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5 Ideas to Get the Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom of Your Dreams

Perhaps you’ve recently seen Blade Runner 2049, and you were stunned by the futuristic setting of the neo-noir film. Maybe you just finished playing Cyberpunk 2077 and found the streets of Night City enchanting. Or maybe you just love that Euphoria vibe.

Either way, you want your bedroom to have the same dark neon vibes. Before hanging up any neon signs and LED lights, it’s best to understand and dive deeper into what aesthetics are and what makes the dark neon aesthetic. 

Let’s jump right into it!

The Makings of an Aesthetic

Believe it or not, the idea of aesthetics didn’t originally come from a famous artist or painter. It is a philosophical discussion, a branch of philosophy that deals with discourses about beauty, taste, and art. Aesthetics looks into what makes something beautiful.

Of course, with its connection to arts, the term “aesthetics” evolved from a discussion of beauty into a set of factors that inspire artists and art movements. An aesthetic works as a template or guide to a certain art style and has factors such as colors, balance, movement, and pattern. 

Today, an aesthetic doesn’t just revolve around arts. Instead, an aesthetic combines photos, colors, films, and music, giving off the same vibe. For example, the “cottagecore aesthetic” radiates the vibe of peacefully living out in the woods with its calm and nature-related imagery.

Glow Wave: The Dark Neon Aesthetic

Now that you know what an aesthetic is and what it’s all about, it’s time to understand the dark neon aesthetic fully, or as some people on the internet call it, glowwave. 

You guessed it; the glowwave aesthetic is all about things that glow in the dark. Whether from the vibrant glow of neon lights, lasers, or LED lights, this aesthetic is meant to make you feel like you’re in the middle of a raging rave or a full-blown house party. 

Glowwave’s visuals and style revolve around bright glowing colors and lights, like neon reds, blues, purples, and greens. Objects related to this aesthetic include glow sticks, neon signs, LED lights, and lasers. 

You can also draw inspiration from other related styles:

  • Synthwave
  • Vaporwave
  • Cyberpunk
  • Cybergoth
  • Glitch
  • Lo-Fi

Ideas for a Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

Let’s get into what you originally came for: bedroom inspiration and ideas. We’ll bring the party right in the comfort of your bedroom with our tips and tricks listed below.


As we know, different colors have varying meanings and give off different vibes and moods. For example, blue helps create a calm and peaceful aura. On the other hand, purple emits mysteriousness, while yellow radiates positivity and happiness. 

Consider which colors complement each other as well. For example, a mixture of neon blue, green, and purple lights usually blends well together for a dark neon aesthetic. 

Light It Up

The dark neon aesthetic is not complete without its neon component. As soon as you decide on the color scheme you want for your bedroom, shop for some bright, vivid home decor and lighting fixtures to hang around your walls. 

Neon and LED lights are what you need for that neon aesthetic. We advise you to attach these along the edge of your walls and ceiling. This design allows you to have great and moody lighting around your space. 

When it comes to neon signs, choose designs that speak to your soul. After all, your room is the space where you can fully express yourself. For example, add a “good vibes only” sign or a skull neon sign in your room. 

Sometimes, you can’t find the design you’re looking for. Don’t worry; you can also have neon signs customized. Look for glowwave inspiration on sites like Pinterest and create a neon design yourself!

You can’t leave out lasers and glowsticks. Make your room look like a real party with laser room lights. Crack those glowsticks and illuminate your space by placing them on your floor.

You can also try placing lava lamps on your desk and shelves. These luminous lamps will surely brighten up and add coolness to your room’s vibe with their mesmerizing and almost hypnotic movement. 

Look Smokin’

Why not try placing a few humidifiers or diffusers around your space or by your bed to emphasize your room’s gloomy yet glowing vibe? Air humidifiers add more moisture to a room’s air and release steam into the air. 

On the other hand, oil diffusers usually add fragrance to your area and release a mist filled with broken-down essential oils. Whichever you use, humidifiers and diffusers emulate the look of smoke, giving more character and feel to your room’s ambiance. 

Get that perfect dark neon vibe while making your room feel and smell great with humidifiers and diffusers.


Decorating your room can’t be all about lights. You must also consider other room and home decor. We’ll leave the furniture and bed design to you, but we can help you with your wall decor! 

Enhance your bedroom walls by hanging some posters. Since you’re going for a dark neon aesthetic, pick posters that will fit your theme, like glow-in-the-dark or vaporwave posters. If you’re going for a more grunge look, you can try adding band or movie posters on your walls.

Bass Boosted

As mentioned, an aesthetic isn’t just about visuals. The goal is to stimulate most, if not all, of our senses to immerse ourselves in a certain vibe fully. And what better way to do so than with music?

Grab your best high-quality-sounding speakers and place them around your room. Then, pick a few songs and create a Spotify playlist that fits the dark neon aesthetic. Or you can play created lo-fi hip-hop or vaporwave mixes and compilations on YouTube. 

We recommend songs with a heavy background bass or a chill hip-hop beat to get you and your room in the right mood. 

Spice Up Your Bedroom with Neonize!

You’re ready to put on your glow-in-the-dark shades and create your dream dark neon aesthetic room. Make your bedroom the life of the party with the bright and glowing glare of Neonize’s neon signs. 

Neonize has an enormous selection of neon signs that can light up places beyond your bedroom. We have neon signs for home decor, businesses, events, and even holidays! 

You can also customize your neon sign with us. Send your custom design, and we’ll neonize your sign for you!
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