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Neon Wall Signs: 10 Reasons to Put Them Up Your Wall Today

Neon lights have found their place on people's walls nowadays. In the previous years, neon signs were limited to just a sign that owners put up, so people know that a store is open or liquor is being served.

Today, there are more and more neon signs being put up everywhere, thanks to social media. It became even more popular when we were cooped up at home for years. It became an opportunity for people to find new ways to breathe life into an otherwise mundane space in their home. And you can do the same, too.

Below are some reasons why you should hop on the neon sign bandwagon and get one or several for your home, business, or just about any personal space with walls.

A Touch of Art

Most homes have paintings or artistic pictures on their wall. Such art pieces can bring vibrance and life to a monotonous wall and look cool, too. But what's even cooler is putting up a neon sign as a wall decoration alongside these pieces.

Neon signs come in many designs and can be considered art on their own. It gets better, too. At nighttime, you can switch it on and you'll have a mini art exhibit in the dark that shows the beauty of the design made out of bent and twisted tubes. It makes for a unique way to put a touch of art into a room.

An Instagramable Space

Neon signs give the kind of aesthetic worthy of an Instagram post. We're willing to bet you've seen at least one influencer on Instagram that posted a picture of themselves before a neon sign. The shine emits just hits different. And anyone who has a knack for putting up creative posts will know how to work with neon signs in the background for maximum effect.

neon wall signs - A  guy with dreadlocks playing a ukelele in front of a neon wall sign

Brightens up a Room

Most spaces with many walls lack a certain brightness. This is because there are only a few windows, if any. And you may even find only one source of light—that fluorescent bulb on the ceiling.

A house basement and an attic room are examples of such spaces. And it's no surprise we don't invite people inside them very often, even ourselves. It's a space we normally use for storing things that don't need to see the light of day.

These room spaces can use a cool makeover. It only takes one neon light to make a huge leap from the uninviting darkness to a mesmerizing and inviting space. The good thing about these places with few windows is plenty of wall space, and neon lights are great alternative lights if you don't want to turn on the ceiling bulbs. 

This is a good opportunity to get neon wall signs for home spaces that need a touch of vibrant light. 


One way to make good use of neon lights is to express yourself. It can be anything from how you feel to the fictional characters you like. You do you. Although sometimes, finding the right design means wading through hundreds of collections from different online stores.

Take a shortcut and check out Neonize's neon wall signs custom-made to express your individuality. All it takes is for you to have an idea of what you want, and the team will help you put those ideas into shining wall arts that are as awesome as your other prized collections.

Inspire Others

Inspiring others can be intentional, or it may come from expressing yourself. Either way, a neon sign can accomplish that. Neon signs can take a form of an inspirational quote. So whether it is your own original thought or ones that come from the greats, inspiration will occur if you put it up on a wall and share it.

Another thing that can inspire others through neon lights is how it represents you. Neon lights have a way of making others see you differently—someone who's vibrant, lively, and fun. And when people check that vibe, they'll be inspired to emulate.

Set an Atmosphere

It's amazing how you can change a room's atmosphere with just a few tweaks in the room's components. However, wall paints can take effort. Adding windows can be counted as remodeling-quite laborious. But changing the light? Easy. And your choice of the light's color can dramatically change the vibe of a room.

Get a red for something mysterious and sexy. Pink, blue, or cyan for fun and liveliness. Green can be easily seen as money and may even attract it. On the other hand, soft colors like white are ideal neon wall signs for a bedroom. With neon signs, you get to decide what your space represents.

neon wall signs - A room filled with vertical and horizontal lines made of neon light

Mesh With a Theme

If you're ever one of those people that lives to conceptualize a certain theme in each space in their home, neon signs are your friend. You can choose varying designs of your neon light that will suit your needs.

For example, you can have Neonize design an arcade neon light for your video game room, an inspirational quote about attaining a zen state for your meditation space, or an image of a toque to signal your guests that the space is meant for cooking.

Neon lights are like sweet desserts that complement the whole theme you've planned on a room. So get one and use one well. 

Attract People

Neon lights have this magnetism about them. Turn the neon lights on and switch off the rest of the ceiling lights, and you'll see. The neon lights feel like you're in a dark sea sailing towards the lighthouse. You can't help but sail towards it.

That's why bars have neon lights. It's a way to draw people towards the bar. The shiny thing makes drinking a more attractive option than bumping shoulders with the party crowd. And you can have that same effect on your own space, whether it's a date or a full-blown house party.

It's Just Cool

Let's be honest. If we strip off every other reason for getting a neon light, one reason will remain standing—neon lights are just so freaking cool!

It can be similar to how we look at jewelry and diamonds. Objects that shine bright are always cool things to see. But, we need a bit more touch of our individuality to it to make it truly ours. And what a cool feeling to possess shiny things without burning through your pocket. Just like getting a neon sign.

Neon Wall Signs Just for You

No matter what reason you have for putting up a neon sign on your walls, there's a neon light that matches your vision and intention. Neonize has hundreds of pre-designed neon lights to choose from. You can even choose the color from the option provided. That way, you can visualize how it will look like in the space you intend to put it into.If you want something uniquely you, we can also customize your neon signs. Talk to us about what you want to put on your wall. You can also let us know where you want to put your custom neon sign, and we'll help out.

Head over to our website once you're ready to liven up your walls because lights aren't reserved for the ceiling.

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