What’s Next For Neon?

The biggest battle in the neon industry is to help people understand that there is no alternative or substitute for neon itself. While there are other mediums to create light signs, like LED, they should not be advertised under the same umbrella as a neon sign. Neon allows you to create those iconic sharp, 3D shapes which is not something you can achieve by using a different material.

Neon is 100% recyclable, energy efficient and safe to use; neon signs are also much easier to repair and more durable than other materials like LED. LED products are changing rapidly, meaning replacements can’t always be obtained; instantly diminishing their cost-effectiveness.

The way neon signs are made hasn’t changed in more than 100 years, but the way we use them and the transformers used mean that neon signs are safe and energy consumption is low, along with improved quality. It is, quite simply, an inimitable product. Neon has a magical presence and can create that influential feeling of nostalgia.

However, the future of neon is in the hands of you out there. The population have to understand the beauty of neon, appreciate its history and the skill that goes into making it. The public should also not be scared off by false claims that neon signs will eventually be banned, or that they pose a health and safety risk.

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