Red neon signs on city streets

Red Neon Sign Aesthetic: Why Should You Use It for Your Business?

You've just set up shop in the city. Your store was fully furnished and neatly organized but didn't get much traffic today. You wondered why. You realize you lack that eye-catching signage that will make people stop and check out your store. So you did some recon outside.

When you go out of the city streets, you would see different signs lit up from cool to warm colors. But if there is any color standing out from the rest, it is red. So why do businesses choose red as the color of their logos, slogans, and overall branding? This blog will show you why and which businesses use this color.

The Psychology of Red Neon Aesthetic 

We live in a colorful world where each color triggers a certain emotion in people, including your customers. So having wall decors or lights that pique people's interests will give you an edge over your competitors. If blue neon signs convey trust while green neon lights show growth and wealth, what emotions do red aesthetic neon lights convey?

Red can spark a lot of strong emotions and reactions, such as: 

  • urgency
  • passion
  • activeness 
  • excitement
  • aggressiveness
  • power

Red is mostly associated with the human body. Our lips, blood, heart, and other body parts are mostly red, so it has a primal connection to life, death, health, romance, and sex. As a result, you would feel aroused when you see a red district filled with neon lights. Additionally, you would feel stricken at an emergency neon sign flashing in a hospital. 

People are forced to take action when seeing this powerful color. Red neon lights aesthetic ignite something inside us that tells us to act upon that reaction quickly. Perfect examples of red signs are Stop, Exit, and Do Not Enter signs. 

A red aesthetic neon sign with your business's name or your logo will surely make people stop and look at your shop because of the color. 

Burgers and beers red neon sign

Different Industries That Sell

Blue might be the top choice for brand colors, but red is the winner's color. Leading businesses in different industries use this attention-grabbing color for all their lights and neon signs. 

Red signifies power. That is why red neon signs are the perfect piece in strategic branding to impact your business. Some prominent companies from different fields and industries use this color to connect their business to their customers.

  • Food and Beverage: Red stimulates many things, including our hunger. And once we feel this growing appetite, we are urged to fill the void with food. Many restaurants and beverage companies take advantage of this color. McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and Pizza Hut are some of the big-time fast-food chains that use red neon lights to entice their consumers to dine at their establishments. 
  • Sports & Fitness: Aren't you excited, happy, or, in some cases, angry whenever you watch a game? Do you feel full of energy whenever you hit the gym? Red symbolizes aggression, energy, and passion for winning. Many teams like the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and the Yankees use red to represent their team strength and vigor. 
  • Art & Media: A red neon sign commands our attention to watch the breaking news or read the latest articles. Prominent media industries such as CNN, Netflix, and Time Magazine understand the power of red and use it to get their viewers' attention. 
  • Tech: Blue is normally the go-to color of tech giants like Samsung, Intel, and IBM. So other giants got red custom neon signs for their branding. it is almost inevitable to ignore the bright red logos of Lenovo, Nintendo, and Adobe. 
  • Retail & Consumer Goods: The same whirls of emotion build up inside when we see H&M or Macy's. Sale signs with red neon lights flashing excite us and make us feel good to shop. Therefore, marketers benefit from this and use red constantly. 
  • Education: If you would notice, higher education institutions such as Stanford University and Harvard University make use of this enthusiastic color when recruiting new students. In a way, red provokes their emotions to look for the best schools, like the Ivy League ones. 
  • Car Manufacturing: Car companies such as Tesla and Ferrari recognize this color as power-hungry and active, so they use red in their logos. Red also means thrill and danger to driving fast. it is a brilliant marketing strategy to lure potential customers into buying their cars.
Red connected to biological urges such as lust

Captivate Your Customers With the Power of Red!

Red is deeply connected to our biological urges. So whatever type of industry your blooming business falls in, this color can affect it greatly. It sways behavior and triggers people to buy impulsively and recognize an entity as a force to be reckoned with. So think about it when you get a red LED neon sign for your shop. 

You can adjust the brightness of your LED neon signs to make it subtle or dramatic. Plus, you can order a red custom neon sign for your shop. The name of your shop in bold, red lettering will surely attract potential customers. Get a red neon sign aesthetic for your business today at Neonize! We offer customization of your own design or choose from our wide array of products!

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