Bedroom with a BTS purple neon sign

Light Up Your BTS-Inspired Room with a Purple Neon Sign

Anyone who still doesn't know BTS in the year of our Lord 2022 probably lives under a rock. The Bangtan Boys' worldwide domination shows no signs of slowing down, and they're not just popular for their music—they're bankable brand ambassadors, too. Their fashion, merch, and ads are everywhere, all with one representative color—purple.

While purple has been a popular color associated with royalty, BTS has taken it to new heights, and their fans, the ARMY, have adopted the color as their own. That's why they’re constantly looking for ways to have some purple in their life, from clothing to interior decor.

If you are an ARMY, your bedroom must be a BTS shrine, filled with concert mementos, signed albums, and BT21 plushies. And if it isn’t yet, nothing says, “I'm a BTS ARMY,” like purple neon sign wall art.

Neon signs are all the rage these days, and you can incorporate them into your room decor in many ways. But before we dive into some fire ways to decorate your BTS-inspired room, let’s first introduce BTS to those who live under a rock.

The Boys We Luv: BTS

If there is one thing you can count on Neonize, it's that we're an avid lover of all things pop culture, even K-pop. And what’s the first group that enters your mind when you hear the word “K-pop”? Of course, it’s BTS! But just who are these boys? And why are they such a major deal?

The Grammy-nominated South Korean group BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond the Scene, has been winning millions of fans worldwide since their debut in 2013. Jin, Suga, RM, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook make up the seven-piece boy band. 

BTS has shattered numerous global records with their genuine and self-produced songs, excellent performances, and massive fan base. How massive? To give you a good idea, the group has over 90 million supporters globally, according to estimates. A survey of over 400,000 fan respondents also showed that 8.4% of the BTS ARMY live in the United States. 

If you still need convincing, the Guinness World Records has recognized them for their tremendous popularity. Their social media achievements alone are proof: their Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok platforms are the most followed accounts for an artist on the respective sites. 

Why Did BTS Become Associated with Purple?

What better way to symbolize love than with the final color of the rainbow? That's what BTS member V thought, and who are we to question his genius?

V created the phrase “I purple you” at a BTS concert in 2016. He said the band's undying affection for their fans is like the purple hue at the rainbow’s end. The color also represents the trust that BTS’ and ARMY's support for each other will continue for a long time.

Since then, purple has become BTS' color. The band collaborates and endorses several brands that then incorporate the color purple into their designs. For example, McDonald’s turned purple when they sold the limited-time BTS Meal. Iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building in New York, the Tower Bridge in London, and the Kingdom Center in Riyadh also glowed purple when BTS held sold-out concerts in their cities.

Fire ARMY Bedroom Ideas

If BTS is here to stay, so is the ARMY. They’re super passionate about their favorite band, so it's only natural for them to want to show off their love for BTS in any way possible! One of those is by decorating their rooms with BTS stuff. Not only does this make the space look more interesting and lively, but it's also a great way to express fandom.

Here are a couple of ways to light up your room BTS-style! 

Flex Your Merch

We know you are never short of merch. Such is the expensive life of a K-pop fangirl or fanboy. You keep up with the numerous albums K-pop groups put out and go to concerts. Don't even get us started on the cost of concert tickets. 

You also have at least five official K-pop photocards of your favorite group, which we know aren't easy to get, as pricey as they are. In other fandom cultures (second-generation K-fandoms like Girls’ Generation’s SONE or BIGBANG’s VIPs), these photocards aren’t as important as the albums. However, today’s K-pop fans think of them as something like NFTs. They have value, with some higher than others.  

You may not want to get them out of their safe hiding place, but if you want your bedroom to truly feel like home, flex your merch. You can buy acrylic stands for photo cards online. They will keep your prized possessions waterproof and dust-free on your bedside table or working station. Trust us: surrounding yourself with things that make you happy is self-care at its best.  

Go Korean on Your Sheets

Seoul is an underappreciated city in terms of its ability to shape fashion and design trends. You know those Gingham fabrics you see online? They are currently popular in Korean fashion, and it's interesting to see them slowly make their way to interior design, emerging in Korean bedrooms and households.

Try changing your sheets into these colorful bedding sets. But if you’re not interested, you can always settle on white sheets to complement your BTS-studded space, which is inarguably colorful. 

It's All About Lighting

Korean interior design is all about comfort. It plays around with bedroom lighting to give off a cozy effect, so opt for natural lighting by day and ambient lighting by night. 

If you have many windows in your bedroom, take advantage of them! Natural light will fill up your room during the day and make it seem larger than it actually is. At night, however, ensure there’s enough artificial light so that you won’t trip over things while walking around the space.

You can also add fairy lights to make your room seem dreamier. Others opt for neon signs to illuminate their rooms at night, giving off an edgy style that even your online friend from stan Twitter will commend.  

Set the Night Alight with Neon Signs

Posters aren’t a bad decoration option, but they’re definitely not the only option. So we say skip them and make your room stand out with something far more unique—neon signs. They bring in warmth and style without compromising either. They are also customizable.

Neon signs are very popular in Korea and used as decoration in every room, so get one with the BTS logo on it. Neon sign stores can make them in distinct colors, so you can select whichever you like best. You can also get different designs to signify each BTS member!

Dope Neon Purple Sign Ideas

An interior lover who keeps up with the trends knows a custom neon sign or something glowy is a must for their wall decor. However, if you're an ARMY to boot and you want to further prove your love for Bangtan, you can snag one or two of the following neon sign ideas:

  • A neon sign that says BT21 (the name of LINE comic characters each BTS member created for themselves) 
  • A sign that says, “I Purple You” 
  • A text-based sign that reads, “BTS Army”
  • A neon sign of the number 7 in the color purple to signify all the members of BTS
  • A finger heart neon sign
  • A neon quote from one of their songs
  • A neon light with a BTS album art

Run to Neonize for Your Neon Sign Needs

We understand that getting your hands on a BTS-themed neon sign can be difficult. Although the market is lucrative, not a lot of stores sell neon signs for the ARMY. That is why Neonize’s custom neon sign service is your pal in bringing your BTS purple neon light sign to life.  

Let's say you want to have a neon light version of RM’s quote, “Music transcends languages.” We can make that possible for you. What about the incredible line art from their Love Yourself albums? Not a problem! We are the neon sign maker for that!

All you have to do to get your custom neon sign is to log into our website, click the Customize button, and send your suggested neon light design. In as fast as five minutes, we’ll have your unique neon sign hot and ready for production!

Mic Drop: The Conclusion

If you’re feeling inspired to give your bedroom a BTS makeover, don’t forget to add a neon sign as a final touch. It’s a great way to give personality to your space. Browse our collections to find the perfect purple neon sign aesthetic for your space, from bright and colorful designs to sleek and stylish options. 

And if you need a little help getting started, be sure to bookmark this guide on how to create the ultimate bedroom for the BTS fan. We also have other guides on how to work your space according to your chosen Neonize neon light. Annyeong!

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