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Keeping the Inspiration Alive: 7 Reasons to Hang Neon Quotes On Your Wall Today

Words move people. They can get you up on your seat and start hustling for your ambitions. These words are known as inspirational quotes. They often come from prominent people that inspire us with their knowledge and life experiences. That is why we think words matter enough to have a place on a blank wall as a neon sign

To stay inspired is to always have a source of inspiration. So why not celebrate the quotes that made our lives better? The best way to do it is by hanging it on our walls and lighting it up for everyone to see. Here are seven reasons why.

#1: Wisdom Distilled Into a Few Words

There is a lot of weight in a quote you read that just feels so powerful and inspirational. That is because those words were not just put together by chance. It is a product of hard-earned wisdom. 

This wisdom came from the life experiences of some of the great men and women of our time—experiences that honed them and taught them valuable lessons. Their struggles and triumphs are put under scrutiny by their own critical minds and distilled into a few bite-sized words that encompass everything they have learned.

One good example is a quote from Mark Twain, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Now, that might have taken him a considerable time to figure out so you can use it today.

#2: A Nugget of Inspiration to Recall as Needed

We often forget something inspirational that we read once or several times. This is true if it came from something lengthy and hard-to-digest book.

Inspiration should be easily recalled. This is where quotes come in handy. It summarizes valuable information buried under the bulk of words to give us the gist of an inspirational idea. That way, we can come back to it when the need arises.

#3: Set Your Mind Right in an Instant

We all turn from the right track from time to time. As human beings, we make mistakes, fall into sadness, or make hasty choices often because we fail to become more aware of our state of mind.

Inspirational quotes can instantly put us back in the right mindset. If we are feeling a little down, a quote can snap us back into an upbeat mood or at least set us on the right track. That is why some people hang inspirational neon quotes signs on their walls to illuminate their space, so they can get back into the right mindset.

#4: Can Be Easily Shared With Others

Being an inspiring person means inspiring other people, too. You don't have to be popular or influential to inspire others. All you have to do is borrow a quote from inspirational people and share it.

The beauty of inspirational quotes is that they are short, straight to the point, and have maximum impact. If a quote inspired you, it is likely that someone else will be, too. So if you know a friend or a loved one going through a slump, search for a relative inspirational quote on a beautiful image and slip it by their messages to make their day.

#5: Can Be Your Comfort in Troubling Times

Some people have a go-to quote whenever times get tough. Quotes like "this too shall pass" or "don't worry, be happy" are among the common ones. Inspirational quotes, especially in times of trouble, have the power to comfort us. It helps us endure troubling times and get through the storm with fewer battle scars.

Neon lights can add comfort to inspirational quotes. Choosing colors such as blue, pink, and green for a neon sign can bring a calming mood to a room. If you combine the calming power of the right neon light color with any comforting quote of your choice, it will amplify your desired effect. 

So consider hanging one up on a wall across your bed and let the colors fill the room and give you warmth as you contemplate the words.

#6: Makes You Try Harder

Inspirational quotes about failure and success will make you try harder. Quotes such as "I walk slowly but never backward" by Abraham Lincoln will make you want to persist in whatever endeavor you are striving for.

This inspiration is called the coaching effect. In a way, quotes are like a piece of motivation from your coach or mentor that makes you feel more determined. It helps us to keep hustling for what we want, especially when we think we don't want it anymore. It pushes us to take another step and go for what we want.

#7: Thoughts That Inspire Another Thought

Our thoughts and ideas are often inspired by another thought or idea. Because of the desire to have our own way of understanding things, our own thought becomes relative to our life experiences. So we borrow the inspirational thoughts from the greats to come up with our own.

What's even better is expanding the thought for us to explore and think critically about. Doing this enriches our minds and gives us more interesting things to be inspired about. As a result, we contribute our own wisdom and add to it. Hopefully, we can come up with a quote of our own someday.

Make Inspiration Come to Life With Neon Quotes Signs

You will come across one or several quotes that will surely change your life. And you fall in love with it so much you want the words materialized. What better way to do it than with neon lights hanging on the wall for you to gaze at?

Why Get a Neon Quotes Light?

Getting your inspirational quote on neon allows you to see it every day and night. Just plug it in and see the words that inspire you shining in all its marvel. It deserves to be seen that way—a light amidst the darkness.

Neon lights can also light up a room and set an ambiance. It is like a night lamp but cooler. You get the benefit of reading your favorite inspirational quote in full and shining color.

Get Custom Neon Quotes

Neonize offers customized neon lights. So if the quote you want to hang on your wall is not available, you can have them made instead! You can also choose to make your very own inspirational quote with your choice of words, font, and color you want for your inspirational quote. And who says you are limited to using only words? You can throw in a few imageries as well. Just talk to us, and we will figure out how to make it possible.

More inspirational quotes can spark your interest when you explore our website. If you want to see more neon light designs, there are plenty of these eye candies for you to choose from.

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