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Purple Personality Check: Which Purple Neon Sign Are You?

Ok, so you can't imagine living in a world without purple. Clearly, you love this color and want your living space filled with it. And you will, because you're thinking of getting a purple neon sign for your room.

But there's a catch. Purple has many symbolisms, and you struggle to give your room a distinct personality. You value the meaning behind the aesthetic and want something that expresses your personality well.

We've created this article to help you determine which of the different purple neon signs ideas best suits your space. Let's start!

Which Neon Sign are You? Explore the Different Symbolisms of Purple Using Cool Neon Signs

Like any other color, purple has numerous symbolic meanings dating back to the old times. While it's great to discover a lot about something you enjoy, using it for interior design is another story. Using all of them in one space might not yield desirable results. Just find one that best suits your personality, which we will be helping you with!

Note: When I realized I forgot to include a neon sign photo, I’ve already used up the Shutterstock image limit for less than 1k-word articles (2 images). So I went to Pexel for this extra photo.

The Royal Purple

Do you have a passion for luxurious room aesthetics? Perhaps one with all glitter and gold (but in purple)? You will fancy the royal purple LED neon sign. A purple crown or an empowering quote may help express your personality. You are ambitious and powerful and have a flair for all things luxury!

The Playful Purple

Are you the fun and quirky type? Purple also represents playful qualities, so a whimsical purple neon sign is perfect for you. Bring fun into your room with various shapes and designs! A "Work Hard, Play Harder" neon sign, a face with tongue emoji neon sign, or your favorite childhood toy neon light are popular examples.

The Mysterious Purple

Purple can also mean mystery. If you love the enigmatic or you're a mysterious person yourself, this neon sign is your go-to. Try out an abstract neon lights design or a surreal image to give your room an air of mystery. Maybe you fancy a dimly lit sign that reads "Keep it Lowkey." This purple neon light is excellent for displaying hidden or complex messages that get people thinking.

The Seductive Purple

Do your friends think you give off a mature, sexy, or romantic vibe? A seductive neon sign is an excellent way to express this side of you. Purple symbolizes seduction and femininity, especially when combined with pink.

Pick out a purple sign with rose petals or lips. Try quotes like "Hello Sexy" or "Let's get wild." These soft-glowing beauties emit an intimate atmosphere, so give them a try on those lazy, sexy afternoons!

The ARMY Purple

Hey, do you know BTS? And do you like them? Then you're most likely an ARMY! For this famous group, the last color of the rainbow represents trust and eternal love. If being an ARMY is your favorite identity, show off your fandom with a "borahae" or BTS neon sign in your room. You may also pick your favorite lyrics and transform them into a glowing masterpiece.

The Creative and Quiet Purple

Are you an artistic soul looking for adventure and stimulation? Or do you prefer silence and relaxation? Maybe you prefer both! Purple creates a balance between creativity and peace. It strengthens your creative imagination while also giving a calming effect.

Express your creative side with creative and calm purple neon lights. Try a quote like "think outside the box" or some art-inspired visuals. For a tranquil concept, go for a soothing purple light with circular shapes or calming phrases. Have a taste of both worlds with one fantastic sign!

The Magical Purple

Do you long for enchanted beings, captivating tales, and glittery magic? There is a special type of purple neon sign made for you. Purple is associated with powerful, magical figures such as magicians, sorcerers, unicorns, and kings. It also offers a dreamy escape from reality; if that's what you're looking for, these neon signs are the real deal.

A "This is where the magic happens" sign will make a nice decoration on your bedroom wall. You may also choose a cute, dreamy neon lights design like unicorns or wizards.

The Psychic and Spiritual Purple

Purple is associated with fantasy, so it's no surprise that it also features psychic and spiritual meanings. Depending on the shade, purple represents different energies, ranging from romance to frustration. On the positive side, it's a suitable color for people seeking spiritual development and feeling connected with the unknown.

Can't think of a design for your spiritual purple neon signs? Start with something like a magic eye, a meditating figure, a mandala, or the yin-yang symbol. If you prefer words to symbols, go for "breathe," "balance," or "sacred."

Finding Your Kind of Purple

Are you left in circles with the multiple meanings of purple? Put an end to it with our purple personality check blog!

No matter your character, a perfect kind of purple can capture it. Whether you're an ARMY, creative, spiritual, seductive, or mysterious person, a purple neon light wall decor can help you express that beautiful part of yourself.

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