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Sparklers, Fireworks, and a New Year Neon Sign: Terrific Ways to Celebrate a Fresh Start

We have Julius Caesar to thank for creating a calendar that begins again every 365 days (or 366 days for leap years). Like a reset button, we have a chance for a fresh start each year! So make sure that the 1st of January gets the celebration it deserves with sparklers, fireworks, and Happy New Year neon lights.

Aside from painting the sky and adorning your space with lovely lights and colours, make the day unforgettable by celebrating in the best ways possible. Guess what? We, here at Neonize It, got you covered in both decorations and party ideas. Continue reading and prepare to ring in the New Year with a blast!

There are many ways to celebrate, but you can never go wrong when you add fun to any event. After transforming your home into a festive wonderland—perhaps with a Happy New Year neon sign—check out these ideas that are sure to leave your guests in a merry mood!

Food and Drinks Ideas

A celebration is always great with good food. Get your cookbooks ready, and make sure your pantry is full before New Year’s eve. Here are the New Year’s Eve table must-haves.

  • Margarita, Negroni, or martini—make your bar busy with outflowing cocktails and beers. It’s the perfect pair for year-end catch-ups. 
  • Booze is not only good in wine glasses and shots, but they are also ideal for desserts. Watch your alcoholic cherry bombs, rum cake, and pink champagne truffles trays cleared before the year ends.
  • Warm your heart and tummy with a hearty home-cooked meal. Fill your dining table with special dishes or a potluck from family and friends. 

New Year Party Plans

Pump up the event with games and out-of-the-box activities! Here are some ideas that will surely surprise, excite, or touch your visitors. 

  • Put your cocktails to a fun use by playing a drinking game! Anyone deemed guilty or can relate to the “Drink if…” statement will take a shot.
  • Even if you are not a tarot card reading fan, inviting one to foresee what’s happening in the coming year will surely add excitement to your party. 
  • Wait for the midnight fireworks while keeping yourself warm around your backyard fire pit. Bring your mallows and cookies for fresh smores too! It is also a perfect time for New Year’s resolution sharing or a recap of the past year. 

Sparklers, Fireworks, and a New Year Neon Sign

Do all these fun activities while your place is decorated with different lights. The glow will help attract positive vibes—just the feeling you need to welcome the year. 

Sweets Sparklers

Who says lights are only mounted on walls or hanging somewhere? Stick some sparklers to the cake, sweets, or even a glass of champagne. You can light it during the New Year’s countdown and blow on it when the clock strikes twelve. Blow the past year's baggage away as you whisper your hopes for the coming year. 

Instagram Wall

If you invite lots of people to celebrate the new year with you, take lots of photos! Dedicate a wall where people can take pictures—level up from balloons to a New Year neon sign. The colorful rays from the LED neon sign will add art and dynamics, achieving a perfect instagrammable snapshot.  

Home Decoration

You have a variety of food and drinks; now, let’s perfect the ambiance with a neon Happy New Year. You can go with simple yet appealing snowflakes glowing in blue light or a Happy Holidays sign. Mount the neon sign on your porch or match it with your Christmas tree—get your creative juices flowing with this vibrant wall art. 

Midnight Fireworks

The old year moving into the new is always magical, especially with fireworks lighting the sky while your home glows with neon decorations and sparklers outdoors. Some places go for drone light shows these days, a more earth-friendly approach to ring in the new year, but they bring the same good and hopeful feeling, nevertheless. 

Get Yours at Neonize It!

Treat New Year as the first day of the rest of your life. Just enjoy and have a blast at your party, enjoying food, drinks, and conversations with the people you care about. The past year must have been tough and filled with ups and downs, but you now have a fresh start. So take with you the past year’s learnings and make more unforgettable memories in the coming year. 

Jumpstart the New Year’s memory bank with images and recollections filled with colorful lights or even a customized neon sign. Neonize It has you covered! Check out our holiday neon sign collection and our customized signs page. You’ll surely find something to spark your New Year’s! 

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