Happy New Year 2023 pink and blue custom LED neon

Welcome 2023 with Custom LED Neon Signs and 3 Other Party Decorations

The year is slowly coming to a close, and a new exciting chapter of our lives is fast approaching! It’s time to bid your regrets and mistakes in 2022 adios and say hello to the thrilling prospects that 2023 may bring.

Get yourselves ready to turn the page with a small New Year’s Eve get-together. Let’s get the party started by learning how New Year’s was first celebrated! 

Who started the NYE party? 

Before we begin tracking down who and where the first New Year’s party started, it’s important to note that several versions of the calendar existed in line with the needs and beliefs of early civilizations. Hence, the start of a new year was also often inconsistent. 

Believe it or not, the oldest known New Year’s celebration was actually observed in late March rather than January and dated back to 2000 BC. The Babylonians of Mesopotamia paraded statues of their gods during the vernal equinox to celebrate Akitu, their 11-day-long New Year’s festival. 

The Babylonians performed several rituals that they believed would cleanse and ready the world for the next spring, symbolizing a new year. Historians say that the Akitu ceremonies were also used to assert a leader’s power over the people. 

Similarly, the ancient Persians celebrated New Year’s in March in 600 BC through Nowruz, an annual festival that lasted for 13 days. They arranged large banquets and feasts, exchanged gifts, and lit bonfires to celebrate the festivity. 

On the other hand, the Romans held their New Year’s on what we’re more familiar with after they added January and February to their calendar in 153 BC. January was named after one of their deities, Janus, who represented change and transitions. So every January 1, the Romans would present offerings to the god to gain good luck for the new year. 

But as mentioned, the start of the new year constantly changed due to various events, such as the fall of the empire. As a result, new year’s day went from January 1 to December 25 in some Catholic countries, while others declared March 25 the beginning of the year. 

Eventually, the Pope declared the Gregorian calendar the legal calendar in 1582, re-establishing January 1 as New Year’s day and making December 31 New Year’s Eve. This declaration urged European countries, and ultimately the rest of the world, to accept and adopt the new calendar. 

How do you get the party started?

Now that we know how our ancestors got it down during New Year’s, it’s time for us to start our own party! So we’ve created a short checklist to keep you on track as you plan your end-of-the-year celebrations

1. Pick a theme.

Planning your New Year’s Eve party always starts with deciding on a party theme. By that, we mean choosing a certain hue palette or a color scheme for your big NYE bash. Doing so will help you pick consistent and coherent decorations with your theme. 

You can always decorate your venue with a glitz and glamour theme combining black, gold, and yellow. Try going for a more modern and futuristic style with a silver, blue, and white color scheme. Or better yet, why not appropriately incorporate Pantone’s color of the year for 2023?

2. Start inviting.

As always, you have to spread the word. Bring up the idea of a New Year’s Eve party with your friends and family. Set a specific time for your party as you and your friends check on your schedules and agendas. 

Sending out invitations will also be a great time to ask them for suggestions for the theme, ideas for activities, or if they have preferences for food and drinks. 

3. Plan the festivities.

After deciding on your main theme, it’s time to start planning how your party will go. Jot down ideas for games and other party activities that your friends and family will enjoy. Here are a few to get your brain juices churning:

  • Play an exciting round of charades.
  • Watch new year-themed movies like New Year’s Eve (2011).
  • Challenge your friends with a game of Pictionary.
  • Get the groove on with musical chairs.
  • Have sincere heart-to-heart conversations by listing your New Year’s resolutions. 

4. Prep the food & bulk up the booze.

Logically, the next step is to plan what your guests will eat and enjoy as you wait for the new year. Decide how the food situation will go: will you provide every meal and snack, or will your guests contribute?

Don’t forget to stack up your party juice! Shop sparkling wines and champagnes as early as now to avoid the last-minute rush. 

5. Curate a popping playlist.

Put your speakers on blast with a fun party playlist to further amp up the festive feeling. Add your and your friend's favorite songs and jam out to them during the last day of the year. You can also play ready-made playlists on YouTube and Spotify. 

4 New Year’s Eve Party Must-Haves

Planning the activities, food, drinks, and music will be entirely up to you and your best buddies. The task of prepping the whole scene, however, will completely fall on the host’s shoulders. Of course, we won’t leave you hanging! 

Party Accessories

Welcome the New Year with the appropriate get-up. Search and shop for party hats, glasses, and other festive props per your chosen theme and color scheme. These fun accessories will be perfect for taking photos to commemorate the night. 

Party Poppers & Noisemakers

Celebrate the New Year with a bang, literally! Bring out your party poppers, confetti, party horns, clappers, and blowouts, and make some much-needed noise to prepare for the New Year’s countdown. Light up the party, too, by bringing out sparklers.

Custom Neon Signs

Why don’t you try decorating your space with neon wall art? Give your party a bright and unique touch by mounting some LED neon lights and signs corresponding to your party’s theme on your walls. Consider hanging a simple “Happy New Year” neon sign.

If you’re feeling extra festive, try using colorful customized neon signs as one of your party decorations. It will be exciting and special to have a custom LED neon sign with your and your friends' names.

Instagrammable Photo Booth

The party can't end without snapping a few photos to commemorate the joyous event. Spice up the venue by creating an Instagrammable photo booth filled with custom signs, party decor, and amusing accessories. Add some much-needed lighting with a couple of LED lights. 

Light Up Your Custom Neon Sign with Neonize 

Having trouble finding where to get your custom neon LED signs? Neonize can help you in that department! Neonize has a large and varied collection of neon signs and lights ready to light up your NYE party. 

Our signs are handcrafted using LED neon flex, PVC, acrylic, and rubber flex tubing, making them extra durable and high-quality. Additionally, our signs are easy to install with our various mounting options.

You can also personalize your neon light. Send us your custom design, and we’ll Neonize your New Year’s LED sign for you! 

Browse through our selection and find all the custom neon lights and signs your party will need from Neonize today!

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