Neonize Name Day Guide: Plan a Surprise Birthday Party With a Happy Birthday Neon Sign

Heads up! Your favorite person's birthday is coming up. The problem: this person is skipping this year's celebration because "life happened."

Being the caring person that you are, you feel uneasy just letting your favorite person's birthday slip by uncelebrated. So you'll throw a surprise party!

You're excited. It's going to be a surprise. And you can't wait until it all comes together. Except the birthday is going to be in a few days, and you're still lounging in your bedroom reading through posts like this, finding the right moment to begin.

We've been there, and we understand. Luckily, this post will help you organize a last-minute, surprise, neon-themed birthday party for that special human in your life. So rock back, put on your earphones, and play your birthday party planning track before you read this guide. By the time the song ends, you'll be a bonafide party syndication specialist. 

Here are the steps.

happy birthday neon sign party background

Form the Party Planning Syndicate

Scan through your mutual friend's list and reach out to them regarding the surprise neon light-themed birthday party initiative. Recruit them as your accomplice and set their expectations regarding where you are in the planning process. Let them know what is needed, i.e., food, gifts, decor. You're going to need an accomplice that's living with the celebrant. This person will be your point of contact regarding the celebrant. But if you are living with the person about to celebrate his or her birthday, much better.

To keep things simple and small scale, the accomplices will also be the guests of the celebrant's party. So a team of five to 10 people would do.

Surveil the Celebrant

Yes, you'll need to do a bit of spy work on the celebrant if you're going to make the surprise party work. Know if he or she has made plans on his or her name day. The information will let you plan, adjust the time and duration of the party and plan accordingly.

Plot the Party Program

The program duration is vital in plotting an LED neon-themed party program. The best practice is to keep the program short. Ideally, it should be as long as a sitcom episode but not as long as a movie. You also have to account for any technical hiccups.

The program can be broken down into three segments:

  1. Icebreaker - This means fun and games that warm up the celebrant and the attendees.
  2. Gift-opening - This segment allows the celebrant to open gifts sent in advance (hidden by the accomplice)
  3. Socials - Eating, catching up with friends and relatives
  4. Proper closing

Stick To a Theme: Neon

Hit up a neon sign online store and go for a Happy Birthday neon sign or whatever creative idea the celebrant will love—it could be a quote from their favorite show or a symbol that matches their life’s aesthetic. You can choose an LED neon Happy Birthday sign that matches the celebrant's personality—in a stylized font or their favorite color—or get a customized neon sign specially made for the occasion.

Purchase and ship the Happy Birthday neon light to the celebrant's place. The accomplice will hide this custom neon sign along with the gifts and theme decors until it’s time to set up the party. With the celebrant momentarily escorted to a different place as a distraction, sneakily set up the neon birthday decorations, with the Happy birthday sign being the centerpiece on a wall, before the party starts. The sign will serve as a themed background for the celebrant's party.

Last-Minute Reminders

Lastly, be sure to check the following on the day of the event:

  • Food and drinks are made or ordered for the celebrant.
  • Guests have prepared their food and drink.
  • The Happy Birthday neon sign is set up, as well as other decorations.
  • A virtual meeting platform is available for guests who want to join the surprise event but can’t attend physically.
The happy birthday neon sign is an awesome birthday party present and decoration

Enjoy a Neon-Themed Birthday Party

We hope you're now confident to organize and execute a neon-themed birthday party for your loved one. Don't forget that the birthday party is not the main thing—it’s celebrating life with friends and loved ones who care. And you're a cool person for making it happen.

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