Be A badass with a Good Ass Neon Sign

When To Strike And Back Down: Be Inspired With A Be A Badass With A Good Ass Neon Sign

Sometimes, it’s hard being a badass. People judge you as strong and intimidating when it’s just who you are. Free yourself from what people think and focus instead on how much you know yourself. Indeed, you are a fighter, but only when the situation calls for it. Behind the tough exterior, there’s a good person ready to shine when the right time comes. 

Calm down and chill, take a deep breath, and reflect. When is really the right time to strike, and on which occasions should you back down? Let us help you get inspiration from cheap custom neon signs. 

The Right Time To Strike

Gather your confidence and be dauntless when the time to speak up comes. If you remain meek and shy, people will continue stepping on your rights. Check out these instances when you should not hesitate to let out your inner badass. There is nothing wrong with fighting, especially when you are right. 

Caring For Yourself And Others

The great thing about speaking up is that it benefits you and the people around you. For instance, when you stand against discrimination and bullying, you fight with individuals who suffer the same challenges. Raise your fist against racism, sexual harassment, and corruption. Support women’s rights, equal access to education, and all forms of equality. Staying quiet will only worsen the situation, so toughen up! The result of this struggle will be a positive change. 

Going For Your Goals And Dreams

The way you put your heart in fighting for what you believe in should be the same passion you have for your goals. What do you want to achieve? Have you completed the objectives set in your five or ten-year plan? Let no discouraging inner voice and negative opinions from other people slow you down. Resist negative self-talk and strive to hit target after target each time.

Know When To Back Down

Backing down is probably one of the most challenging things you’ll do in your life. Why so? It’s because of the stigma that it is a sign of weakness and defeat. Break free from this debilitating belief. Backing down is not your downfall—it is self-care. 

Your body craves rest.

Stop. Relax and rest not only when your body feels sick and unable to do tasks efficiently. Take breaks often. These moments are opportunities for you to rejuvenate your energy and allow you to fulfill your duties excellently. File your most-deserved vacation leave or take a social media break—retreat in your favorite zen place or even in a corner at home. You can fight life’s challenges better when you are strong. 

The situation calls for it. 

The singer Stevie B understood what it meant to back down when he sang, “When you love someone, you gotta learn to let them go.” Indeed, love is one of the things you cannot force. Despite the hurt, you need to accept when it’s time to let go. 

Acceptance is a sign of maturity, so back down when it is your mistake. Learn from it and move on. 

How Neon Signs For Bedrooms Help

Badass neon signs help inspire you to unleash the Kraken. It is especially true when the neon light signs you use feature messages or images that boost your self-confidence and communicate wisdom. Inspiring reminders do not only come from the books or your parents’ advice. These days, in a highly visual world, they are now in the form of neon signs. 

The sign we’re featuring has the message “Be a badass with a good ass,” which could be just the advice you need when you need that extra little boost of confidence to stand up and fight.

If you have particular symbols or texts in mind that will inspire you, you can also try customized neon light signs. You can send your custom designs to us and we’ll make them for you.

Some powerful messages you can consider for your custom sign are the following:

  • He For She
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Pride
  • Badass
  • Just Relax
  • Do All Things With Love
  • Dreamer
  • Chill

You can also go for an iconic shape, or create a neon sign with your favourite symbol. A rainbow flag for LGBT empowerment or a fist as a general symbol for resistance is both great choices. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a small message or a symbol to keep the fire burning. Continue with what you are fighting for, and be inspired by an LED neon sign that features your goal. 

Be a Badass With a Good Ass Neon Sign

Have these thoughts inspired you to stand up? Know that there are perfect moments to fight, but being a badass is also knowing when to back down. To remind you of this, the Be a Badass With a Good Ass LED sign is something you can mount on your room’s wall. It’s the message that will greet you in the morning, and it is also the last reminder you’ll see before you sleep. In no time, you’ll remember these words by heart.

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