Do you plan to open a gaming lounge for you and your fellow gamers? A safe space where all gamers can relax, connect, and just game out? In that case, you might want to add gaming neon signs to give it an epic, electrifying atmosphere!

If you need guidance on incorporating LED neon signs for building your little gaming empire, look no further. 

What should aspiring gaming cafe owners consider while planning? Let's learn how gamer signs and other essential equipment can level up your gaming cafe!

Back to the Basics: The Origins of Cybercafes and Game Hubs

Before getting too excited about building your gaming lounge, it’s crucial to understand what it is and lay out the essential facts. When and where did these cyber-themed cafes even start, and what activities occurred?

Gaming cafes originated from internet cafes.

Gaming cafes did not start as they are today. It all began with the concept of internet cafes, which was formed in London by Ivan Pope as early as 1994 when the Internet rose to international fame. The first internet cafe was called Cyberia. 

He proposed and arranged an over-the-weekend event where attendees could use the Internet while sitting in a cafe, enjoying food and drinks. Albeit short and seemingly insignificant at the time, this event is often called the birth of cybercafes. 

Pope unknowingly sparked inspiration and interest in other entrepreneurs with his idea, allowing dozens of them to pop up over time.

These cafes eventually evolved to include gaming as a significant focus, and you can see them operate in various countries like Japan, South Korea, China, and India today. They now involve a gaming lounge or game hub, a large room accommodating several gamers simultaneously. These cafes also serve their patrons food and beverages while playing.

💡 The rise of smartphones also caused thousands of established cybercafes to shut down. Fortunately, the remaining internet cafe businesses adapted to these changes. 

Instead of a space where people use computers and the internet for general activities, cybercafe owners began remodeling their establishments with a specific focus on online gaming.

Perks of Running a Gaming Cafe

Now that you clearly understand gaming cafes, you might wonder about their long-term benefits. After all, handling any business is not a simple walk in the park. What good does opening a gaming lounge do?

Revenue Generation

Of course, one of the perks of running a gaming lounge is that it’s a highly profitable business venture. With over 3 billion gamers around the globe, you won’t find it difficult to get customers wherever you may be. 

Besides having customers who will pay for using computer and gaming equipment, you can also explore other sources of revenue such as serving food and drinks, selling official merchandise, organizing events, or offering equipment rentals.

Gamer Socialization

What makes an authentic gaming experience? Is it the number of hours you’ve played or the number of bosses you’ve slain? The answer may vary from one gamer to another, but one thing remains constant among all answers: the presence of a solid community.

The gaming world is nothing without its communities. How else can you play a battle without an opponent? Even if you’re not into competitive PvP games like Tekken, Fortnite, or Overwatch, how can you possibly conquer levels without watching and learning from another player’s walkthroughs and tips?

While game hubs or cybercafes are primarily businesses, this aspect doesn’t necessarily take away the fact that they serve as fantastic avenues for connecting and bringing the gaming community together, physically and virtually.

Promotion of a Culture

A game lounge is a perfect place to promote gaming culture. By opening your doors to gamers of any kind, you encourage them to play together and embrace their shared passion for the activity.

You can celebrate diverse aspects of the gaming culture in a gaming cafe. You can host events like panel discussions and workshops to allow your customers to learn and explore the diverse facets of the gaming world.

shot of a red and blue neon sign placed against a brick stone wall with the words “game zone”

Building the Ultimate Gaming Empire

Learning about the perks may have pumped your gears and pushed you to learn more about launching your own gaming cafe with a bang. Well, we won’t leave you hanging! Here are some must-haves your gaming cafe must possess to become the ultimate gaming haven for any enthusiast.

simple graphic that introduce game lounge must-haves: first-rate equipment, reliable internet access, bomb AF menu, cozy gaming setup, and vibrant neon lights

Top-Quality Gaming Equipment

First and foremost, your lounge must have high-quality gaming equipment with impressive specs. Like you, your customers won't appreciate losing a game due to constant computer crashes.

When shopping for gaming equipment, ensure you buy computers with the following specifications:

Higher RAM (8GB is enough, but computers with 16GB+ specs perform with games better)
A high-quality gaming or video card
SSD or solid-state drive rather than HDD or hard disk drive (SSD performs faster)
A CPU or system cooling fan

Reliable Internet Access

Another factor you must never overlook is your cafe’s internet connection. After all, you can’t have your customers rage quitting because of the laggy internet. Experts recommend getting an internet service provider with 20 MBPS or higher connections. Besides higher bandwidths and faster loading speeds, choose a stable internet connection.

Bomb AF Menu

As mentioned, gaming lounges can also serve food and drinks to their patrons. Most gaming cafes serve typical feel-good comfort food like burgers, sodas, and even takoyaki. If you want a more unique approach, consider creating a menu based on your cafe’s theme.

Here are some suggestions to start with:

Cheese fries
Nachos, tacos, or burritos
Flavored chicken wings
Iced Coffee

Comfy Gamer Setup

Besides good food and stable internet for gaming, a gaming cafe’s setup must feel cozy and inviting. Your customer’s comfort level will affect their gaming experience and how well they play. Ensure you provide comfy gaming chairs or sofas to keep them nice and comfortable while enjoying their game.

Vibrant Gaming Neon Lights

Most importantly, you must ensure your gaming lounge gets enough lighting. Everyone needs to see what they're doing. But why stop at basic lighting if you can enhance your cafe with mood lighting? Enter LED neon signs! 

A game room neon sign can effortlessly set the ideal atmosphere for your lounge. Consider hanging or mounting a gamer neon sign featuring known video game titles, characters, and even logos that can suit your cafe nicely.

shot of a gamer sitting on a gaming chair in a game cafe with neon lighting

Level Up With a Gaming Neon Sign & Other Neon Lights from Neonize!

Starting a gaming lounge can be challenging, but it's going to be a rewarding business venture! You'll meet a vast number of passionate and diverse gamers, and serving them will be one heck of a worthwhile experience. Hopefully, we've provided good advice on creating your very own gaming cafe. Good luck, and game on!

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Do you want to create the perfect setting for a housewarming event, a birthday party? Decorating with neon bar signs for home parties can do the trick. By setting the right ambiance, you can turn your favorite space into a memorable spot for parties. 

Read on to discover how to put everyone in the mood for partying using glowing neon signs and other fun-packed ideas! 

example of neon bar signs for home shown as part of interior design

4 Must-Have Home Bar Neon Signs for the Ultimate Party Atmosphere

Let’s spill the beans right away and explore how bar neon signs can be useful for any party! If you want your party to stay lowkey, there are neon lights that will keep things stylish without going overboard. 

In contrast, you can never go wrong with an eye-catching neon sign if you want to throw a grand party at your home and delight your guests. Plus, neon signs are also energy efficient and safe to use. 

