Neon Interior Design Ideas To Brighten Your Home

We’ve long adored neon signage, but neon is being increasingly popular in the home in other ways. If you’re looking for innovative style ideas that will transform dull, drab interior spaces, neon accents can add a burst of color in any room in your home, and will instantly catch the eye of any guests who visit your property. Here are a few neon interior design ideas that you can try at home.

  • Neon furniture

Bored of conventional furniture? Experiment with bold and bright neon furniture – guaranteed to become the centerpiece of any room in the house. Neon chairs and stools look great when placed in a living room or kitchen, and work particularly well when placed in a room with white or magnolia walls. The key here is to use neon sparingly, as too much color can often create the impression of a smaller interior space. Fun, funky, and fluorescent, neon furniture is perfect for those who want a one-of-a-kind high-impact statement piece in their home. Whether you choose one color, or several, you’re sure to make an impression.

  • Neon accessories

If you don’t think neon furniture will do your rooms any justice, you can incorporate smaller accessories for an extra burst of color. Combine neon cushions with a sofa in a neutral color to create a vivid contrast of daring and conventional, or choose a bedspread with accent of fluorescent greens and oranges. You can always experiment when you mix and match neon accents and, if you think the finished look is too much, you can always try neon accessories in another room in the home. Other neon interior designs ideas include vases, kitchen cutlery and even lighting fixtures!

  • Neon canvas art

They say the art you display in your home reveals a lot about you, so why not opt for neon canvas art to reflect your outgoing personality? Canvas prints are available in various sizes, so you will be able to customize your rooms and brighten up any boring wall spaces. Neon art might incorporate geometric shapes in bright, bold colors, or feature landscapes or patterns. Once again, displaying neon against a neutral background (white or magnolia works best here) can create a striking design that will wow you when you enter the room. The ultimate in contemporary style, neon canvas art is perfect for bachelor pads, apartments, family living rooms, and bedrooms.

  • Neon plant holders

If you want to gradually introduce some neon interior design ideas into your home – and don’t have the confidence to hang a huge piece of canvas art in your home, how about neon plant holders? These look great when placed outside or in the home, and will contrast with the plants or flowers that you choose. These holders can be used to hang plants from the ceiling, or can be kept on the floor – the choice is completely yours. You’ll probably find that your flowers stand out even more when juxtaposed with the bright, fluorescent colors of the neon holder.

Of course you can’t go wrong with neon signs, but if you’re looking for other neon interior design ideas in your home, then you may well take inspiration from the examples above!


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