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Gamer Mode On: 7 PlayStation Neon Signs for Your Gaming Room

Turn on your gamer mode. Ease into your gaming chair, turn on your PlayStation, and stretch those gaming muscles. But wait, something seems to be missing. Do you have an LED sign in different neon colours? Have you had your nostalgia check by putting your favourite 90s games on your wall? If you haven’t, why not get Playstation neon signs for your gaming room?

Enhance your gaming vibe with attractive neon wall signs that remind you of your early gaming days. Make your epic gameplay and live streams so much better with wall decorations that are a part of the gamer culture. Check out these 8 PlayStation neon signs that would be perfect for your game room!

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a well-known first-person shooter game. If you play the game, you know how addicting it is, especially if you play it with other people. But it's a game that's not easy to master. First, you need to be familiar with the type of weapons you can use. Then you need to know how to use them and know when to strike the enemy team at the right time.

Show off how much you love Call of Duty by getting neon signs of it! You can get both the logo and game title on your wall!

God of War

The Game of the Year in 2018 was awarded to God of War. It's a story-rich adventure game with excellent graphics and even better music. This game will make you play for the gameplay but continue because of the interesting story. It won 9 awards, and all are well-deserved.

Show some love and appreciation for this masterpiece. Get a neon light sign of the award-winning game, God of War, inside your bedroom or living room!

Mortal Kombat

Back then, we didn't have many games with amazing graphics and other game elements that are immensely advanced today. But still, we enjoyed the simple mechanics of a fighting game. Mortal Kombat has changed over the years but is still the same fighting game that got many people hooked into gaming. 

Represent the Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat by having the game's logo on your wall, or choose from different designs in our PlayStation catalog! Then, light up your gaming room when you're ready to fight other martial artists online!


Many of us love basketball, but not all of us are gifted. Thankfully, there's a version of the NBA that's not just on TV. NBA is a game that allows you to pick your line of elite players and play in live games and tournaments. In addition, you get to choose between playable characters based on real basketball athletes.

Put up the NBA neon light and dribble, dunk, and compete to be the best player online.

Need for Speed

Buying cars and driving them is an expensive hobby, but not when you do it in Need for Speed. The racing game allows you to drive different car models through different terrains and different conditions. It has insanely good graphics, and when paired with a gaming steering wheel, the experience feels close to the real thing.

Show off your need for speed by ordering an LED light sign! 

Resident Evil

Resident Evil started releasing games in the 1990s and is still releasing new installments to the series. There are even Netflix series and movies dedicated to the story. This survival game showed us what the world would be like if we were all zombies and how we can survive from different characters' perspectives. 

When you think of surviving a zombie apocalypse, you think, what would Claire and Leon do? Get an LED neon sign of the Resident Evil game for your gaming area!

Silent Hill

This list wouldn't be complete without a survival horror game classic: Silent Hill. Who could forget Harry Mason's quest to find and save his daughter? Silent Hill is one of the most iconic fictional places that gamers don't want to be in. The games give you a creepy atmosphere and creepy monsters that you don't want in your dreams.

But if creepy and spooky is right up your alley, get a Silent Hill glass neon sign! Show the world that you are not afraid of any Bubble Headed Nurses or Pyramid Heads.

Customize Any Game Neon Sign

There are more games not mentioned in this list but are up on our website. Explore and find the PlayStation neon sign you are looking for. If it’s not here or on our website, you can always customize a Playstation light up sign with a different design!It's easy to order customized neon signs. Simply go to the customize tab and send in your designs and choose a color! Easy, right? So, get that custom neon sign for your gaming room today!

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