If you want to elevate your home party with these vibrant lights, here are some must-have bar neon signs ideas: 

  1. Chill Neon Light Sign

Create an inviting ambiance for your home party, where guests are encouraged to relax and unwind. If you’re hosting a laid-back gathering where you want to keep things casual, choose the Chill neon light sign. The cool and retro style of this classic neon sign is also a fantastic addition to any young and hip get-together.

  1. Martini Glass Neon Light Sign

Are you a martini enthusiast? Regardless of your favorite drink, take your home bar to the next level with the martini glass neon light sign. This neon sign will encourage your guests to indulge in their favorite drink. You may also use this neon sign as a lively backdrop for your liquor collection or photo booth. 

  1. Rolling Stones Neon Sign

Looking to rock the house with some vintage music vibes at your home party? Snatch up the Rolling Stones neon sign for your home bar, which features the English rock band’s iconic logo. This neon sign will transport your guests back to the electrifying rock and roll era, so get ready to party like the good ol’ days!

  1.  Sorry We're Drunk Neon Light Sign

Break the silence at your home party by lighting up a Sorry We’re Drunk neon light sign. This funky neon bar sign would be a great conversation starter. So let loose and join your guests over fun conversations and party drinks! 

Other Ways to Create Party Vibes at Your Home Bar

From drinking cocktails to sharing stories, there’s never a dull moment when great company surrounds you. But when going to a pub seems too ordinary, crowded, or less intimate for you, start letting the good times roll at your own home bar. 

Now that you know how to set a perfect mood for your home party using neon signs, here are some ideas to select the perfect party mood for your home bar:

  1. Offer a Signature Drink

Nothing quite captures the essence of a real bar more than having a signature drink for guests. Whether entertaining friends or unwinding after a long day, creating a signature drink is the ultimate way to show off and improve your mixology skills

However, if you’re not yet confident with your skills, consider hiring a bartender for your home party. They can mix drinks, offer great suggestions, and even engage with your guests so you can join the fun and relax. 

  1. Play Upbeat Music

To set the tone for your event, it’s essential to have the right music playlist. Whether you’re hosting a big bash or a casual get-together, be sure to bring in the right music that will get your guests moving and in a good mood.

Create a custom playlist tailored to your guests' preferences, or select a pre-made one that fits your desired vibe.  A good tip in choosing the right playlist is ensuring that your guests can relate to it, regardless of age.  

Another great tip to take your music game to the next level is hiring a DJ or inviting a friend with DJ skills to spin some tunes and keep your party going.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

There’s nothing quite like dressing up for a party, even if it’s just at your own home. Putting on your fanciest outfit or trying a new style out can get you in the party spirit. Add a touch of elegance by wearing some accessories, and you’re good to go. 

Guess what the best part is: you don’t have to worry about getting a ride home or standing in line for the bathroom! But why limit the dressing up to just yourself? Encourage your guests to do the same and watch as the energy in the room amps up as if you’re at a local pub. 

  1. Set Up a Game Area

If you want to make your space at home feel like a real bar, consider setting up a dedicated game area with dart boards or a pool table. These games will give your guests an authentic bar experience and can be a fun, creative way to design your space.  

Imagine a pool table acting as a striking statement piece in a home bar. The sound of the balls cracking together adds to the lively energy of the room. Dartboards are also a popular bar game that can be easily set up. You will absolutely pump up the fun factor in the room! 

  1. Offer Fun Activities

When hosting a party, keeping your guests entertained and engaged is important to ensure they have a good time. To elevate your party game, consider adding fun activities that guests can enjoy while sipping on their drinks

Aside from setting up a game area, prepare activities like classic board games or a deck of cards. These activities serve as great ice-breakers for guests who might not know each other well. Sky's the limit for what you can do at your home party, so be creative and choose something that matches the vibe of your gathering. 

  1. Add a Lounge Area

If you want to create an unforgettable home party experience, encourage guest interaction and foster meaningful connections. Find a way to set up a lounge area near your mini bar. Here, guests can relax, engage in heartfelt chats, and savor their favorite wine or cocktail. 

Consider setting up a cozy seating room with chairs, tables, and sofas. This shows your guests that you are also concerned about their comfort, something they will truly appreciate and remember long after the party.

  1. Create a Photo Booth

Hosting a party is about creating lasting memories with your friends and loved ones. One way to make those memories even more unforgettable is to set up a kickass photo booth that gets people to loosen up and take silly or comfortable photos of themselves.

Consider using vintage bar neon signs as a backdrop to make your photo booth even cooler. You can also include some unique artwork to get your guests in the mood for some photos. And don’t forget to prepare hats, sunglasses, and other props for a lively photoshoot! 

  1. Display Your Liquor Collection
a home bar with liquor collection

Hosting a party at home is a perfect way to show off your fantastic liquor collection. Wait until your guests see the sleek and well-organized display of bottles on your bar cart or shelving unit—it'll give them major night club vibes! Displaying your liquor collection also adds an undeniable touch of sophistication to your entire space. 

  1. Install a Mirror and Display Glassware

Creating the ideal home bar can be challenging, especially with limited space. But a simple solution can make your room appear bigger while adding a touch of class: mirrors! Install some gorgeous ones in your designated area for home parties. 

If you feel that the room is still missing something, add glassware. Invest in unique and exquisite glasses, arranging them artfully on a shelf where guests can see and admire their beauty. This will not only add to the room aesthetics but also tempt your guests to indulge in a delightful glass of wine or other beverages. 

  1. Combine Neon Lights With Other Lighting Types

Lighting is integral in setting the perfect ambiance for your space. Adding dimmer switches, for instance, allows you to adjust the brightness to fit the vibe easily. Meanwhile, accent lighting can draw attention to key areas like your favorite liquor collection or stylish bar cart. 

If you’ve been in a real pub, you probably noticed those bright bar signs from the inside out. Any bar wouldn’t be complete without neon signs in different colors. So, don’t forget to design your space with neon signs for your home bar in addition to dimmer switches and accent lights. Combining these lights will create a well-lit and inviting space your guests will enjoy.

Own the Party With Custom Neon Bar Signs for Home

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when hosting your first party at home. But with neon bar signs and other home party ideas, you can effortlessly bring life into this special occasion. The vibrant neon signs and a cozy and inviting social atmosphere will have your guests talking about it for days!

Neonize offers neon signs for every mood, occasion, and personal or business use. Can’t see a design that suits your home bar or vibe you want to create? We can help you bring personality to your space with custom designs. 
Get a custom neon sign today and start partying with your new and improved home bar setup!

It’s never too early to shop for Christmas gifts. In fact, now is the perfect time to start shopping for presents. However, while it’s thrilling to begin canvassing for gifts, most of us suffer from a common holiday struggle: running out of gift ideas. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you in that department! Would a holiday card suffice? Perhaps you can give something more thoughtful, like a DIY gift or a festive neon sign

But before that, aren’t you curious about how and where Christmas gift-giving started? 

