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Music Neon Signs: The Importance of Music to People

Life without music is unthinkable. All of us have lived our lives listening to music. It's just something we need, like food. And if it's not there for us to consume, we make it.

The significance of music in our lives cannot be overstated. Yet while most of us listen to it, some people are more passionate about it, whether on the giving or the receiving end. So it's only fitting that we explore why people love music so we can find more ways to express our love other than just making music or listening to it. One thing is for sure, though, neon signs will be one of them.

Why people love music

Most people love music. That's why we never take time to pause and wonder why we love it. So we took the time to explore the reasons why we plug our earphones and click play. Here's what we've uncovered so far.

Music is a language everyone knows

Sound is a language that doesn't need translation. We respond to the beat and the melody intuitively, and we know exactly what it's trying to convey. That's because music communicates to our heart and soul.

You have probably put a song on repeat many times because you like the way the melody rings in your ears. You are happy to consider the lyrics afterward. Music is a universal language. It transcends spoken language and connects with everyone regardless of race, age, or gender identity.

It expresses an individual's vibe

A vibe is the aura a person exudes that other people pick up on. Music is one way of showing that vibe.

If you want to express the kind of vibe you sport, just pop a track. Better yet, get a cool music note neon sign. You can hang it on the wall on top of your vinyl collection or your speakers, then post a video of yourself jamming to your favorite track.

This is one way to express your vibe, but more importantly, it's also a way to know if your followers pass your vibe check, so pay attention.

music neon sign - A guy pulling several vinyl records among the stacks

Encourages creativity for you and others

Creativity inspires more creativity, and music is one form of creative expression. Musicians start off by doing a rendition of a song they like; visual artists listen to music as a form of inspiration; dancers literally use music in their art, while theater is made better with a musical score.

Every creative endeavor can be inspired by music. It's a common practice that artists draw on other creative works to create and encourage others to create. Music does the same thing.

It's a dopamine fix

We all have listened to music to feel good. So it's no surprise that when we listen to upbeat and pleasurable music, we feel happy and alive. It is a dopamine fix.

When you listen to upbeat music, or perhaps even music that you like, the pleasure chemical in your brain is activated. This gives you a feeling similar to indulging in good food, a post-sweat workout session, or both.

It fast-forwards time

You listen to music when you're bored. You also listen to music when you do house chores like cleaning or washing the dishes. Of course, we all have different reasons why we have a playlist specifically for our boredom, but one thing is for sure, music speeds up time.

If Einstein were alive today, he would agree that music has a way of moving time faster, at least to the observer. Yet while the theory of relativity has a complex explanation, the music moving time forward has a simple one: music that feels good keeps us entranced that we lose track of time.

Brings out the A-game

Playlists with names such as "Beastmode" or "Hype Songs" exist for a reason: they make you feel like your best self. If you’ve ever lifted, you know you growl inside like the lion you think you are and pull that extra rep whenever you hear your favorite workout jam blasting.

It doesn't only apply to bodybuilding. Michael Phelps, a swimmer and an Olympian, pops in the earphones before hitting the water. Fighters have their introductory coming out song. Public speakers listen to soothing music before they get on stage.

One thing they all have in common is they have to conquer something. The desire to win can cause their knees to tremble, which can put them off their game. Music helps them pick it up and throw it down hard. It does the same to the rest of us who have battles to win.

music neon sign - A DJ playing a set before a lively crowd at a music festival.

Tames our internal struggles

Every one of us feels unpleasant emotions about something in our lives. A breakup, death of a loved one, or just plain sadness about life. Music has a way of connecting to these unpleasant emotions and helping us cope. It's as if someone is taking off the emotional load, helping us get through.

Music also helps people cope with other unfavorable emotions. If you have anxiety, music can help ground you. If you suffer from depression, music can give you a boost. There are even studies that tell us music is an excellent way to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Brings People Together

The best thing about music is its ability to bring people together. That's why concerts and festivals exist. That way, we can all gather and listen to the music we love and share the good vibes with like-minded people.

The restriction caused by the pandemic hasn't stopped us from getting together for the sake of music. Concerts and festivals are replaced with virtual gatherings. DJs host virtual music festivals in major cities and hang cool music city neon signs in the background while playing beats. We participate by watching as we dance from the safety of our homes.

A neon light has become a part of the musical experience of the current time. Since we're all staying indoors, we can't go to any music gatherings. So we make do by turning our own spaces into our own personal festivals. Just throw in some LED neon signs and you’re ready to join in virtual raves.

Express Love for Music With a Cool Music Neon Sign

Your love for music is best expressed with something tangible. So get yourself one among the many music neon signs for sale from Neonize. Because sometimes all you need to show your love for something is to put it up on a wall and marvel at it. Music deserves that kind of attention.

If you're looking for more cool designs that represent your way of loving music, you can explore our website and choose from our collection of neon signs. Of course, you can also create your own custom neon sign with your own unique design by collaborating with us. Send us a message today. We’d love to hear from you!

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