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Neon Sign Logo: Why Is It Essential For Your Business?

Isn’t it funny how we associate certain images with certain brands, like how we immediately think of Nike when seeing a curved checkmark? Or how our mouths already water and we imagine the crisp McDonald’s fries at the mere sight of the iconic golden arches? 

Logos can be that powerful. We’re bound to have visceral reactions after one glance at some iconic logos. Furthermore, logos stick in your customers’ minds for a long time if done correctly. Having a custom neon sign for your logo can up the ante. 

Whether it’s the traditional glass neon or an LED neon sign, getting one can certainly make a few heads turn and bring many customers in. There are many ways neon sign logos can help your business. But first, let’s discover why having a logo is crucial for your company’s success.

Why You Need a Business Logo

Developing a business strategy involves considering how you will advertise your products and services. One of the first and simpler steps in promoting your company is designing a logo

There are many types of logos that you can choose from to suit your business demands.

  • Wordmark: These are text-only logos, usually presenting the company name.
  • Lettermark: These are abbreviations of the business name, usually in 2-3 letters.
  • Logomark: This logo contains symbols that represent the brand.
  • Emblem: This is a combination of wordmarks, letter marks, and logomarks. 

Before deciding which type suits your company best, you might still need to be convinced about designing a logo. So let’s find out what logos can do for your business. 

Building Your Identity

Your customers will likely have their first interaction with your company through your logo. Therefore, you must have a strong and lasting first impression using your logo. Similar to an identification card, a logo lets your target market know who you are and what you do. 

A logo is your company’s face and puts your business on the map. With logos, you will help your customers understand what your company is all about and what products and services you offer. By creating a logo, you are also helping your customers set their expectations for your business.

Catching Attention

A new company pops up every other day with various products and offers. Without a doubt, the market is becoming increasingly overcrowded. A good logo will allow your customers to easily spot you in the vast sea of other businesses. 

The human attention span continually shortens, and people become quicker in making judgments and decisions. So it’s best to create a logo that immediately captures the attention of possible buyers with just one glance. One way is to use vibrant colors or a unique design to present your company interestingly.

Fostering Brand Loyalty

As previously mentioned, a logo tells your clients who you are and what you do. Your logo is also the culmination of your company's stand, purpose, and vision. 

Presenting these values to the world shows your customers that your business is welcoming, inviting them to trust you. As a result, brand loyalty develops over time.

Moreover, having a strong and meaningful logo can separate you from competitors. Designing a distinctive logo sets you apart from other businesses and shows potential customers how you’re the better choice.

Making a Good Logo

As mentioned above, you want your logo to not only grab the attention of potential customers—you also want your logo to stay true to your brand. Therefore, you must ensure that all the components in your logo accurately reflect what your company stands for.

Here are some elements you should consider while designing your company logo.

  1. Colors - Colors communicate emotions and values. Make sure that the colors you choose can accurately represent your business. It also helps to choose colors that go well together. 
  2. Typography - How you write your company name can also affect how your customers perceive your brand. For example, some fonts can make you look more professional, and some can make you seem more friendly.
  3. Symbol - Many symbols can embody your company’s image and values. Choose symbols that can also immediately tell your customers what your company offers. 

How Can Neon Signs Benefit Your Business?

We know now how beneficial logos are for a company and how certain elements can influence a logo’s design and impact. All that is left to do is to put your creative efforts into action and start adding logos to your product packaging or updating your business profile.

Why not take it further and create custom neon logo signs for your company? You can hang it up outside your establishment and attract customers. You might think it’s too costly or time-consuming, but we’re here to tell you how neon signs can benefit your business in the long run.

It Makes You Visible

While its primary purpose is to brighten up a space and provide lighting, neon lights can also be a great way to advertise and market your business. That’s actually how it was popularized in the 1930s: neon lights were used as signage for bars and restaurants

A neon logo sign can make your business stand out with its enticing glow and eye-catching glare. It makes your establishment visible and easily identifiable from a distance and even at night. If you’ve designed an eye-catching logo and made it into a neon sign, you’re bound to have all eyes on your business!

It Adds To Your Design

Apart from making your business visible, hanging neon signs in your space adds to the overall look of your business. The lively colors and luminous glow that neon lights provide can enhance your establishment’s ambiance and give your space more personality. 

Neon signs can come in a myriad of colors, sizes, and shapes, giving you the freedom to be creative and explore different styles to let others know your brand’s identity and image. 

It Is Built to Last

LED neon signs and lights are generally more durable and have longer lifespans than other light sources. If correctly produced and maintained, neon lights can last up to fifteen years. Additionally, you can leave LED neon signs on for prolonged periods, and they won’t heat up. 

Don’t worry about your electricity bills either. Neon signs use less power and consume energy more efficiently than fluorescent lights, making them more cost-effective. Neon lights consume 50% less power than other lights. 

Of course, it helps that neon signs are relatively affordable too!

Get It Customized!

Another great thing about neon signs is that you can have them customized. This feature is especially perfect for business owners who want to get their unique logos as neon signs. You can get custom signs of any shape, size, and color that will suit your business logo. 

Plenty of neon sign makers can help you create the neon logo sign of your dreams. You can simply send in your logo design, and they can build it for you.

Grab Your Custom Neon Sign at Neonize

Logos can help the market recognize your brand and boost sales. Spark up your business by turning your logo into radiant and eye-catching neon signs. You don’t have to search high and low for a neon sign maker to create a custom neon logo sign for you. Neonize can help you out! 

Neonize offers neon signs and lights of great quality. Our signs are made using LED Flex, PVC, and acrylic materials with rubber flex tubing, making them highly durable and safe to use indoors and outdoors. 

We have a wide collection of neon signs and lights that can illuminate and enhance your establishment. We also make custom neon signs for businesses. So send your logo design, and we’ll neonize it for you!

Check out our selection to find the signs that suit your business ventures.

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