X-Mas Unwrapped: Why Do We Give Gifts on Christmas?

You might find it surprising that while Christmas is a holiday heavily tied to Christianity and Catholicism, giving gifts during the festive season might have ironically originated from a Pagan practice.

The Ancient Romans have already begun the gift-giving tradition long before the birth of Jesus and the advent of Christmas. Every winter solstice, the Romans would celebrate Saturnalia, a festival for Saturn, the god of agriculture. 

For an entire week, the entire Roman population, masters and slaves alike, would gather for a series of public banquets, feasts, rituals, and other private festivities to express their deep gratitude for the Roman god. 

One of those private festivities was Sigillaria, a designated day for giving presents. Contrary to the modern gift-giving tradition, Romans actually exchanged presents of lesser value. They believe that giving more modest gifts shows the strength of a bond. 

Aside from gift-giving, the Ancient Romans also decorated their homes with festive ornaments like wreaths, candles, and holiday-related figurines, similar to modern Christmas traditions. 

The Roman festival and Christmas are so alike, in fact, that people have speculated that Christmas and its customs actually came from Saturnalia. 

Rumor has it that when the Roman empire turned into a more Christian and Catholic kingdom, they could not let go of a few Pagan practices, Saturnalia traditions included. Instead of completely removing these practices from their culture, they incorporated them into what we now know as Christmas traditions. 

Of course, if we’re going the more Christian route, the practice of gift-giving during the holiday season stemmed from the tale of the three wise men. These three Magi followed the star of Bethlehem, which brought them to Jesus. The wise men presented gifts and gold in celebration and worship of Him. 

Another religious figure we can associate with gift-giving is St. Nicholas of Myra, known for his kindness, benevolence, and inclination to give gifts. As a matter of fact, the life of St. Nicholas inspired the idea of a similarly generous, jolly white-bearded man. 

Whichever you believe, one thing’s for sure: gift-giving is rooted in the idea of conveying appreciation for other people and celebrating the bonds we’ve created with them. Gift-giving inherently stems from gratitude and selflessness. 

5 Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

After knowing all about the roots of our present-day Christmas traditions, you must be excited to start shopping for gifts. There are plenty of gift ideas to choose from, such as a box of chocolates or a refreshing drink. Perhaps you want to give something more thoughtful, like a sincere letter or a photobook filled with your pictures.

In any case, your friend will surely enjoy any heartfelt gift from you. So without further delay, here are some presents that can strengthen your friendship. 

Food & Beverage: Homemade Dish

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and they’re correct! Some people would simply buy prepackaged meals, pastries, and snacks. There’s no harm in giving them as gifts. But why don’t we take it to the next level? 

A homemade dish will warm your friend’s heart. Try cooking your friend’s favorite meal, or take a chance at making their favorite beverage. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can search for any and every recipe, so you don’t have to feel scared about messing up. 

Clothes: Socks, Mittens, Gloves!

While it is true that some other presents can be more entertaining, giving clothes as gifts can show how much you care for your friend’s wellbeing. 

You may be hesitant to go through with this gift idea because you don't know your friend’s size or style. So why don’t we forego the shirts, dresses, and pants and focus on other garments?

Warm up your buddy with Christmas- or winter-themed socks, mittens, gloves, scarves, and beanies. Doing so keeps your friend snug and stylish. Better yet, if you’ve got the time and the skill, try knitting these pieces for your pal. 

Music: Vinyl Records and Player

Music is known to be the voice of our souls. Giving musically themed presents to your friend lets them know that you pay attention to and appreciate their taste in music. So sing your hearts out and dance the night away with some vinyl records.

While gifting normal album CDs or carefully curated Spotify playlists will suffice, vinyl records of your friend’s favorite musicians and an LP player might be better for Christmas presents. Not only do they sound better than usual CDs, but LP records also look way cooler and give off that precious nostalgic feeling.

Accessories: Zodiac Sign Jewelry

Astrology and zodiac signs are all the craze nowadays. It’s no surprise that they’re taking over almost every piece of merchandise in the market, from stickers and journals to clothes and accessories. 

If your friend is a lover of all things astrology, they would highly appreciate some zodiac sign-inspired accessories. According to horoscope enthusiasts, wearing constellation jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets can actually bring luck and fortune and give guidance in daily life to its wearer. 

You can also give healing crystals and gemstones to your best friend. 

Personalized Gifts: LED Neon Sign

Crafting a gift to your friend's exact likeness further highlights your connection with your best friend. It shows them how much your friendship means to you. Consider giving a customized LED neon sign to your pal.

Are they a fan of Stranger Things? Give them a Bitchin’ or an Eggos neon sign. Huge Marvel lover? Maybe they’ll appreciate a Captain America shield neon light or a WandaVision sign. 

If your friend is a Travis Scott lover, why not gift them an ice-blue Cactus Jack LED neon sign for Christmas? Or perhaps they are a dedicated Swiftie and would love to hang a neon sign referencing Taylor Swift’s All Too Well 10-minute version on their wall.

3 Tips for Early Christmas Shopping

We can’t let you go with just gift ideas and leave you to shop on your own this holiday season! So we’ve listed a couple of tips to guide you through your early Christmas shopping spree.

  1. Create a shopping list. It’s wise to list what you need before you even go windowshopping for holiday gifts. Make a list of friends you wish to give gifts to and their presents. Doing so allows you to plan and effectively manage your budget.
  2. Check for gifts online. Shopping and buying from online stores can be extremely convenient during Christmas, especially if you’re too busy doing other tasks during the holiday season. Check shops online before venturing outside because online shops can have discounted prices and on-sale items that aren’t as cheap as onsite shops. 
  3. Mind your budget. The most important rule of holiday shopping is to always stick to your budget. That’s the purpose of creating those lists! While you’re shopping for gifts, don’t forget to stick to your plan to avoid overspending. 

Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas With a Cactus Jack Light!

The tradition of giving gifts may have started from several different sources: an ancient Pagan festival, the tale of the three wise men, or inspired by the life of an extremely generous fellow. Whichever it is, remember that it is done with gratitude, appreciation, and selflessness in mind.

Spread joy this festive season with Neonize!

Neonize has a wide array of LED neon signs and lights you can gift to your friends and family. So whether they’re an anime junkie or a Marvel maniac, Neonize has all these designs and more for your precious pal! 

Our neon signs and lights are made with LED Flex, PVC, and high-quality acrylic materials with rubber flex tubing, making them durable and perfect for either indoor or outdoor events. Moreover, our neon lights are easy to install using our installation kits, so you’d have no trouble mounting them up your walls. 

