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6 Kickass Characters for Your Motivational Anime Neon Sign

A fictional character can be the greatest source of motivation in life. Even if they are merely a make-believe creation with a primary purpose to entertain, a purposeful reason behind the art is to inspire people to make the best out of life. 

Undoubtedly, anime is one of the top-tier sources of motivation for people regardless of background. Animation is not just for kids anymore—it's for an audience who, no matter the age and state of life, enjoys this kind of art and the life lessons that come along with it. It's been admired to a point where fans buy merchandise to honor their passion and gratitude for anime, and that includes anime neon signs!

6 Motivational Kickass Characters for Your Neon Anime Signs

Having an anime neon light on your wall is an aesthetic way to express your thriving otaku spirit. There's nothing more incredible than your favorite anime character showing up in your favorite space through bright neon lights! If you're planning to purchase a neon sign anime but unsure which of the many awesome characters to pick, here are some good suggestions.

Aoi Miyamori 

Miyamori is one of your modern-day sources of inspiration! She is the main character from the Shirobako series, an in-depth story of how employees work in the animation industry. Unlike badass characters with strong, supernatural powers, Miyamori is just an ordinary worker with a lot of patience and hard work in her system. In the series, you can see her growth in the journey of hustling her way into the production department. So if you're having a hard time finding the strength to work, her uplifting image on your neon light sign might give you the boost you need!

Rock Lee

There are many inspirational characters in the classic Naruto series, and Rock Lee deserves some spotlight for his determination! With excellent Taijutsu skills, he becomes one of the memorable fighters despite being surrounded by peers who knew other techniques he doesn't, such as ninjutsu and genjutsu. The kid reminds us to recognize what we have instead of what we don't and nurture it to become a better version of ourselves. Having this iconic character on your neon LED sign makes a big difference to kickstart your day, no?

Tohru Honda

We have that one character whose kind-hearted nature doesn't falter no matter what kind of situation they face, and Tohru from Fruits Basket is one of them! Despite her tragic childhood, she's always been a person full of love and compassion towards others—she's truly an incredible icon of altruism! With her face as the decoration in your LED neon sign, you might be reminded of spreading some kindness for today and the next days to come. 


Here's a character from one of anime's classics with a journey worth watching—a villain in the beginning who ended up with spectacular character development! Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z is one of those legendary characters most anime fans consider. A harsh background turned him into the rough and savage person he was, but you can witness how he became a better version of himself in time. With Vegeta as your anime neon light character, you'll be reminded that anyone's capable of changing for the better—and it's never too late for that! 

Monkey D. Luffy

"Your size doesn't determine power, but the size of your heart and dreams." Does this quote ring a bell on you? It should! Those are powerful words from Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates captain from the classic One Piece series! He is a fearless and freedom-loving guy who is willing to protect the people important to him at all costs. He can be a goofy person and a serious one next, making him such a charming character. If you lack the confidence to pursue your goals, Luffy's a reminder that you can go a long way with a passionate and loving heart!

Masami Kondou

This character might not be as popular, but his relatable nature is more than enough reason to include him on the list! Kondou Masami from After the Rain is a realistic portrayal of the older audience. He's a 45-year-old family restaurant manager and a single dad. Moreover, he's just like many adults out there: someone whose dream crashes with reality

He dreams of becoming a well-known writer but struggles to do so because of life's great demands. His realistic and touching tale will validate your struggles and motivate you to keep trying anyway. Even with a rather ordinary appearance, he'll surely look awesome in your custom neon sign.


With the massive world of anime, there are so much more than just six characters out there who can inspire you to give it your best in life. However, we hope that this list helps you find someone to relate to and use that character as your daily motivation. Bring your dreams and love for anime to life with a vibrant neon sign!

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