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Music Neon Signs

Get your mood on a positive groove with a music neon sign! Our fabulous collection of custom neon signs are guaranteed to suit anyone's flavor: whether it's Rihanna or the 1975, we've got your back! Give your musical heart a treat with a unique live music neon sign!

Music is a big part of everybody's life. Everybody has listened to a tune at one point or another. Since our early cavemen days to the Renaissance, it's been with us, and the rhythm hasn't stopped vibing ever since. 

Music is a way of life; it's a way of expressing all the thoughts that would be dull otherwise. It brings to life every side humanity has to offer. From weddings and parties to funerals and battles, music always has a place egging people on and inspiring them. We believe that out of all the things that divide us as a race, music is the singular strongest bond we have, transcending geography, skin, and gender. As long as it's got a beat, you can bet we're swaying from side to side.

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We believe our LED neon signs are deeply ingrained in pop culture, springing up in most places with heightened musical energy, from concert events to your local bar. Neon lights have a subtle way of bringing out people's creative energy. It's time our live music neon signs become a part of your essential living room decor. LED neon lights will always bring an instant change to any living space it occupies, bathing the room in its magical glow that will set any atmosphere your heart desires.   What sets your mood? When the silent hubbub of waking vehicles serenades your boiling coffee in the mornings, do you put on some Jack Johnson or some John Mayer on the radio? We want to hear your stories because we believe our passion for music is a thread that connects us all. Our hearts will always want to beat to something worthwhile, whether it's the calming jazz on a sleepy Sunday or the electro-adrenaline on a Friday night.    If you're a big fan of the pop-rock music band the 1975, you'll truly appreciate a neon sign inspired by many of their hits like "The Sound" and other singles the eccentric band has dished out over the years to millions of undying fans. You'll also be fascinated by our minimalist guitar neon lights meant to give you cool music vibes like a John Mayer song. Our collection was meant to please even the most discerning of music connoisseurs. Our music note neon signs are just the thing to spice up your intimate dinners or night binges with friends, providing an ambiance to your fun times like an old friend. With a neon music note sign, no moment will ever grow dull, and nights will become magical events.

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