Purchase a neon Cactus Jack sign in your loved one’s preferred color. Or send in your custom design to us to get a personalized neon sign! 

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Travelers can have a more exciting out-of-the-country experience if they witness festivals celebrating a significant local event or holiday. Celebrating with the locals is a better way to understand their culture and history.

If Canada is on your travel bucket list, July 1 or Canada Day is the best time to visit. Canada Day is an annual celebration that traces back over 150 years. It is the day Canadians commemorate the unity of United Canadas, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single dominion. 

This holiday never fails to impress the world, so keep reading to discover exciting facts about Canada and how important it is to celebrate Canada Day.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Canada

Canada is a strong and beautiful nation that reminds the world of the true value of independence and love of country. This country is fascinating, and here are the things you should know about it.

#1 Canada on Mars

Several craters on Mars are named after Canadian cities, such as Gander in Newfoundland, in honor of the country’s space research efforts.

#2 Santa Came from Canada

Children worldwide write letters to Santa Claus each Christmas, but have you ever wondered what happens to them? Well, they all go to a Canadian address—H0H 0H0, the postal address for the North Pole.

#3 Maple Syrup Monopoly

Pancakes and maple syrup always go together in Canada, and the connection goes much deeper than that. Small towns throughout Quebec account for nearly 80% of the world's maple syrup production.

#4 Lower Gravity

For centuries, the Hudson Bay region has baffled scientists because it has lower gravity levels than the rest of the world. You will not float in this place, but you will surely be lighter!

#5 Canada’s National Parks Are Some of the World’s Largest

Because Canada is so massive, some of its parks dwarf those of other nations. For example, the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories, made beautiful by its lofty waterfalls, covers an incredible 30,050 square kilometers of the nation. It is significantly larger than Albania and Israel.

What Is Canada Day?

Canada is a beautiful country, and you will surely love all the travel destinations it has in store for you. But if you want to see this nation united by one great festivity, you must visit on July 1 because it is Canada Day!

On July 1, 1867, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada (now Ontario and Quebec) merged to form Canada, a sovereign dominion inside the British Empire. Canadians first called this event Dominion Day.

When Canada achieved full independence in 1982, it was only right to call July 1 Canada Day. The name indicated Canada's status as a diverse, multicultural country and no longer a British colony.

Fun fact: If you interview Canadians about what Canada Day signifies, they will not mention dominions, dynasties, or constitutions. Instead, they'll simply say it's Canada's birthday.

How Do Canadians Celebrate Canada Day?

Everybody celebrates Canada Day in their unique way. Many Canadians spend the holiday with family and close friends outside their homes. They usually go to a farmhouse or in a public venue. Others enjoy spending time in nature and campsites throughout the country. All radio systems are blasting Canadian music, and every picnic bench has a spread of red and white dishes.

Canadians also use the day to promote Canadian culture, commemorate significant chapters in their history, and help people in need. Canada Day is a day for giving back to the community, with people participating in social activities, such as

Adding Neon Lights on Canada Day

Parties, fireworks, marching bands, and live performances are all part of a Canada Day celebration. However, this special day can still be brighter and more exciting with neon lights! Whether you’re celebrating Canada Day indoors or outdoors, Canada neon light signs can make your commemoration memorable while offering an eye-catching decor for your venue.

Neon signs are a modern approach to decorating a space, backyard, or pavements. They not only offer a great photo opportunity for partygoers, but they can also provide a one-of-a-kind design to make the occasion more fun and exciting.

Neon signs can make any event more unique if you customize it to your preference. You can create a personalized Canada neon light design, which you can keep and use again next year. 

Light Up Your Celebration with Neon Lights Canada

If you’re looking for a unique travel destination, Canada on Canada Day is the place to be. The country’s stunning landscapes and vibrant cityscapes will light up on this holiday. And don’t forget to check out the incredible fireworks displays happening across the country!

You can also stay indoors while celebrating everything Canadian. You can paint your face with the colors of the country's flag, enjoy street parties from the balcony, or lounge and sip cocktails in your room. 

However, you plan to celebrate, don't forget to add Canadian neon lights to your backdrop. Neonize has excellent neon sign collections that will surely satisfy you. We can also customize your Canada Day signage if you have a specific design in mind. 

It’s the 4th of July. Of course, you want it to be festive but not too cheesy or over the top. A lot of people end up going with the same old red, white, and blue decorations every year. But this year, why not try to spice things up?

In honor of the 4th of July, we wanted to put together a quick roundup of some fun and easy ways to show your patriotism! From decorating your house to grilling out with friends, many great ideas will help you celebrate in style! So whether you want something easy to set up or elaborate, we hope you find the perfect idea here!

Let us start with some interesting trivia about the 4th of July.

5 Fun 4th of July Facts You May Not Know Yet

Did you know that the Fourth of July is also a celebration of some amazing historical events? Below are little-known facts to kick off a conversation this July celebration: 

Trivia #1: The 2nd of July is the first real Independence Day. 

Which date is the real Independence Day of America: the 2nd or 4th of July?

The answer is both! The Continental Congress declared its freedom from the British on the 2nd of July, 1776. Even John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers and the 2nd US president, firmly believed that Independence Day should be celebrated on the 2nd of July, and he even refused to attend the 4th of July events. 

However, it wasn’t until the 4th of July that the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted. So, while the 2nd of July may be the day when America was actually born, the 4th of July is when we officially declared our Independence.

Trivia #2: Only two men signed on July 4, 1776. 

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen plucky colonies came together to declare freedom from Great Britain. Unfortunately, while it is known that fifty-six noble congressional men signed the Declaration of Independence, only two of them were actually present on the 4th of July, namely Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

The rest signed later after the document had been rewritten and adopted by the Second Continental Congress. Despite this interesting fact, all fifty-six signers are considered Founding Fathers of America. 

Trivia #3: There is a handwritten note at the back of the Declaration of Independence.

You may not know that there is something written on the back of America’s greatest revolution piece. It is not a clue to a national treasure, unfortunately, but a handwritten note reads “Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th of July 1776.” 

Trivia #4: The Liberty Bell has not been run since 1846. 

One of the most awe-inspiring freedom symbols of the United States, the Liberty Bell, was commissioned in 1752. But did you know it was first rung not on the 4th of July but on the 8th of July 1776?

Since then, it has been a symbol of freedom and democracy for all races. However, due to its huge crack, the bell has not been rung since February 22, 1846, George Washington’s birthday.

Trivia #5: Thomas Jefferson was the first to throw a 4th of July party in the White House. 

Thomas Jefferson is America’s third president and one of the Founding Fathers. However, did you know he was the first president to throw an awesome party at the White House? 

Jefferson celebrated with parades, horse races, food, drinks, and fireworks. The event was such a success that the presidential predecessors made it a tradition to commemorate this day. 

