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Make Heart’s Day Extra Special with Neonize’s Valentine’s Day Neon Light

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion when people show extra love and effort to their special someone. From chocolates, romantic surprises, giving of flowers, gifts, to out-of-town getaways, people make sure that this day is something they will remember for a long time. Whether this is your first time spending V-Day with your special someone, or you've done this many times before, we're sure your mind is overflowing with ideas. 

Make Valentine’s Day even more special with Valentine’s neon sign that will go well with whatever you've got planned. And if you're not yet sure what to do, you're in luck! This blog post will discuss the different practices that various countries do for Valentine's day. Get inspired by these heartwarming traditions and come up with your very own Heart’s Day celebration!

When Did Valentine’s Day Start? 

If you love someone, every day is a good time to express and show them your sincere feelings. But how did Valentine’s Day, the annual day of love celebrated all around the world, come about? Let’s have a history lesson:

When Emperor Claudius II reigned in the Roman empire, he believed that untied men make better soldiers. So, during his time, he banned all marriages. However, St. Valentine, a priest for the Catholic Church, continued to perform marriage rites in secret. When he was caught, Emperor Claudius II ordered him to be beheaded. 

Since the death of St. Valentine, couples he married assigned a day to remember him, which was later called Valentine's Day. Flash forward to the modern days, when it has become a day for people to freely express their love. Here are the different ways Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe.

5 Different Love-Filled Valentine’s Traditions Around the Globe 

Different countries celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways. It's not all just flowers, chocolates, and kisses. Let's look at the different traditions, and you might find the right inspiration for your Valentine's Day celebration. 


Japanese people make sure that both genders receive the love they deserve on Heart’s Day. In contrast to the popular practice, every February 14, the girls give chocolates to the boys. There are two types of chocolate females can give you during Valentine's. The first one is called the girl choco, which are sweets they give to their male friends or colleagues as a sign of respect and friendship. The second type of chocolate is a homemade sweet called the Honmei choco, given to males for whom they have romantic feelings. 

Japanese people also have a second Valentine's Day, celebrated every March 14. This is when the male showers the female with expensive gifts as a token of their love and admiration. 


People celebrate differently all over England. The most common practice among women during February 14 is placing 5 bay leaves under their pillow in hopes that their dreams will bring them to their future husbands. Since the 17th century, the people of England made it a tradition to offer red roses to symbolize Aphrodite, the goddess of love. 

In Sussex, the day of love is also the day of wedding ceremonies. This is based on Geoffrey Chaucer's writings, which say birds choose their partner on this day. That's why during wedding ceremonies, couples release birds into the sky to signify that they have found their forever partner. 

You can also do this with your partner. Release a pair of doves surrounded by red roses under the glow of a Valentine’s Day neon sign. This surprise will surely top February 14 celebrations. 

South Korea 

The South Koreans celebrate Valentine's Day like the rest of the world. For example, giving flowers, letters, and chocolates to their special someone. But their celebration is very similar to the Japanese. For example, on February 14, the females are the ones who shower the males with gifts, and on White Day, which happens on March 14, it's the males who give gifts to women. Another interesting Valentine’s Day tradition in Korea is celebrating "Black Day." This day is celebrated on April 14, where all single individuals in the country wear black and eat "jajangmyeon” or black bean noodles together with their single friends. 


Taiwan is another Asian country that celebrates Valentine's Day like the Japanese. But Taiwan has a designated date for lovers, too. Instead of February 14, they celebrate the day of love every July 7. On this day, males give beautiful flowers to women. Now, the kind of flower and the number given can have different meanings. For example, if a woman receives a single-stemmed rose, the giver loves her. However, if you are a female and receive a bouquet of 108 roses, it means that your partner is asking you to marry him. 

It might be something so simple, but it brings about different meanings. If you want to say something to your partner during Valentine’s, you can do it with the language of flowers—truly a memorable and romantic experience. 


In Finland, Valentine's Day is not only for your significant others, but it's a day for best friends, too. People in Finland give out cards and sweets to their friends, even their neighbors, to show appreciation. There is also a tradition in Finland where single people can ride the "Love Bus." They believe that there's a high chance you'll find your love interest during the ride on this day. 

Every February 14 in this country, it’s very popular for people to get engaged. So, if you are sure that your partner is the one, you should put a ring on it this Valentine’s Day and make it extra special. Look for a romantic spot, have dinner, indulge in some wine, slow dance to music, and top it off with customized Valentine's neon lights. It will surely be a night to remember. 

Make It Extra Sweet 

Truly, Valentine's Day is a special holiday. It's the day when you are free to express your innermost feelings to a special someone and receive lots of love as well. Unfortunately, many people are pressured to make this day special. But in reality, sincerity and effort are all you need for a meaningful Valentine's celebration. We hope that these interesting traditions worldwide help you come up with an idea for your celebrations. And to make it more memorable, check out the Valentine's Day neon light from Neonize—a creative and vibrant way to express how you feel!

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