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Get These Gorgeous Beauty Salon Neon Signs

If you're on the lookout for something to make your salon pop, look no further. Neon signs are the perfect statement piece for your salon or barbershop. Depending on the design you choose, it can add character to your business place. You can customize these neon light signs with your logo, business name, quotes, or any other text that will help bring in new clientele. So not only will they have an attractive presence outside of your shop, but they will also add a luxurious vibe to your beauty shop’s interiors. 

Take a peek at these gorgeous beauty salon neon signs from Neonize.

Neon Signs Are Eye-Catching and Easy To Read

When a client comes in and sits down for a service, you know they will be scanning your interiors from corner to corner. Pray that your customer is a good conversationalist or someone who will quietly scroll through their phone. Hopefully, they won’t pick up a bottle of your display shampoo and read the ingredients out loud. But, of course, they can always use their phones to watch videos or listen to music. However, since studies show that a person generally has an attention span of eight seconds, expect that they will look at everything, including your bare walls.

Feed their eyes with pretty lights and entertain them with a catchy phrase lit up in neon colors. An example is a neon light like this:

The nail salon neon sign says, "nice nails ain't cheap & cheap nails ain't nice," which can affirm the client that they are doing the right thing by investing in your products and services to get a high-quality finish. It might even catch on through social media, and you’ll get an outpouring of clients that will now get nails from you that "ain't cheap."

Match your Neon Sign to Your Salon

You might be searching online for the best beauty shop neon signs, but somehow they just don't capture the ambience you want to create. Unfortunately, you might feel like there is a monopoly on designs related to beauty. You might feel frustrated because you feel like you don't know what vibe you want to add. How about starting by picking a theme?

Make It Sassy

Confidence is the best accessory to make you attractive. Empower your clients with quotes or images that they can relate to. Being sassy doesn't equate to being mean. It just means you can sprinkle a little positive attitude to help your ladies feel self-assured. Just like our signs that say "polished nails, polished to perfection" with a nail wand in hand. 

Emphasize the Beauty Within

If you and your customers don't relate much to the ongoing “yasss girl” movement, you can add a more wholesome neon sign to your wall. For example, you'll find a wall sign in our catalog that says "support your local nail gang" with a cute finger heart included. The light sign creates a more holistic environment and promotes a sense of community for you and your customers, and the beauty community.

Go with a Classic Approach

If you want a simple and classy ambiance, you can't go wrong with using a single word for your neon sign. One of our most elegant examples is the "Barbers" sign. It's written in a font that makes it look clean and sophisticated. Give a high-end ambiance fit for your high-end clients.

Personalize It with Neonize!

If you think that nothing else can define what you stand for, why not flaunt your logo or business name instead? Have neon wall signs as representation for your business. The great thing about neon signs is they can be modified or personalized to fit a theme. So if you have a blueprint in mind, show it to us, and we'll create it for you!

Put the Neon Lights Where They Can be Seen

Aside from choosing the right design, placement plays an important role in making your sign a show-stopper. For example, a passerby should be able to see neon signs for beauty salons like yours and use it for a fire selfie. Place it on a wall facing the street or place it adjacent to a mirror or near one. Your neon wall lights will be in selfies and circulating on social media in no time.

Put up a Gorgeous Sign for your Beauty Salon with Neonize

Our eyes are naturally drawn to light and sparkly things. Even from afar, your neon lights will pop out and attract so much attention. It will give the impression that your business has style. 

Adding decor or statement pieces to your business is always a good idea in bringing in more customers. So, don't be afraid to make an eye-catching piece with customized neon lights. Just ask Neonize!

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