5 Loud and Proud Ways to Honor the 4th of July

If you want to party hard like President Jefferson, there are many crazy-fun ways to mark this holiday weekend. Here are five ways to celebrate the 4th of July in style. 

Have a Beach Cookout

This July holiday celebration is a great time to hit the beach with your loved ones. But why sit on the sand when you can rent a beach house and have a cookout? Here are some tips to make sure your beach cookout is a success:

  1. Choose your spot wisely. Find a spot near the water but far enough that the waves won’t reach you and make things messy.
  2. Come prepared with all the necessary supplies. This includes food and drinks, plates, utensils, and napkins.
  3. Forget about banners and wreaths. Plug your 4th of July sign in white, red, and blue colors.

Attend a Parade

One of the best parts about attending a 4th of July parade is the delicious food vendors sell along the route. From sliders and hot dogs to cotton candy and popsicles, there is something everyone can enjoy. Parades are a great way to show your patriotism. 

Instead of waving a regular American flag, why not hold up a big neon 4th of July sign, showing the US flag in illuminating colors? Get into the holiday spirit with bold, flashing neon lights. 

Decorate Your Home 

If you want to stay in the comforts of your home, it is time to show your patriotism by decorating your home for the 4th of July. A good place to start is by hanging American flags on your porch or in your windows. You can also use patriotic bunting to decorate your mantel or staircase. 

For an added touch, try placing some blue and white neon lights on your landscaping or LED neon signs like "God bless America!" hung outside your window.  

Host a Block Party

While decorating your home with awesome July 4 neon lights, why not throw a block party as well?

Invite your neighbors, set up some games and activities, and fire up the grill—it will be a party to remember. Plus, with a potluck-style buffet, you won’t have to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing food for everyone. Just ask each guest to bring their favorite dish, and you are all set! 

Watch the Fireworks 

Do you live in Massachusetts, where fireworks are illegal? Or are you looking for a more environmentally friendly way to celebrate this 4th of July event? Why not try using neon lights instead of fireworks? 

Neon lights are just as bright and festive as fireworks, but they don’t produce harmful emissions. Plus, they are much safer to use around children and pets. If you are worried about your electricity bill, don’t be—neon lights are energy-efficient, and you can reuse them for future celebrations.

Celebrate Independence Day With a Neon Bang!

It’s that time of year again when the red, white, and blue stars and stripes are full of force. As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day, there is no better way to show your patriotic spirit than by decking out your home or yard with festive signs and decorations. Why don’t you try something different this year and go all out with vibrant neon 4th of July signs?  

You can create a personalized neon sign to celebrate America’s birthday. They are festive, fun, and make great additions to your space. Plus, for this month only, we are offering 10% off all orders placed using code USA22. So be patriotic and design your very own Independence Day-themed neon sign today!

It's that time of the year again. Canada Day only happens once every year, but your bar will be around indefinitely. Because of this, your customers will choose to celebrate Canada Day outside, leaving your bar with stale two-fours and uncooked poutines. 

Don't lose hope! There's still an opportunity for your bar in this short-lived business adversity. It starts with knowing what your customer would rather do on Canada Day to adjust how you will best serve their needs.

How Do Canadians Celebrate Canada Day?

Parliament Hill

For Canadians, it's a tradition to celebrate Canada Day at Parliament Hill. Of course, that can be the situation with all your regular and newfound bar patrons.

On the other hand, the 2022 Canada Day will be celebrated with a slight change. It will take place at LeBreton Flats Park. This may be good or bad for your business, depending on where you are located within Ontario.

Watch Parades and Concerts Nearby

Perhaps the LeBreton Flats Park is far from your community, but parties and concerts are happening everywhere in Ontario, not just in Ottawa. They'd be inclined to go there. Primarily because of the celebratory energy. But there can be public safety concerns, too.

Go Out of Town

You'll have some customers who love the great outdoors. Those who normally go to your pub in the afternoon will choose hiking or sunbathing by the beach. They can spend time with their family and go on a picnic at a park as they wait for the fireworks display. 

But while these activities can be a fun and intimate experience, they can also be stressful. At the end of the day, they'll want to go somewhere to relax and unwind.

Your First Order of Business: Hang that Neon Sign

One way to address this potential sales decline during Canada day is to put up custom LED neon signs. Here's why it should be your first order of business when planning to gain profits on Canada Day.

It's a Fun Way to Attract Customers

You want to keep your regular customers coming in, and you also want to attract new customers. Signs are just a simple way to do it. And a custom sign hanging in your pub will make heads turn, especially with the colorful and vibrant lights stealing their attention.

A Cool New Look to Match the Occasion

Getting a LED neon sign for your bar will give the impression that there's something new. This lets your business be seen in a new and cool way. Match this with the Canada Day occasion, and you'll have a flawless new look for your bar.

It Sends a Clear Message

A bar must communicate what they offer. It has to be out there for every passerby to see. Having a personalized neon sign for your bar sends a message that you offer drinks and good times for those in need of it during Canada Day.

It Makes Your Bar Look More Lively

People want to party during Canada Day. So bring that party vibe to your bar with a neon light!

You can purchase a pre-made neon bar sign in Ontario, Canada, and have it in a few days. You can also customize your own design if you want to convey your energy into it. Remember: a lively bar attracts lively people, and lively people attract their kind.

Additional Tips for Attracting Customers to Your Bar This Canada Day 

A LED neon light sign is a start. But to really get your customers flocking to your bar on Canada Day, you need to follow through with these things. Use several or all of them on your good judgment.

Donate a Percentage of Your Sales

A lot of people support businesses for a good cause. Advertise on your social media about your Canada Day donation sales. Communicate that a percentage of your Canada Day sales will go to your selected patriotic or charitable organization. You can encourage your customers to come by and help out by purchasing your products.

Let Your Customers Experience the Ontario Craft Beer Culture

Some people love celebrating Canada Day with a touch of their homegrown products. And if you're a bar owner in Ontario, there's nothing more homegrown than those craft beers! So be sure to pre-order some barrels and let your customers know: Ontario craft beers will flow on Canada Day.

Offer Discounts for Your Walk-in Customers

Day hikes, parades, and concerts can be tiring. They'll want to blow off steam afterward. So offer discount coupons to your outdoorsy and party-loving patrons so they can have a reason to drop by for some "refreshments."

Encourage Canada Day Reservations or Pre-orders

Perhaps you want to make going to your bar a better option than sweating it outdoors or rubbing shoulders at the event. Give them an incentive to make reservations days before Canada Day by offering them special discounts upon reservation or pre-orders.

Stream Canada Day Celebration Live from the Capital

If your bar has a widescreen TV, why not stream the festivities? Advertise in advance that there will be live streaming in your bar to attract people who don't want to travel far for safety or convenience reasons.

