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Open Your Doors to Good Luck and New Beginnings with the Happy New Year Neon Signs

The new year generally symbolizes a new beginning—a new day to try again, find a purpose, or turn a new leaf. Many people hope that the new year brings positive changes into their life and that their luck will play out for the rest of the year. That's why when the year changes, different cultures welcome the coming year with loud noises, offerings, fireworks, and many more. 

Maybe this could be your year too! So brighten up your home with happy new year neon lights and start the year with a different bang. 

7 New Year’s Tradition Around the World 

There are different traditions that several cultures around the world practice as they welcome the new year. These traditions are known to bring luck and prosperity to oneself. So if you're feeling lucky, you may want to take part in them as you mount your 2022 neon LED light on your walls. 

There’s no harm in trying, so here are some of the fun and interesting traditions you can do this year. 

USA – Watching the Ball Drop 

In the US, it is a common sight for people to gather at the New York Times Square and wait for the ball to drop as the clock ticks by to the next year. Ever since firecrackers were banned in NYC, they welcomed the new year by dropping a 700-pound ball as they counted down. 

Dropping down a ball symbolizes that something big will happen or something impactful will take place that can ultimately change someone's life in the next year. 

Spain – Eating Grapes 

During New Year’s Eve, Spaniards prepare grapes to eat. When the clock strikes midnight, the clock tolls twelve times, and each person eats one grape for each toll representing each month of the year. The grapes represent blessing and abundance, which originates from the southern part of the country, where grapes are in demand during the winter season. 

Scotland – First Footing 

An interesting fact about Scotland is that the Christmas holidays were banned during the 16th and 17th centuries. That's why celebrating the new year became more of a big thing to them. So their new year celebration or Scotland’s Hogmanay is a way for people to welcome warmth in their homes and expel darkness with their festivities. 

Along with their Hogmanay, there is a tradition called first-footing. Scottish people believe that when it strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, the first person who crosses the threshold of their house will bring luck to the entire family. 

Maybe you want to try this with your loved ones and while you're at it, decorate your threshold with vibrant holiday neon lights to give your celebrations more fun and spark. 

Japan – Oshogatsu 

On December 31st of each year, the Japanese celebrate Bonenkai, which means "year-forgetting parties.” For Japanese people, celebrating the new year is one of the most important holidays because it means renewal and leaving all the negative things of the past year behind. 

During their new year celebrations, one of the common things is striking their gongs 108 times, one for each of the earthly temptations an individual should avoid to achieve nirvana. These popular traditions also include wearing kimonos, eating soba for long life, and giving kids gifts with money inside. 

If you have Japanese heritage, you can have a customized neon sign to celebrate the holiday that represents your culture. 

Israel – Rosh Hashanah 

The people of Israel celebrate the new year a little later than the rest of the world. They celebrate the Jewish new year or the Rosh Hashanah during the seventh month of the Hebrew Calendar, kicking it off by lighting candles and reciting prayers. Then, they eat fruits dipped in honey that symbolize the sweetness of the coming year. 

Finally, after all the celebrations, they sound the shofar, an instrument crafted from a ram's horn, which means that people should possess humility when standing before God. 

China – Spring Festival 

Dragon neon signs, Chinese characters, noisy instruments, firecrackers, vibrant decorations, everyone would notice a Chinese new year celebration. The Chinese new year is a 15-day long celebration that starts each year differently on the Lunar calendar. 

Traditionally, the spring festival opens up with loads of red decorations like lanterns and paper cut-outs because the Chinese people believe red brings good luck and wards off negative energy. Celebrations of the spring festival and accompanied by dragon dances, fireworks, and the elderly giving children money which symbolizes passing one's fortune to the youth. 

You can customize “Gong xi fa cai” greetings for a happy new year neon sign on Neonize to celebrate the Lunar new year with your friends and family. 

Brazil – White Clothing 

For Brazilians, the new year is the time to reflect on the past actions of the last year and come up with a resolution to improve yourself. Traditionally, people wear white because it is the color of luck, and it chases away evil spirits. 

During the new year, people in Brazil flock to the beach and jump seven waves because they believe that the number seven is lucky. They also offer flowers to the sea, so the sea goddess Lemanjá brings them good fortune all year round. 

A Little Dazzle Will Make the New Year Better 

Keep your old holiday lights in the box. The new year is for new beginnings and new things. So what better way to try something new than by celebrating the occasion with a happy new year in neon lights. At Neonize, we have decorative LED signs in various colors to liven up any occasion. We can make your New Year's Eve party the best and memorable, from greetings to unique symbols. Get happy new year neon signs at Neonize today!

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