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New Year Neon Sign: A Luminous Reminder to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? It feels just like yesterday when we were ushering in last year with champagne and good cheer. Whether you’re a resolution maker or not, there’s no denying that the arrival of January brings with it a certain air of fresh possibility. So what fresh and empowering things will you do this year? Here are some ideas you can begin with. 

Go for your goals and abide by your resolutions with the help of the fun and luminous New Year neon lights. Let’s make the new year our best one yet!

New Year, New You: Focusing On Self-Improvement

The cliche “New Year, New You” is as accurate as ever. The first of January is a time to reflect on impactful yet straightforward changes you might want to achieve within the year. You may already have a couple of ideas, but just in case, here are some resolutions you can consider. 

Making Each Day and Moment Count

This year, vow to make yourself productive by cultivating new hobbies or leveling up your current interests through certification and proper training. This year is all about investing in yourself and not wasting away any given second. 

It could be something small, like learning new recipes to cook or patterns to stitch. Spatter colorful paints on larger canvases, or even take in a new family member by adopting a pet. 

Even mundane tasks at home are great ways to spend your time, so begin learning how to do DIY projects at home and create a peaceful sanctuary for yourself. You can build a cabinet or be your own interior designer, redecorating your room. For a livelier vibe, mount some colorful LED signs that reflect your new year mottos and personal aesthetic. 

Self Makeover In and Out

They say a healthy mind leads to a happy life, so begin by making over your mindset and habits. Say hello to thoughts, beliefs, and values that build strong family bonds, develop deeper friendships, and give you a happier life. Get inspiration by providing time for books, movies, and meaningful conversations. 

As much as you water your heart and mind with goodness, do the same for your body by choosing healthier meals and being more active through sports and exercise. Pamper yourself through a spa visit now and then, and spoil yourself on fashionable clothes too!

Your surroundings and environment also matter. Decorate your home and beautify spaces through LED neon lighting, decked with inspiring messages for this year. Express yourself more with a fun and exciting interior and exterior home decor change!

Widening Boundaries and Setting Limits

Come out of your shell and cross more bridges this year by doing things you haven't done before. Challenge yourself more and conquer some long-time fears while you’re at it. Explore new places aside from your home and workplace by taking trips and vacations. Meet new people you can relate your beliefs and values with by joining clubs and organizations for a cause. 

But while you expand your horizons, reflect on which areas of your life you need to limit and manage more. For instance, establish a new healthy daily routine, ensuring time for your wellness while still performing your best at work. 

Paying the Goodness Forward by Caring for Others

Like an LED neon signage wall decor sharing brightness to its surroundings, share the goal of improvement to your family, friends, and even strangers. Include some promises that will positively affect them. Here are some actions to jumpstart your act of paying the goodness forward. 

More Kindness and Love for Family and Friends

Your family and friends make your life better, so do the same for them. Make your presence felt even more by choosing to meet them in person instead of sticking to just chats and text messages. Make meetups healthy by engaging in empowering conversations and skipping the cigarettes and alcohol! Change for the better, and make get-togethers beneficial for the mind and body. If there are friends and family you’ve lost contact with or haven’t reconciled in a while, make this year a year for reunion and forgiveness!

Caring More, Even to Strangers

There are many ways to show kindness and care even to individuals you don't know. Be a godsend person by donating goods and financial assistance to charities. You do not need to have plenty in your pocket to show kindness. You can offer your time and energy through volunteer work and providing skills development training as a speaker. 

You can also quit doing some practices to ensure you are a good neighbor to others. Be a supporter and not a basher on social media by sharing empowering posts and comments that encourage your followers and friends. In the real world, quit the gossip, and spread good words instead. 

Being more environment-friendly

Caring for Mother Nature is like the butterfly effect. You do the simplest ways to be environment-friendly, and these small ways affect the world as a whole. You can do this by minimizing the use of plastic that takes years to decompose and choosing plant-based products made of organic materials. 

You can also live a minimalist life by controlling the urge to shop, especially buying products you do not need. Simply shifting to biking and walking more are also ways to show your advocacy for the environment. For specific actions, you can make it your New Year’s resolution to clean every area you stay in, leaving it neater than how you saw it. 

A Constant Reminder Through the New Year Neon Sign

The New Year always brings a sense of hope and opportunity. As each month of the new year progresses, feel productive by doing something for yourself and others. May you find some of the New Year’s resolutions above something you can do. To ensure you will abide by them from January to December, putting up an LED neon light sign is a welcome and aesthetically-pleasing help! We have many inspiring collections you can choose from. But if you have a specific design in mind that’s not in our current collection, you can go for a custom neon sign featuring quotes and visuals that will keep you going the whole year. From fireworks, Santa Claus, famous holiday destinations like Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Times Square, New York, and Hong Kong—we got them!

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