Drive Your Sales Higher With Neon Bar Signs on Canada Day

Every business around the world needs sales. So it's only right for a bar owner residing in Ontario to keep their share of the pie and perhaps get some more, especially on a memorable day such as Canada Day.

Make sure you own a neon bar sign in Ontario, Canada; used or brand new will still help you attract customers to your pub. But it will be an excellent sign if you get it from Neonize.

Celebrate Canada Day and have fun serving orders until nighttime. We hope your pub reaches the coveted standing room scenario. Get your bar a neon sign today.

10% off on all Canadian orders; use code CAD22.

Over the centuries, different countries created several symbols to represent their country. From the different flags, a national animal, or local food, you can easily identify countries by just looking at these symbols. Country symbols are important because that's how the people show their love, respect, and loyalty to their homeland. 

Symbols are also used to show a country's greatness. So if you're a proud Canadian, carrying them in your home or business will show off your pride for the country and spruce up your space. Modern times in modern lights — here are some of the best Canadian symbols you can use for your neon LED lights

6 Ideas for Your Neon Signs in Canada  

Canada is known for its cold and icy weather. This country is the second-largest in the world, situated in the northern part of North America. Canada's land covers over 5,500 km from east to west, which divides this vast nation into different time zones. Canada is a combination of different cultures, which makes this country more beautiful. 

Now let’s look at some of the best symbolism to show off your Canadian pride. 

Maple Leaf 

Anyone in the world would easily recognize and connect the maple leaf to the country of Canada. But, according to their nation's history, it was when the people of Canada started using the maple leaf as their symbol that people remembered it. But in 1965, they included it in their national flag that we all know so well today. 

Maple trees are dominant in most regions of Canada. In the past centuries, these trees have been the primary source of lumber and the sweet syrup we enjoy so much today. In addition, as generations passed, Canadians viewed the maple tree as a symbol of their perseverance and the wilderness's reward for their hard labor. These ideas maybe some of the reasons why the maple leaf is the perfect representation of the country. 

Fleur-de-Lys and Coat of Arms 

If you want to light up your patriotism with more traditional decor, the fleur-de-lys and the Canadian coat of arms are perfect ideas for neon signs. In the 1860s, four regions of Canada were under British rule. During this time, the fleur-de-lys was a known symbol for royalty, and in a brief period, the state of Quebec adopted the fleur-de-lys to the design of their state flag. 

The royal coat of arms of Canada is a close derivation of the British coat of arms. Canada's version of the coat of arms contains the country's famous red maple leaves and the flags of England, France, Ireland, and Scotland. This symbol is often found on Canadian money and passports, indicating that the person is protected and operating under Canadian laws. 

National Animals 

There are also a variety of animals that can symbolize the country of Canada. Cute and cuddly animals will surely make your space more fun, mixed with the proud Canadian feeling. Canada is a vast country with an impressive and untouched wilderness. Among the famous animals that signify Canada is the beaver. 

You can see beavers on Canadian nickels. For Canadians, these cuddly creatures represent their hardworking trait. They are a common sight on riverbeds all over Canada. Other animals in the Canadian wilderness are moose, ducks, elks, mountain goats, raccoons, and snowy owls. 

You'll often find figurines of these animals in airports for tourists who want to bring home a piece of Canada. These furry friends will also look good and sophisticated in LED neon lights hanging in your living spaces. 

Famous Canadian Food 

Food neon signs are best for food businesses to attract more customers. When it comes to food, there's quite a list Canada is known for. For example, almost 85% percent of the maple syrup in the world is produced by Canada. So a glowing stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup will be a delicious decoration for all-day breakfast food industries. 

Other popular food items in the country are poutine, bagels, ginger ales, hot chocolates, and coffee. In addition, you can try making the custom neon sign of Canadian food brands to spruce up the spaces of your business

Famous Canadian Sports 

The country of Canada has two national sports, which are lacrosse during the summer and ice hockey in the winter. However, Canada is more popularly known for hockey. This sport originated in Canada and is one of the country's greatest contributions to global sports. A customized hockey neon sign of your favorite teams can elevate your personal space, especially when you're a big fan of the sport. 

A fun sports fact: although basketball is more popular in the United States, the sport's founder is part Canadian. There is a Canadian team you can support in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors; you can get a customized LED light of their team design. 

LED Light Designs of Famous People 

Canada has also produced a fair share of famous people around the globe. Many of these stars are known for their talents in singing and acting, and they are loved by people all around the world. So instead of traditional posters, neon light art by your favorite artists can liven up your space. These wall decorations are also best for bars and similar places. 

Many notable singers are of Canadian nationality—Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, and Shawn Mendez. In addition, you have Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling, and many more people known for their world-class acting. You can have a customized neon LED sign for your wall decorations. 


Get Your Neon Signs for Canada at Neonize! 

If you are ready to jump on the trend, then there's no better place to get your neon light than Neonize. We offer the best neon lights on the marketplace that we guarantee are worth every penny. Here are more reasons you should get your first neon light signs with us. 

So what are you waiting for? You have all the ideas of a patriotic and unique LED neon sign. We can guarantee there's no better neon sign for sale in Canada than in Neonize. Don’t forget to browse our shop for different designs you can use for special occasions, personal space or business. They’re 10% off for all Canadian orders; just use the code CAD22. Don’t miss this opportunity and order yours today!

The exact origin of the horoscope remains shrouded until today. But history suggests that the 12 horoscopes were based on Chinese astrology. During the Han Dynasty, the Chinese used the position of the stars to number days, months, and years. Today, every person has a designated zodiac sign based on their birthdate, and many use their signs to predict and attract luck in their future. 

Although there's no conclusive proof that the year predictions of your horoscopes are 100% true, many people still follow the reading of stars in their daily life. You've got nothing to lose. So, believe them or not, there's no harm in trying to bring luck a little closer to you this year. 

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the different 2022 horoscopes, what brings you luck, what you should avoid, and everything in between. 

Let Your Stars Align With These 2022 Horoscope Readings 

Now that we celebrate the Lunar New Year, predictions for every zodiac sign have sprung up left and right. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to believe them all. Sometimes, it is fun to partake in these things, and when it all works out in the end, you'll be grateful it happened. So here are the 12 horoscope readings of this year. May luck be with us all! 


The readings suggest that you will be thirsty for knowledge and adventure this year. So, if you want to go back to your studies or pursue that higher degree, maybe now's the year to do so. Your stars' position also suggests that your energy will continue to be aggressive until May. So, go for an adventure and do whatever you feel is right; it will do you good. 

It will be a lucky year for the Aries zodiac. Maybe a star neon light sign in your living space will remind you that good things will finally come your way this year. 


This year will be very challenging for a Taurus, whether it's career, love, or relationship. Your stubbornness and determination will be the key to your success. Many things will change this year, and it can be overwhelming. It would be best to stick to your familiar routines and plans, so the rapid changes in your life don't make you unstable. 

