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How a Customized Sign Can Drive Up Your Bar’s Sales

Do you know how many pubs are in your area? We’d guess there are many, so competition must be tough. 

A good way to get your bar noticed by customers is with a customized sign that's unique to your bar. Neon signs are a terrific method to drive people into your bar to drink. In addition, they are visible at any time of the day, making them a great option if you have an establishment with both day and night operations. They can also advertise upcoming events such as live music shows or weekly karaoke nights. 

You might think, “But this isn't that kind of bar for that type of decor,” or “I don't think a neon sign would help improve my bar's sales.” But, contrary to belief, this glowing piece of art ties your bar interior together, making it appear more professional and competitive to potential customers. Besides, a customized bar sign comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your bar's theme, and its design is entirely up to you.

But before we show you how easy it is to customize one for your establishment, let's count all the reasons why you should get a neon sign.

Why Do Bars Have Custom Neon Signs?

A customized sign can have your bar’s name or symbol on it.

Like most people, your first thought about neon signs is probably, “They look cool!” You might also think, “They act as a light source.” But did you know you can use them in other ways as well? Yes! You can leverage them to promote your business.

Besides social media advertising, one way to market your brand is through a symbol—a graphic representing your bar and its culture. It can be a word, an image, or a combination of both. 

The benefits of using a symbol are numerous.

  1. A symbol for your bar will help customers identify it as soon as they see it.
  2. It will attract customers by giving them something to talk about when they see it on social media or in pictures taken by friends who frequent the bar.
  3. It will also increase brand awareness; people who have seen the symbol before will remember their experience at your bar when they see it again.

Neon signs can attract attention, especially at night.

A neon sign is a great way to keep your bar in the spotlight, especially if you're looking to attract a potential customer driving by on a busy street.

Neon signs can also help draw in customers who may not necessarily live nearby but would like to stop by for a beer and play games with friends. If you have a small bar, be ready because neon signs can attract more happy hour customers than usual!

Customized signs are a very good advertisement.

The personality of customized signs is certainly an advantage over typical ones. They put a personal touch on something that is usually very impersonal—for example, “Sale” signs. So if you'd like to use your neon sign for advertising special events or promos, there's no reason not to include them in the design as well! 

You can increase the frequency of your customers’ visits by using custom signs to advertise specials and promotions. Promotions are events that you plan to run at some point in time. Meanwhile, specials are existing items on the menu that you have temporarily marked down. Customers who take advantage of these offers will come back more often and tell their friends about them, which means more business for you in the long term.

Indeed, custom signs have proven to be one of the best ways for bars to market themselves. Thus, if you want to increase sales at your establishment, it might be worth investing in one!

They also let visitors know your location and business hours.

Customized signs also let the public know where your bar is located and when it is open. Putting up these signs is especially important when your bar is in a new location where you want to be known. It can also help with customer retention; people are more likely to come back when they know when your place closes, who works there, and what kind of food or drinks to expect.

Customized signs are not just for bars either. Restaurants and hotels use them too because they are a great way to advertise an establishment's services and add personality and character to a brand!

Standing out among all the other bars in your area is achievable with a customized sign. So don’t hesitate about this marketing strategy. It will do your business much good and set it above everyone else. 

Neon signs can help with customer retention.

You want to help customers remember your business, and one way to do that is by making your name, logo, and slogan visible everywhere. For example, consistent bar signage will help customers remember your establishment, when they had their last drink or meal there, and who was there with them.

To do this, you want your business's sign to be visible and memorable. That way, when potential customers drive by your place, they can identify it easily and remember what it looks like and what it offers for next time. 

Where Are Customized LED Signs Available?

If a neon sign is something that would benefit your bar business, check out our collection. Neonize is among the best custom sign makers in the business. We make sure that your custom neon sign is according to the design you want. We also understand that it is important for business signs to be high-quality, durable, easy to read, weatherproof, and warranty-protected, so we include those features as well. 

How to Make a Customized Sign

A customized sign can be a simple one with just your business name on it or an elaborate one with your unique logo. The style is up to you and your preference. 

The best way to figure out the design is by looking at what other bars have done. When visiting other bars or clubs, take note of what works and what doesn't. For example, you'll notice some bars have single-color lighting while others have multicolor lighting; some use large signs while others use small ones; some put their sign on the wall while others put them on their windows.

If you're feeling confident enough to get started, try our customizer tool to turn your idea into a bar decor. You conceptualize the style you think would complement your bar, provide an image or text of the design, and we'll take care of the rest! In a few minutes, we'll bring your vision to life. 

In a Nutshell

A customized neon sign will help your bar stand out from the crowd. If you’ve never had one made before or don't think it is necessary, maybe it is time to look into what it can do for your brand. Whether it’s simple or elaborate, the people who see it will want to come back again and again, which is key when running an establishment that serves alcohol.

Check our bar sign collection to find more light pieces to complement your establishment!

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