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How a Neon Sign for Your Bedroom Transforms It into a Gamer Chamber

Traditional gaming rooms didn't use to look like the RGB haven you see on the Internet nowadays. Before, a simple computer setup and a comfy chair would do. People weren't particular about their equipment, lighting, or interior design. They just played games.

As more people spent time in their homes because of COVID-19, they began investing in their spaces and decorating them to show off their interests and passions. These spaces included the gaming room, where one could spend hours playing without noticing the time of the day. 

So, how can you achieve a banging gaming room from a simple bedroom? It's time to take notes! But before anything else, what do gaming bedrooms look like?

The Anatomy of a Gaming Bedroom

Other than the LED strip lights on their ceilings, streamers decorate their bedrooms with items with a significant value to them, whether monetary or emotional. As long as the item signifies their passion and fits their aesthetic, it's going into their gamer chamber.

Below are some items that adorn a gamer’s room.

  • An array of Funko Pop figures 
  • Posters of their anime waifu 
  • Collection of PlayStation CDs
  • Volumes of shounen mangas 
  • Musical instruments they play 
  • A shelf of books
  • A neon light of their video channel name to help with their branding

Transforming Your Bedroom into a Gamer Chamber

If you keep up with online streamers on Twitch or YouTube, you probably want to cop the vibe of their LED-lit gamer chambers. Here are some ways to transform your old bedroom into a gaming sanctuary.

1. Start with the basics: a bed and some storage. 

You want to start with a clean slate, not an empty one. Having a few bedroom necessities like a bed, a table, a chair, a personal computer, and a shelf will do. You can add more stuff into your room later when you've settled with the basics. 

2. Include a console in your space.

Most people play video games on their personal computers nowadays, so a gaming console isn’t totally necessary. Still, you can dedicate ample space to it across your bed so that you can play while lounging around. On days when you want to immerse yourself in a good arcade game, you can do so in the comfort of your bed. 

3. Invest in a gaming chair.

It might not be everyone's priority. Maybe your kitchen chair will suffice, but a gaming chair is specifically designed for people who play for hours. It is an investment every gamer should have. 

Its ergonomic features adjust to the needs of the user and encourage optimal sitting posture and activity. While you sit and play for hours, the ergonomic chair promotes blood flow, deepens breathing, and decreases muscle tension. As a result, you’ll be at your A-game and keep your body conditioned.  

While you're at it, get yourself a matching gaming desk. You can find some great options online or at a local shop. Just be sure they fit well with the rest of your decor and don't look like they came straight from the ‘90s (unless you're going for that style).

4. Fix your cable management.

We see a tangle of wires on your floor and do not like what we see. 

But seriously, when you're starting to breathe life and creativity in your room’s interior design, it's important to remember that a neat appearance is everything. It doesn't matter if you have a beautiful keyboard you modified or a row of trophies from your gaming competitions. Messy cable management will draw attention to itself. 

Hide them from the naked eye by using extension cords and zip ties. You can also use a hook screw to keep your cables off the floor. Trust us: this will save you from tripping up or having to detangle cords during cleanup. You are welcome.

5. Add personality by hanging up a neon sign in the bedroom.

Consider bedroom neon signs if you want to add some personality to your space! They are good decor elements for any room, especially a gaming chamber; you can use them to create a focal point in the space. 

You also won't have to repaint your room with these glowing art pieces installed. We understand it's too pricey to do a paint job. With these, you only have to turn your fluorescent lights off and let these light panels illuminate your room.

In addition to these benefits, neon signs are easy to install and maintain. They don't require special tools or expertise—simply install them on a wall and plug them in! And since most neon signs use LED bulbs, they use very little power and don't generate much heat.

Neonize Your Gaming Room

You can't talk about gamer culture without mentioning neon signs. Something magical about them instantly hypes you up while gaming. It must be the color or the light; either way, they’re a must in a gamer's room. 

Besides a gamer chamber, you can place this lighting in the background of your home. A neon sign will make your space seem more alive and highlight anything you hang on your walls. It will also attract people's attention when they see it upon entering your home.

Neonize has a variety of neon signs for different locations and occasions. So whether it's for your living room, work area, or business, there will always be a neon sign for you.

And if you can't find the perfect match for your room, Neonize offers a custom neon sign that you can design on your terms. Just provide us an image or text of the design you think will complement your room, and we'll take care of the rest! In only five minutes, we'll bring your vision to life. 


Now you know how to turn your bedroom into a gamer chamber using a neon sign. If you want to add neon signs to your gaming room, check out Neonize for a selection of pre-made and custom-made neon lights! 

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