures will definitely enhance the overall look of your business, especially when paired with the right kind of lighting. This approach can be done with custom or personalized lights using a mixture of different lighting systems. Some variations of lighting sources you need to take into consideration include ambient spotlights, pendant counter lights, and accent lights.
  1. Adjust the tone and color of your lighting source accordingly: We bet you’ve never seen a jewelry shop with dim lights or event plazas with blinding white lights. After deciding on the type of lighting and its structural and aesthetic design, the next step is to adjust its elements. Fix the brightness, and think of how your visitors and buyers will perceive it.
  1. Establish a sense of balance and stillness through your store lighting: As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t try to have too much of one light aspect or a completely random mixture of various and multiple lighting sources. Try to provide the mood or emotion you want your customers to feel. For instance, if your business sells hot beverages, consider installing lights that are dramatic and ambient for lo-fi music and late night conversations. Get your customers to feel comfortable enough to stay in your store.
  1. Find the connection between your lights, customers, and products or services: This step will make all the difference when it comes to influencing your buyers who are already inside your shop. A good way to influence customer behavior is by altering the position and direction of the lights in such a way that it illuminates specific areas of your shop. Each section needs to have adequate lighting to receive attention from your customers. When lighting up rooms, be sure that signages like CCTV warnings and restroom areas get proper lighting as well.

Coloring Your Shop With Neon Signs

Now that you know what lighting is capable of doing, let’s focus our attention on a unique kind of lighting structure: neon signs. These have become widely popular around the world for their aesthetically pleasing looks and quirky colors and effects.

Believe it or not, neon signs have existed for decades and were modified for business promotion and advertising purposes. The distinctively bright and cost-effective appearance and lighting power are some of its quality highlights. All these explain the presence of custom LED light signs in various businesses today. Still not convinced why you should try out neon signs? Below are five (5) marketing benefits that you can have just by using them for your business location:

  1. Shops with neon signs gain a lot of public visibility since it is still relatively uncommon: People are naturally drawn to light and colors, which is why it is natural for individuals to turn around and look at something that is colorful and bright. When this happens, you have a higher chance of turning these guests into buyers.
  1. Businesses can use custom neon signs to improve branding: In case you are deciding on what design you should have for your neon light, you ought to get one that announces the presence of your business. That is, after all, the original and main purpose of using neon signs. Do not limit yourself to the shape, size, color, and style of neon lights you would love to use for your business needs, and get a custom neon sign that is unique to your business.
  1. LED neon light signs are successful nighttime marketing tools: For neon signs, the evening is the best time to switch them on since they can be visible and clear some distance away.
  1. All shops are able to save up significant costs while using neon signs: Aside from the limitless possibilities of your neon lights, your shops can be covered with neon signs, without the presence of an astronomical electric bill. On average, neon signs save 50% on electricity.
  1. Neon lights generally have a long life span and are easy to maintain: Since they are built carefully and are tested before they are delivered, businesses can be assured that they are using premium-quality neon lights. Neon lights can last for up to twelve (12) years and can last longer than that when regularly sanitized and maintained. 

If you’re interested in expanding your marketing, we highly recommend using neon lights as a cost-effective way to do so. Don’t know where to get your very own? At Neonize, we swear by our lights’ quality and our customer service.

Neonize: Transforming Shops With Neon Signs

Only a few people realize that there are exceptional neon light manufacturers. At Neonize, we have a keen eye for interior makeovers and we handcraft every single one of our products.

Here are more reasons for you to choose your neon lights at Neonize:

  • Our products are relatively cheaper than other brands, starting at $197.
  • We make use of neon flex technology which lets us offer stronger neon lights for our customers.
  • All our items are energy efficient. We deliberately designed our neon lights so that they require minimum energy consumption.
  • Our products are safe for all age groups. The neon glass is meant to endure a strong amount of force and will not heat up, making it safe to touch and to be around children.
  • Each neon light is handmade with love, safely delivered to your doorstep with care. What’s more is that our lights are extremely easy to install.
  • Our products only need a soft and dry washcloth to be spotless and dirt-free.
  • Gain full control over your lighting: each product comes with a cordless remote with a built-in power switch and a brightness setting of up to ten (10) on its commands. You can also indicate settings for flashes and blinks at adjustable speeds.
  • Every neon light product we produce is made to be lightweight. That aspect also lets it be portable and is perfect for rushed events and immediate interior improvement plans.

Our Premium Collection

There are several ways to entertain shopping behaviors with a neon sign. We’ve handcrafted the best (and nothing but the best) kind of neon lights for a wide variety of purposes. Take a look at some of our gorgeous lights below to see which one matches your business aesthetic.

Neon Signs for a Shopping Mood

If it’s an ‘add to cart’ kind of day that you want your customers to remember about your business, this might be the perfect neon light for your store.
There’s definitely no better way to remind customers to reward themselves through shopping. Mount this on your store and bring in the good vibes.
A stunning neon light for all the shopaholics who can’t wait to go crazy with their cart. Show off this light in any grocery or boutique business you may have.
It’s so easy to draw your buyers in when you help them imagine what it’s like to bring home your products. Display these lights as an invitation for your viewers to complete their purchase.
Make it a guilt-free shopping spree for your customers when they walk in your store. With this neon sign, there’s no doubt that your store will be jam-packed with buyers ‘til the closing hour.

Business-Specific Neon Signs

Running a candy corner or sweet haven as a business? Tempt your buyers with this lovely neon sign that comes in two pastel colors for that sweet tooth effect.
Even beverage stores and shops advocating for healthy options can use a neon light. Experiment with your choice of lighting by mounting this light behind your counter space.
Make haircuts extra enticing with the right lighting. Bring the iconic barber’s pole together with this masterpiece, and your business will surely be remembered for it.

Don’t forget that the displays above are just some of our products for shopping enthusiasts and businesses. We keep innovating and developing more neon light designs for your satisfaction. Just stay in the loop for newer styles, colors, and structures by viewing our gallery or subscribing to our newsletter. If by chance you want an entirely different or unique neon sign, you can always reach out to us for a custom LED neon light.

Ready to Redecorate Your Shop?

We are constantly developing newer designs and structures for our neon light products, so stay tuned! We also keep track of on-trend quotes and aesthetics from around the web, and through our previous clients. Whichever aesthetic you choose, we have the perfect neon light for you!

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