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The 1975 Neon Signs Collection

The 1975 Neon Signs

Hear the sound of your heart with The 1975 neon sign up on your wall! Our exciting collection of custom neon signs will make any fan swoon—a guaranteed conversation starter for any living room!

From their debut in Cheshire back in 2002, The 1975 has built a pop empire that's inspired millions of loyal fans all over the world. Their ever-evolving genre balances a mix of dance-rock and contemporary art using eccentric forays into electro-pop and post-punk music. They continue to experiment with every single release, embracing a genre-fluid pop aesthetic that appeals to the newer generations.

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The band saw an astronomical rise on the charts in 2013 when they released the single "the 1975". Although their lyrics are rooted in today's post-capitalist cultural depression and effects, the band's themes are rooted in the 80s, specifically 80's teen movies, where love, fear, sex, and longing are openly discussed unabashedly without fear of repercussion. You can hear undertones of these unrestrained emotions in most of their lyrics, which usually revolve around youthful passion and excitement. Every musical performance is an artsy experiment, from their official music videos to their eccentric live performances. Everything is a delicate balance of musicality and human emotional depth, poetry that fans love immersing themselves in.   Passion and excitement are a must-have here at Neonize, where we strive to encapsulate human emotions inside tiny glass artforms emitting plasma light. Sometimes a 1975 single playing on the speaker isn't enough. Take it up a notch with The 1975 neon lights signs up on your wall. Our collection of The 1975 neon signs for sale offers the best lyrics and titles of the band in glowing neon signs. It's a guaranteed mood setter for any event dedicated to the experimental band. Our neon signs bring emotions into a living space as no other room décor can. When you go home after a long day of work, you can feast your eyes and feel the satisfaction of seeing our neon signs in full glow, especially in the evenings.   Here at Neonize, we're always thinking of ways to get your personality glowing with our LED neon signs. People constantly explore new avenues of expressing their inner selves. What's a better way to give life to those feelings than using cutting-edge technology like plasma! Our LED neon lights harness the power of plasma energy to make your living space like no other. We believe that neon lights will fit on a bedroom wall just as perfectly as they do in a barbershop or nightclub. Make the 1975's eccentric musicality dazzle your space by installing a neon 1975 sign. Get them only here at Neonize!

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