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5 Blue Neon Aesthetic Ideas to Cool and Spruce up Your Living Spaces

LED lights have always been an accessory to trendy aesthetics. Every coffee shop, rustic bookstore, even bedrooms are not complete without a vibrant neon light mounted on the walls. It also doubles as an art piece that is pleasing to everyone’s eyes, especially when it glows in calm, cool colors. You’ll be surprised to see this piece of wall decor be the talk of the house party, a conversation starter.

It's not too late to get one for your own, whether for your personal use or your business. If you like that color blue, we have some ideas on our sleeve you can use for your neon lights. These concepts will surely brighten up your space and your moods. For work-from-home set-ups, a blue neon light can even stimulate the mind and let continuous productivity flow. So, continue reading below and look for inspiration for a customized LED neon sign.

5 Aesthetic Ideas for Blue Neon Signs

During the start of the 1900s, the color blue was a masculine color, but it became universal as the world progressed, lending great visuals to various design themes. Additionally, many things we find in nature are blue, such as the sea and the skies—one of the reasons why this color is often related to calmness and relaxation. The cool tone is pleasing to the eye and encourages wakefulness, focus, and calm, making it the perfect choice for office walls and bedrooms alike.

The color blue can affect an individual's mood and have different meanings and symbolism in different cultures. We'll dive deeper into them so you can pick out a custom neon light idea that resonates with you the most. 

Blue Flowers 

There is a lot of meaning behind flowers and the color blue. Some blue flowers are so rare it's impossible to find them growing in the wild. If you want to express something in the language of flowers, maybe this idea is for you. 

A blue rose is so rare you cannot find it in the wild. Many of these flowers are genetically modified to produce blue petals. According to folklore and fairytales, blue roses are so rare that if you find one, you can make a wish, and it will come true. Blue roses are also a symbol of royalty. 

A blue carnation is also a good choice for expressing romantic feelings. Carnations are not naturally blue, but the color signifies sincerity. The flower itself means “never forgetting.” When you don’t want to forget a special person, you can remember them with a flower. 

Famous Celebrity 

Neon lights are not limited to signage. You can have a customized neon light for your favorite celebrity. So many people, especially teenagers, look up to their idols not just for entertainment but for inspiration. Their inspiring stories of determination and hard work to the path to success to stardom may be another story for you, but it is what keeps them going for other people. These celebrity LED neon light designs are not only good for bedrooms. You can use them in your business. For example, if you have a Korean-themed café, you have customized neon lights of the trendiest K-pop groups of today. 


If there's something permanent in our lives, it's change. From time to time, people change whether they like it or not, and the process is not always an easy path to take. Butterflies are symbols of beautiful change and transformation. No matter how slow or ugly the start is, you'll emerge to be the best version of yourself with hard work and patience. A butterfly icon in your room will remind you that you can achieve anything with sheer determination. 


Let’s get closer to nature for your blue neon aesthetic sign. If you're looking for a sign of motivation, maybe the element of water is for you. In psychology, water means calm and peace. You can put an LED light of a water symbol in your fitness room to stimulate energy and mindfulness. You can also opt for a wave design because it symbolizes strength and power. Whenever you feel weak and unmotivated, this simple but impactful design can change your mindset. 

Business Signage 

When you offer services to people, the color of your sign can affect how you gain clients. The color can mean trustworthiness and productivity. It also means that you are sincere. Blue has an effect on people, which will attract them to your business. It also signifies cleanliness and good health. If your business is inclined to medical and health services, a blue sign will surely make your clients feel safe. 

Blue Moon 

We often hear the phrase "once in a blue moon." But where did it originate? There are different interpretations for a blue moon. In ancient folklore, during the blue moon, it is said that females gain more knowledge and wisdom. And since the blue moon is rare, people believe that this occurrence is connected with the divine. 

Many also believe that the gate to the spiritual world is open during the blue moon. It allows the living to connect with anyone in the spirit world. If you're missing someone who passed away or trying to rekindle a connection or passion, maybe a light blue neon aesthetic moon in your living space can help you with it. 

What Does the Color Blue Mean? 

Your LED design can be an expression of yourself, a reminder, a motivation, or simply a decorative element to bring life to your living space. But if you're wondering why you should go with the color blue, here are some of the meanings of blue that may represent your positive traits. 

  • The color blue is also closely related to religion. It symbolizes one's piety with divinity. That's why most paraphernalia used in religious activities are in the shade of blue. In the old-time, religious people believed that blue wards evil spirits. 
  • Blue can also mean protection and authority. During the Middle Ages, people wore a blue eye amulet to protect believed witches and practices of witchcraft. In addition, a certain shade of blue exudes authority. That is why police officers and other branches of the government who swear to protect have their uniforms in blue. 
  • Blue emphasizes massive spaces. In nature, skies and oceans are wide-open spaces that symbolize freedom, creativity, imagination, and confidence. 
  • Blue can also mean eternal. Blue gemstones, for instance, are rare and very expensive, so presenting one to your significant other can make gift-giving more special.

Find Your Blue Neon Aesthetic LED Light at Neonize

Now that you have ideas for customized neon lights, get the best lights at Neonize! Why get it with us? We have countless designs to choose from; we have anime, inspiration quotes, trendy designs, and even customized lights for you. Any design that pops up in your head, we’ve got you covered. 

In addition, our neon lights come in different vibrant colors; it's easy to install, lightweight, and durable. So sprucing your space doesn't need to be expensive. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection now for the perfect blue neon sign to cool and spruce up your living space.

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