When life gets too hard, slow down. Never abandon your plans. The plans you made for yourself are the path to your success. 


If you're a Gemini, the relationship around you will be affected by the things you say. As a Gemini, you often hold back on how you express your feelings. This can cause arguments and misconceptions, so be careful of words and ponder them before saying them aloud. But, you are also an exceptionally good talker. You can use your speaking skills to get out of tight situations. 


Most people see you as the type of person who lets their emotions run over them. Crab signs are indeed emotional, and more often than not, you make decisions from the heart rather than from the mind. This year, you can prove that you are not easily overwhelmed by your feelings that you can balance and make choices using your heart and mind. And you must be very sure before you finalize things because some of them may involve important life matters. 


For a Leo, it doesn't matter where you are. The spotlight will surely find you every time. This year, you will do great things—things you may have never done before. The year will show you what you are truly capable of doing, and you should celebrate it. Whether it’s a big or small achievement, it's important to remind yourself that you can do it. 

Have a customized LED neon star sign in your bedroom, so when you wake up in the morning, you are always motivated to tackle all obstacles at your best. 


This year will be very unpredictable for you, but you'll surely get big wins if you are willing to take a big risk. You can take risks in any aspect of your life this year; career, love, investments. Don't be afraid to take them. You easily adapt to things, and your quick thinking will be your way to success. And it’s crucial that you move out of your comfort zone for personal growth. 


People often overlook Libras because of their kind nature, and they are forced to do things because of people's expectations. This year is the time to show others that you can do better, even surpass your expectations. You must remember that you are smart and innovative, and it is not wrong to break free from what people tell you to do. But, this time, you get to choose the things in your best interest. 


As a Scorpio, you don’t do very well with changes. Because of your past mistakes, you are afraid to try new things thinking you will mess it up again. This year will allow you to transform for the better. First, you have to acknowledge what you did in the past and make up for it. Then, you will discover your talent and passion. Do more things spontaneously this year, and luck will come to you. 


You look at life like it's a big adventure. You always find opportunities wherever you go. The year 2022 will give you more opportunities to explore and expand your knowledge. It's good for you to take these opportunities, but it is okay to slow down and reflect on the things you've done as the year progresses. You have to think of your long-term goals and ponder on the things that you want to do. 


This year, you have great ambitions, and some might think that they’ll be too much for you. But that won't stop you from fighting your way through and reaching them. The things you want may pose challenges, but your out-of-the-box thinking and different techniques will allow you to overcome any challenges.  


You will spend your energy in the starting months of this year trying to stand out among the rest of the crowd. And you're a natural charmer and achiever, so you'll manage it easily. Also, this year, a previous opportunity will open up again for you. It's alright to feel doubtful, but facing your fears will set a motion for your happiness and success. 


You will experience multiple ups and downs this year and some major events that will force you to face the reality you've been avoiding. In the past year, you've been focusing so much on daydreams and illusions. It's alright to dream once in a while, but dwelling on them will cause you real-life problems. One way or another, you have to face life's harsh reality, and when you succeed, you'll finally be able to make your dreams come true.

Light Up Your Year With the Neon Zodiac Signs

Your horoscopes do not tell your whole personality. Some of it may be true, while others may not mirror your life at all. These are merely predictions for your single future. Depending on your actions, your future may have different outcomes, and you can use these readings to help you navigate your way for a better year. 

Each sign also holds positive traits that you can embody to achieve your success. Remind yourself that you possess them with an astrology neon sign over your head. We’re sure these vibrant LED neon signs will bring you luck for all the years to come!

We have Julius Caesar to thank for creating a calendar that begins again every 365 days (or 366 days for leap years). Like a reset button, we have a chance for a fresh start each year! So make sure that the 1st of January gets the celebration it deserves with sparklers, fireworks, and Happy New Year neon lights.

Aside from painting the sky and adorning your space with lovely lights and colours, make the day unforgettable by celebrating in the best ways possible. Guess what? We, here at Neonize It, got you covered in both decorations and party ideas. Continue reading and prepare to ring in the New Year with a blast!

There are many ways to celebrate, but you can never go wrong when you add fun to any event. After transforming your home into a festive wonderland—perhaps with a Happy New Year neon sign—check out these ideas that are sure to leave your guests in a merry mood!

Food and Drinks Ideas

A celebration is always great with good food. Get your cookbooks ready, and make sure your pantry is full before New Year’s eve. Here are the New Year’s Eve table must-haves.

New Year Party Plans

Pump up the event with games and out-of-the-box activities! Here are some ideas that will surely surprise, excite, or touch your visitors. 

Sparklers, Fireworks, and a New Year Neon Sign

Do all these fun activities while your place is decorated with different lights. The glow will help attract positive vibes—just the feeling you need to welcome the year. 

Sweets Sparklers

Who says lights are only mounted on walls or hanging somewhere? Stick some sparklers to the cake, sweets, or even a glass of champagne. You can light it during the New Year’s countdown and blow on it when the clock strikes twelve. Blow the past year's baggage away as you whisper your hopes for the coming year. 

Instagram Wall

If you invite lots of people to celebrate the new year with you, take lots of photos! Dedicate a wall where people can take pictures—level up from balloons to a New Year neon sign. The colorful rays from the LED neon sign will add art and dynamics, achieving a perfect instagrammable snapshot.  

Home Decoration

You have a variety of food and drinks; now, let’s perfect the ambiance with a neon Happy New Year. You can go with simple yet appealing snowflakes glowing in blue light or a Happy Holidays sign. Mount the neon sign on your porch or match it with your Christmas tree—get your creative juices flowing with this vibrant wall art. 

Midnight Fireworks

The old year moving into the new is always magical, especially with fireworks lighting the sky while your home glows with neon decorations and sparklers outdoors. Some places go for drone light shows these days, a more earth-friendly approach to ring in the new year, but they bring the same good and hopeful feeling, nevertheless. 

Get Yours at Neonize It!

Treat New Year as the first day of the rest of your life. Just enjoy and have a blast at your party, enjoying food, drinks, and conversations with the people you care about. The past year must have been tough and filled with ups and downs, but you now have a fresh start. So take with you the past year’s learnings and make more unforgettable memories in the coming year. 

Jumpstart the New Year’s memory bank with images and recollections filled with colorful lights or even a customized neon sign. Neonize It has you covered! Check out our holiday neon sign collection and our customized signs page. You’ll surely find something to spark your New Year’s! 

Home will always be the place where the heart is. So if you have the chance to decorate a place and make it more inviting without compromising your personal style, there are unique ways to make it work. One of the most distinctive ways to make your home warm and modern is adding cute neon signs. 

