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Retail in Bright Detail: Using Neon Shop Signs for In-Store Events

You want to create more footfall for your new store. It's not going to be easy, so you think about holding an in-store event to generate excitement and draw attention. 

But what if another shop around the block plans an event on the same day? How will you beat them and divert people's attention to yours?

Here's our suggestion: how about using neon shop signs for your in-store event? Not many people can ignore a neon sign glowing on a corner! 

Aside from being a stunning event decoration, they can also help you with other tasks. How? That's what we'll be discussing on this blog!

The 6 Most Common Types of In-Store Events for Your Neon Sign Project

Do you already know what kind of in-store event you'll hold with neon signs? If not, here are the six most common types to choose from! 

Each advertising event has a different purpose, so choose one that can help you accomplish a certain business goal.

1) Educational Marketing: Seminars or Workshops

How would you like to hold an educational in-store event? This will certainly set you apart from the competition because your goal isn't simply to sell. 

Rather, you want to inform them about your area of expertise and how your business can help them. Doing so will help customers understand your brand better and evaluate their buying decisions.

2) Brand Introductions: Product or Service Launches

Are you planning to offer a new product or service soon? Then, hold a launch event and use a neon sign to highlight it! 

This is one of the most prominent types of in-store events. Not only does it catch the attention of potential buyers, but it also builds rapport with stakeholders.

Moreover, people can test your product or service and give feedback. In exchange, it will help you evaluate metrics and determine which aspects customers like and dislike.

3) A Sense of Belonging: VIP events

The best approach to building customer trust is to make them feel special. A way to accomplish that is by holding a VIP event. 

If you have a loyalty program, for instance, invite its members and provide them with some exclusive benefits. This way, they will feel valued and have another reason to return to your shop.

4) Get Social: Meet-Up Events

Try organizing a fun event from your store for like-minded enthusiasts! Promote an in-store meet-up with a neon sign and give your audience a wonderful experience. 

For example, if you sell clothes or accessories, hold a mini runway show or design competition. Invite your customers to participate and award prizes to the winners.

5) Annual Fun: Holiday Retail Events

Of course, you shouldn't miss out on the holiday crowd! During the holidays, people look for unique experiences; they will be more than willing to participate in exciting in-store events. So use this opportunity to hold a special event in your store. 

Create a corner with a neon sign label and feature limited holiday products, for example. Then, make it a cause-related campaign. It's an excellent way to encourage people to participate!

6) Do Good and Feel Good: Charity Events

People are often, if not always, more willing to spend money for a good cause. They prefer businesses that allow them to contribute to the community's well-being. 

So consider hosting a charity in-store event to drive more people into your shop. This demonstrates your support for their beliefs, allowing them to feel connected to your brand on an emotional level.

Launch an In-Store Event Successfully (and Brightly) Using These 8 Neon Light Ideas

We hope you now have an in-store event plan in mind! Next, let's proceed with your ultimate eye-catching weapon: a LED neon light. 

Shop neon signs boost a space with their vibrant colors and attractive design; it's for these reasons that they make great tools for business purposes. Find out how to set the standards of in-store events with custom neon lights!

#1: On-Brand Neon Sign Decorations

Let's start with the most common application of neon signs: decoration. 

Do you need a couple of leaves and flowers on the walls? How about some words or quotes that resonate with your brand? 

Depending on your niche, you can always find a relevant design to create neon wall art for your in-store event.

#2: Highlight a Marketing Phrase With LED neon signs

Marketing phrases or call-to-action (CTAs) are important when holding an in-store event. You want your customers to enjoy what you've prepared, but you also need to market your brand.

In that case, use eye-catching LED neon signs to highlight words like "limited sale," "save your spot," or any other advertising phrases related to your upcoming event.

#3: Light Up Your Business Logo With a Neon Sign

Don't forget to make your logo noticeable and memorable on the event day! You can customize your logo with LED neon signs and make it shine throughout the event. 

Guests will definitely not miss it for a selfie! In addition, you can keep using it during normal business hours to draw the attention of passersby.

#4: Give Directions Using Neon Signs

Many of your guests are entering your store for the first time. They might not find the event location immediately if you have a big establishment. Therefore, consider putting up some LED neon signs on walls or doors that give directions. 

You can choose from directional arrows, directional words, or non-verbal symbols. Just keep in mind to make them easy to understand!

#5: Present Something With a Neon Sign

Do you intend to have a presentation at your event? Perhaps you prepared one for a workshop, seminar, or product launch. 

Incorporating neon signs would be a good way to get people excited about it. For example, you could hang a neon light on the spot you'll be presenting. 

Then, the design would be a symbol or a few words describing the material you'll demonstrate.

#6: Use Neon Signs for Creative Lighting

How about using a neon sign as part of the event's lighting system? Don't think you can't get creative because it's a business event. You can still appear professional with a LED neon sign! 

Consider lighting techniques such as backlights or edge lights to make your LED sign stand out. You can also go with a glow-in-the-dark theme if you want!

#7: Build a Selfie Booth With Neon Signs

No matter the event, you should never exclude a photo booth from your program. We are now living in the era of social media, and LED neon sign selfies are all the rage right now! 

So if you want to increase customer engagement, don't forget to dedicate a selfie booth in or outside your store. 

Of course, keep the designs on-brand or encourage using branded hashtags to spread the word.

#8: Create Something Out of the Box With a Custom Neon Sign

Do you have more ideas for using neon signs for your shop? Then, take the custom neon signs route! 

Companies like Neonize offer custom neon services—simply send them your design, and they will create it for you. 

The possibilities with LED signs are endless, so don't hesitate to experiment and get creative to your heart's content!

6 Neon Sign Maintenance Tips for Future Use

One of the top advantages of neon lighting is that they last longer and require little maintenance. Hence, you can use them again if you wish to hold another in-store event in the future. 

However, being low-maintenance doesn't excuse you from exercising caution when handling custom neon signs. Therefore, you still need to figure out how to care for them properly. 

Below are six useful tips to make the most of your neon sign investment!

  1. Practice regular cleaning. Turn the lights off first before you begin.
  2. You may use vacuum cleaners, small brushes, or feather dusters to clean them.
  3. If you can, keep the lights on 24/7 (except when cleaning them). This is because frequently switching them on and off will only cause them to wear out faster than expected.
  4. When cleaning a sign, use warm water and detergents without toxic ingredients like ammonia.
  5. As much as possible, install or store them in secure spaces. It's better if the area isn't easily accessible to pets or children. It prevents collisions and item breakage.
  6. Before plugging the sign back in, make sure it's completely dry.

Market Your Retail in Bright Detail With a Neon Sign from Neonize

With an in-store event plan in place and the addition of LED neon signs, you can be more certain that your business will thrive! 

Nothing captures the attention of passersby more than a business sign in neon. It will surely be an effective marketing tool for promoting an event or attracting more customers during regular business hours.

Check out our huge collection of energy-efficient and handmade neon signs! We have an extensive range of layouts, from symbols and icons to popular and on-brand quotes. 

You will certainly find one or two that perfectly suit your event's theme. And if you can't find the design you want, we also offer a custom neon signs service.
Furthermore, we serve neon signs not just for a USA shop but all retail stores worldwide. So check out our neon collection today and spice up your upcoming in-store event!

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