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How to Get More Swipes on Dating Apps With a "Send Nudes" Neon Sign

Nudes aren't something new, yet it is still taboo. Though we don't necessarily go bare naked in our profile pictures, we want to express our individuality. However, most people avoid speaking or showing candidly, even on dating apps.

It's time to go back to the basics of a good picture, which is you in a well-lit background. Our neon lights will surely give off that sexy vibe you've always wanted for your pictures. Let's find out how a "Send Nudes" neon sign can liven up your dating profiles! 

How to Set the Mood With Send Nudes Neon LED Sign 

There is a subtle art to creating your dating profile picture. Many people go overboard, while some hide their real selves. You don't have to do this to get swipes. Here's how you can set the mood with a neon LED sign.

Emphasize Your Own Features

Great photos attract attention, but real ones are for keeps. Unfortunately, people edit or upload fake photos of themselves to get someone out on a first date. However, you're not going to get a second date by catfishing. Instead of photoshopping to exaggerate your physical appearance, opt for neon lights that can emphasize your facial features and body curves. 

Show Off Who You Are 

Rather than sending prospects on dating apps a long, monotonous message about yourself, why not make a small hint and display it in bold, electric letters on your profile picture? Neon lights can sum up your personality with just letters or designs on your background. 

Don't be afraid to display Send Nudes neon LED lights on your dating profile. You'd be surprised how people appreciate straightforward photos of yourself. A gorgeous neon sign can liberate you from your insecurities and fear. 

Use Natural Photos

Using selfies when setting up your dating profile, for instance, is cliche. Sometimes, it can look stiff and awkward. For a natural, full angle of yourself, use photos taken by your friends or a photographer from a distance. 

On top of that, go for backgrounds with vibrant, neon lights to give your photo a whole different effect. Light blue neon lights will give off that cool, masculine effect. In contrast, pink neon signs will emanate sultry femininity

How to Take Photos With Send Nudes Neon Lights 

The tricky thing about using neon lights as your profile photo background is shooting light. As a result, you tend to capture the flash effect of your camera against the neon lights. Learn how to capture that sexy vibe with our neon light photography tips below. 

Time of Day

Neon lights aren't cut out for daylight, so the magical effects of the golden hour don't work on your photos. Instead, take your photos during the blue hour. This period is either 15 minutes before sunrise or 10 minutes after sunset. It is dark enough to let the neon sign to shine, with just the right amount of light to see the surroundings. 

Camera Stabilization 

Neon lights produce swirling lines when you capture photos using your shaky hands. You won't be able to capture alluring dating photos if the neon lights make you all blurry. It is best to place your camera on a tripod to stabilize the camera and reduce the blurriness. It also helps if you use a remote shutter release.

Sensitivity to Light

Your camera can be quite sensitive to your LED neon sign. So the rule of thumb when it comes to neon light photography is the lower the ISO, the better it can pick your sexy neon lights. Go for an ISO of 100 or 200 for crystal clear color lines. 

White Balance

Neon signs have a variety of colors, such as display white, that might look too saturated in your photo. If your white balance isn't correct, your picture might look unnatural. You can adjust the color temperature manually to prevent this.  

Shoot RAW

There are plenty of issues concerning JPEG dating photos as they lose their quality. Thus, it's recommended to take RAW photos with your neon lights to preserve more image data, resulting in higher-quality photos. In addition, you can see how vibrant your LED neon colors are. 

Don't worry about how much space your RAW nude neon sign shots will take up. You just need one seductive photo to reel in potential lovers. 

How to Spice Up Your Photos With Send Nudes Neon Signs 

You don't need headshots captured by professional photographers to build your dating profile. But it takes a bit of work to capture alluring photos with neon signs. You can go for supportive friends who are open-minded to your wild adventures, such as taking provocative shots.

Add more flavor to your dating app with these hot tips!

Accentuate Your Body

Wear light-colored shirts like white tees for you to stand out from the LED neon lights. Put on lacy lingerie or tight boxers if you want that extra spice. 

Use Glasses 

Wearing glasses is very attractive and can awaken a fantasy inside of us. But in neon light photography, your neon lights can reflect glasses to have eye-catching portraits for your profile. If someone checks out your hot profile and reads "send nudes" in your glasses, it will catch their attention. 

Bring It to the Bedroom 

Neonize can deliver neon signs right to your doorstep to accentuate your bedroom walls. No need to look for those electric colors. You can easily install your sexy neon lights together with its screw kit. 

In addition to having it on your profile, you can use your led neon light as wall decor to add that hot, steamy vibe to your space whenever you like. Neon signs aren't for one-time use. They're perfect for every heavenly and romantic moment. 

Woman in Glasses With Neon Lights Background

Spice up Your Dating Profile With Neonize!

Neon signs are truly timeless and intriguing additions to your dating profile. It illuminates sensual confidence that draws people's attention. Neon signs can set a sensual mystique with the right angle and unique perspective.If you want to express your personality through neon light signs, we have different colors and designs of neon signs for you to choose from. You can also customize your own neon signs to express yourself. Order your premium quality custom neon signs for your online dating profile so prospects can slide into your DMs right away.

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