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Create Music Nooks And Awaken Your Rhythm-Loving Soul With The 1975 Neon Signs And More Music Signs

Music is more than just harmony of different instruments playing or lyrics added with tempo and flow. To many, music helps them relax, zone out from the world, forget their problems, and have some “me” time. For others, music is a part of their lives— either as a source of income, a career, or a deeply loved hobby.

We can all agree that the world is better with some sounds, songs, and melodies. It refreshes the mind and brings back life to the soul. If you are one of the people who have high regard for the creation of music, then why not create your own music nook at home or dedicate a room for the craft you love? 

We are here to help you with interior design ideas and neon signs. Let us create music nooks and awaken your rhythm-loving soul!

What Is A Music Nook, And Why Should You Have One?

First, let us look at the many reasons why having a music room or corner is a welcome addition to occupy empty spaces. 

You Have a Place to Look Forward Going Home to

You had a long day at work, which is not only physically draining but also drains the creativity and calmness of the mind. Rejuvenate and let your mind have its most deserved relaxation by spending time inside your music nook, which can be a dedicated separate room or just your own room.

You can light up a neon LED light to get your creative ideas flowing, and if you are a fan of The 1975, then, The 1975’s neon signs are the decorations for you! Pick a piece of soulful music from them or any of your favorite songs, close your eyes, forget the pressures of the world, and savor the relaxing moment.

Inspiration for Lyrics Writing and Music Composition

Are you a songwriter, a musical director, a music engineer, a singer, or a music lover? Find inspiration and rouse your creativity in the comforts of your home by having your own music room. Aside from the complete musical instrument and tools, you can create an ambiance that will turn on originality, innovation, and vision by literally plugging in a neon LED light! 

From a bland lit room, your nook will be filled with rays of red, orange, pink, blue, purple, and green illuminating from a neon sign. Get your mixer, paper, and pen ready— artistic ideas are about to flow!

A Place to Jam with Family and Friends

While there are moments where you want to be left alone with your musical instruments, tunes, and songs inside your music room, there are also moments to socialize and bring in your family and friends to jam. 

Get the jamming started with a space that is lit with neon signs! Bring out the guitars, beatboxes, keyboards, drumset, and violins, and let harmony and songs fill the room. The rainbow colors will add to the jam vibe you and your group already have. The lights will serve as keys to open your creative mind to produce heartfelt music and lyrics. 

A Studio Where Everyone Feels at Ease

If you make music for a living and have your professional studio at home or as an established business, draw away from the usual On Air signs and level up using neon signs related to music. Instead of the red light color from the On Air sign inside the studio, fill the room with exciting rainbow colors. Doing so will make each workday a joyful sight. The groups and individuals who come to your studio to record will feel more at ease instead of being nervous because of the lively colors. 

Designs Ideas: The 1975 Neon Signs And More Music Signs

Now that you’ve seen the essence of turning a dull-lit music room into a room with varied rays of colors from neon signs, let us go to the exciting part of checking and picking the different LED neon sign designs to put up!

The 1975 Band

Do you sway and close your eyes to feel the music and lyrics when Love It If We Made It, The Sound, or Somebody Else play? Because of the rhythm and sound of The 1975 songs, whether the tempo is fast or slow, it’s difficult to resist jiving, vibing, and feeling the music. If you are a fan, look no further for a The 1975 neon sign auction. We have a 1975 neon sign for sale here at Neonize It!

A Silhouette of Your Favorite Music Icon

If you have other bands and music icons in mind, they are also perfect neon sign decorations. Beat a retreat from posters featuring Rihanna, Coldplay, Fun, or Maroon 5 and have a neon sign of their silhouettes instead. Pick a color that matches the band or singers’ energy, and get ready to light it up every time you visit your music room. 

Song Lyrics

If you want to add depth to your decoration, add lyrics of a song in your room. Some music room decorations include printed song lyrics, but we want you to depart from this traditional design and level up to something eye-catchy like a neon sign. Here are some quotes you can include:

  • I’ll have to say “I Love You” in a song
  • We Belong To The Music
  • I will write songs of love and special things
  • Sing a song, sing out loud
  • Murder on Music Row

Some Musical Instruments

Of course, we cannot forget to include musical instrument neon signs for a music room. Complement your real-life guitars, drums, or violins with the same instrument designed as neon LED light sign. You can also have musical symbols like a trumpet, a microphone, some musical notes, or even maracas to add other characters to the space and give your eyes a break from a room filled with guitars. 

Customized Signs

Finally, as a music lover and creator, your mind is a den for out-of-the-box ideas. Surely, you may have more designs in mind for your LED lights. Good thing that a customized neon sign is easy to acquire these days, and we also make it here at Neonize It! Pitch in your designs to us, whether a text or image, and we’ll bring them to life!

Where To Position The Music Signs And The 1975 Neon Light Sign

Aside from the Neon 1975 sign, musical instruments, lyrics of a song, and some music icons, there are plenty more designs you can incorporate into your music nook. If you already found one that resonates with your soul, it’s time to decide where to put them. Here are some ideas!

A Welcome Note to Your Nook

Let everybody know that a room is dedicated to music by placing a sign at the entrance. Anyone seeing it will surely be excited to see what more fantastic sight is inside and, of course, be eager to create and play music with you. 

Musical Instruments Lighting

You must have filled your music nook with not only one but several musical instruments. Do guitars hang in a corner while your keyboard or piano is in another, and they both have special spotlights? Have a lighting makeover and attract attention to your musical instruments by placing colorful neon LED lights along with them.

Highlight Your CD, Vinyl Records, and Vintage Collections

The world is evolving quickly with technology assisting the fast changes, but CDs, vinyl records, radios, record players, and cassette tapes are old but gold in the music world. If you own these high-value items, make sure to highlight them by adding a neon sign light to the area where they are kept. In that way, you and visitors will easily see the musical treasures.  

Add Colorful Light Reflection to Your Music Mixer

Do not let the corner where you put your music mixer be dark or be lit with regular light. This area is like a magical place where all your works and clever ideas come to life. Light it with neon LED lights from our collections instead. The lighting will accentuate your mixer because of the colors. Even more, pick signs that are inspiring to see to ensure that you won’t hit a creativity wall and be stuck. Keep your ingenious juices flowing through encouraging signs! 

Get Your Music Nook Signs Here At Neonize It!

Did this idea get you thinking it is time to bring your dream music room to life? The room needs to be grand, and again, you can turn your room into a music center too! Even small bland corners in your home can be a music space through the help of neon sign lights.You can begin decorating using our The 1975 neon sign. You can pick any of our music-inspired collections, and of course, you can always customize. Keep in mind the decoration ideas we shared above once you get your neon sign, so you can build your music nook quickly. After everything, allow yourself to relax in a perfectly lit room while listening to music that makes your soul sing.

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