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Channel Your Inner Otaku with These Anime Neon Sign Decorations!

If you think watching anime, reading manga, and collecting figurines of fictional heroes are for nine-year-olds, think again. People of all ages are into anime, and some hardcore fans, who identify themselves as otakus, have watched, collected, and read every possible anime there is. 

If you're also a hardcore fan, imagine having a space or a room just for your enjoyment. A room full of collectables, endless mangas, and a place to watch them all day! What better way to make you feel you are living your anime dream than by hanging anime neon signs with your collections. Watch your badass heroes and heroines glow on your favorite figurines! 

Choosing an Anime LED Sign That's Right For You 

Did you know that the very first anime was televised in 1960? Today, a lot of people are into it, be it the old anime or the modern one. Whatever your preference is, we have an anime neon light for you at Neonize! Below are examples of what we can offer: 

Demon Slayer 

Breath of the water number four: striking tide! 

Do you get goosebumps when you hear your main hero rushing into battle and clashing with their greatest enemies? If you get excited by the line above, you are a Demon Slayer fan! Adding an animated neon sign with a demon slayer theme with your collectibles of Tanjiro and Nezuko will surely make your dreams come to life. 

To give a brief background, Demon Slayer first came out in Japan in 2019. In October 2020, a movie was released for its sequel and became the highest animated grossing film. Because of the success of both manga and anime series, millions of anime fans worldwide became obsessed with this show. Demon slayer merchandise ranges from figurines, costumes, swords, and now neon lights.

Dragonball Z 

If you are an anime fan born in the '90s, you are most likely a DBZ fan. Dragonball Z was first aired in 1989, was dubbed later, and was telecast in 81 countries. After a successful 325 chapters, sequels were produced between 2015–2018. 

Who could ever forget the iconic Son Goku and Kamehameha Wave? Majin Buu, Frieza, and Vegeta were probably your number one enemy while watching the show. A neon sign design of DBZ is a great way to remind you of how much fun you had watching the adventures of Goku and add another thing to your DBZ collectibles. 


Gotta catch them all! Every kid and all the young at heart loves Pokemon! Anime fans will surely remember the first time Ash picked Pikachu in his journey to be a Pokemon master. The first generation Pokemon is composed of 150 different species, and at one point, all of us wanted to have one. As time went by, hundreds more were created, and anime fans fell in love with the franchise. 

Start your very own collection of Pokemon with a neon LED sign! Be it Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, choose your favorite Poke monsters and relive your childhood as you watch their neon light give a magical glow to your room. 

Custom Animated Neon Sign

There are different genres of anime. There's shoujo, shonen, seine, and many more. If you can't choose which of them you like the most, don't worry. Neon sign animes are not only limited to popular ones. You can have the designs of your hidden gems through custom neon signs. You can have traditional neon signs bearing the title of your favorite anime or have a custom neon sign that shows the faces of your favorite anime characters. 

Why Buy Anime LED Signs at Neonize? 

Not only can we assure you that we have the best neon signs in the market, here are some more guarantees why you should buy your anime neon signs with us: 

  • Installing your signs is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Each box also contains a free screw kit for your neon lights.
  • It is safely packed and has a warranty. 
  • No need for adapters. You can plug it in on standard outlets. 
  • LED lights are also available in multiple vibrant colors. 

Bring life to your room and brighten up your collectibles with these jaw-dropping anime neon lights! Whether it's One Piece, Fairy Tale, Hunter x Hunter, or any custom LED neon sign of your favorite anime characters, Neonize can bring it to life. What are you waiting for? Order yours at Neonize now! 

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