This article talks more about how you can do this, along with the other ways to achieve a modern-looking home. So read on to know more about what you can do to make your space more appealing and a cozy place to live in.

1. Work With Warm Color Palettes

The color of your home's wall can also largely contribute to its contemporary look. If you've watched home renovation or real estate shows, you've probably noticed how the colors of the wall greatly define the overall feel of your home. So before settling for a specific furniture, light fixtures, or wall decorations, you must first decide on the color of your walls. Here are some color ideas that will fit a modern-looking home:

Any shade of white fits all homes. The color white on the walls serves as a blank canvas. So if you're going for a rustic minimalist home or you want a place with pops of color here and there, white is the best color choice. It's extremely versatile, so you can style it any way you want to. With white walls, it’s easier to change the theme of your home every now and then compared to when you have colored walls.

If you're not into the neutrals and you want your walls to have some color on them without it looking tacky, mustard yellow is the best choice for your space. You may opt to paint all your walls yellow or just have it on one particular area, making it an accent wall. Mustard yellow is a muted yellow shade so it still gives off a bright and happy feeling without having to hurt your eyes every time you look at it.

Like mustard yellow, sage is also a good choice for walls, especially if you want some pop of color in your home. It still gives off a modern and warm feel to your place without it being too bright nor too tacky. In addition, sage goes well with most neutral colors so pairing these up with furniture or fixtures won't be a problem. 

2. Put Up Artwork On The Walls

Once you have chosen the right wall color to suit your home's aesthetic, you may now decorate your walls with artwork. There's no strict rule on how you should choose the most fitting piece to go with your home. Some go with their gut feel and buy or commission art pieces that are memorable or sentimental for them. 

But for others, there's no deep meaning behind the artwork they choose— they may just simply like it! So you can either get one that reminds you of home (picture of a pet, loved ones, or significant other) or go with whatever delights you the most!

These pieces draw attention to the walls. You can add these if you feel like the space is too bare for your liking. You don't have to buy a lot of furniture that you probably won't need to make the area more "full." Hanging up art on the walls can immediately make it more homey than looking like a blank space. 

3. Accentuate Your Home With Cute Neon Lights

If you're not exactly fond of hanging art on your walls or you're feeling more Gen Z, you can accentuate your walls with cute neon signs. Without any doubt, these instantly give off a modern vibe to your home without even trying so much! There's something about LED lights that give off a very millennial feel. If you frequent TikTok or YouTube, you will see cute neon lights hung on their walls. So it's giving off that modern young adult vibe.

What's even better is you can get custom LED light signs, especially if you're very particular with the designs you want to hang. For example, you may choose a specific symbol, logo, or quote that reflects you the most and select which neon colors you want them to be in. With that said, here are some aesthetic cute neon signs ideas to draw inspiration from:

Cute Custom Neon Sign

There's no such thing that says "cute" more than this neon sign. It's very simple and straightforward, which makes it perfect if you are that type of person. You can also have these LED neon light signs customized to your liking so you're free to choose the font and its color. 

It’s best to base these designs on your current home's aesthetic. If you don't have a set one yet, you can also treat these neon signs as your main decorative piece and work your way around it.

Cute Butterfly LED Neon Sign

Whether you're designing a kid’s or an adult’s room, this cute butterfly neon sign gives the hint of a feminine touch in the space. Butterflies do not just make neon signs cute, they are also treated as symbols by different ethnicities. Here are some of them:

The butterfly symbolizes a lot of things in the Native American culture. It generally varies from one tribe to another, but typically, it represents change. It also signifies hope, positive thinking, and comfort.

Most tribes associate the butterfly with their ancestors, who are communicating to them from the dead. It's like their way of saying that they are already at peace in the afterlife.

The butterfly's symbol in Celtic mythology is closely related to that of Native Americans. For them, butterflies symbolize lost souls who are waiting to pass through Purgatory. Moreover, the Celtics associate this with creation and rebirth.

Butterflies play a huge role in African culture. However, you won't only see them as decorative pieces, they also signify a huge transformation. So if you want to pay homage to your roots, decorating your place with a butterfly neon sign is more than just for aesthetic purposes; rather, it's more of being in touch with your individuality. In addition, it will be a great conversation piece, especially when your visitors are not familiar with its story.

Pride Flag Neon Lights 

A house is more than a place to live— rather, it's a place where you can be your best self. So show how proud you are of your sexuality in your safe space! There's nothing more genuine and warm than decorating your home with pieces that will truly show who you are, and this pride flag neon light is a perfect choice!

Whether you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community or you're a proud ally, hanging this up proudly as your wall decor symbolizes not only your support to the statement— it also says that your home is a safe space for people to come together.

Neon Light Signs for Relaxation 

What better way to make your home truly warm and cozy than to put nice reminders up on the wall? You're not alone in feeling guilty about doing everything all at once and not even thinking of taking a break. It's not just you, and it might be the people you're with at home, too! 

While bad habits are hard to break, especially if you've been unconsciously practicing them for years, it's never too late to change them slowly. Sometimes, all it takes is just one reminder. So what would be the best way to do this than to have an aesthetically pleasing neon sign on your wall? You can put up these "relax" and "calm" neon signs on your living area or office space to be a constant reminder to take a break even when you're at your busiest. 

4. Hang String Up Lights For A More Inviting Atmosphere

Aside from LED neon lights, you can make the area more inviting with string-up lights. If you're not familiar with how they look, they closely resemble Christmas lights. The only difference is in the color of the bulbs and cords. The ones you can hang all year long usually have white lines with warm yellow LED lights.

However, you can choose the LED lights according to how you want your space to feel. But if you're going for a cozy and homey feel, warm white or yellow lights are the best way to go! 

Don't hesitate to hang string-up lights and neon LED lights in your space! Although some people might want to choose one over the other to not overdecorate your place, there's a slim chance that this will happen. But you have to keep in mind that the colors of the neon sign and string-up lights should go well together. So, for example, if you're planning to put up pink neon signs, you can also pair them with pink or warm yellow string lights.

Summary: Make Your Place More Inviting With Cute Neon Signs

If you're looking for ways to make your place more inviting, hanging cute neon signs in your living room or bedroom is one unique way to do it. Sure, there are many other "traditional' ways on how you can make your place more like a home rather than putting up pictures of the whole household. But, now that time's changing, your style should change and elevate too! Another important thing to remember when decorating your home is that you do not have to shell out a lot of money. Most people think that having a beautiful interior is expensive and grand.

If you don't know where to start decorating your place and you have a fairly limited budget, you should choose to get cute neon signs instead! These are not just affordable, but you also have a wide range of choices to choose from and have these customized to your budget and liking. So you don't have to worry about not finding anything that will best suit your needs! Make your place a comfortable space to live in and purchase a neon sign that resonates more with who you are as an individual from Neonize It!

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