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Top 10 Trends For The New Normal Birthday Manual: Virtual Games, A Happy Birthday Neon Sign, and Quick Recipes

You're only a few days away from blowing candles on a cake. Usually, it gets you excited when the clock ticks and the days on the calendar come closer to your birthday. Unfortunately, the life restrictions of the pandemic season spoil all your party plans. 

Suddenly, you feel like a prisoner in your own space. You have to disinfect every surface and distance yourself at least six feet away from people, which can be very stressful. Celebrations like birthdays allow people to let loose and enjoy being in the crowd, but this time it's impossible. 

Yes, it can be a lonely season to spend. We understand your dilemma, but we also want to let you know that you can still work things out positively! We made a new normal birthday manual to help you keep the fun under restricted circumstances. From hanging a "Happy birthday" neon sign to playing virtual games— you can find simple and cost-effective ideas to celebrate your special day!   

Why Birthdays Are Now Important More Than Ever

What's the fuss in celebrating the day you become a year older, anyway? There could be people who still wonder about the importance of birthdays. After all, we come from various walks of life and have different life principles. 

Here are three reasons you should celebrate birthdays when you can, especially in the new normal setting.

  • A birthday is a traditional celebration. Most of us have been instilled in the fun and importance of celebrating our birthdays since childhood.
  • It's worth celebrating. Women go through ups and downs during pregnancy, and childbirth symbolizes the successful end of that journey. Birthdays are a way to honor this glorious moment.
  • It chases the blues away. Isolation is one of the struggles in this pandemic season. Hence, it's important to exert more effort in communication. Celebrating birthdays shows that you value someone and wish to continue having good memories with them.

The "new normal" routine can be the most challenging phase of your life, but don't let it take you down. If your or your friend's birthday is coming in a few days, it's absolutely fine to plan how to celebrate it! Be a ray of sunshine to yourself and others in this gloomy season. 

Top 10 Trends for a Kickass Birthday Celebration in the New Normal Setting

You're motivated to prepare for an upcoming birthday celebration but a little lost on where to start. There are many suggested birthday ideas, and you struggle to select which one works best. We narrowed those ideas down to ten simple and cost-effective options for you to choose from.

#1: Balloon Frenzy

Birthdays and balloons are inseparable. Balloons are party must-haves! There are three main types to choose from: round or twisting latex balloons, number mylar balloons, and cloudbuster balloons. They also come in different colors, sizes, and designs. 

If you can't choose, think of the celebrant's preferences. For example, if they like pink, then you should pick pink balloons. What will be their age for this upcoming birthday? Get those numbers in the form of mylar balloons. 

#2: A Neon “Happy Birthday” Sign

Aesthetic nightlife is one of the latest design trends today. Using a LED neon light decor is especially popular because of its ergonomic construction. They are visually appealing, energy-saving, and versatile decorative pieces. Moreover, they work for personal and professional purposes, like watering two plants with one fine hose. 

Greet the celebrant using a bright neon light "Happy birthday" sign hanging on the wall! It will surely catch their attention. It also makes a good birthday present. A neon light sign offers plenty of benefits, so don't hesitate to include them on your checklist!

#3: Immersive Technology

Screen-to-screen can't provide the feeling of face-to-face interaction. As a result, experts build immersive online platforms and apps to give you a more fulfilling experience. Virtual gatherings are now a huge part of life. 

Some of the most prominent virtual platforms today are Kumospace, Houseparty, and Jackbox Games. Some of these sites even allow you to move around in a pretty virtual environment, communicate in real-time, or play fun games together. 

#4:  Safe Party-in-a-Box

Personalized giveaways have always been a part of events, especially on birthdays. Consider sending a customized party-in-a-box to your guests. You can include anything fun or useful, like art supplies or work-from-home essentials.

The core point here is safety. In times like this, we need to take care of each other to avoid infection. Consider adding face masks, hand sanitizers, medical-grade alcohol, or other safety supplies in the giveaway to show that you still care about health while having fun. 

#5: Customized Safety Equipment

If you think face masks diminish your makeover efforts, you can always decorate them a little for special occasions. Customized face masks are now a trend! If you have to wear safety equipment on your birthday, make it stylish.

Match it to your party's theme and encourage your guests to do the same. You may offer a reward to the person who came with the most stylish look to excite things up! If you have a small corner for mandatory hand sanitation upon entrance, you can decorate that space too.  

#6 Quick Mini Cakes/Cupcakes

We get it; a cake is a must-have for birthdays. But does the idea of cake always have to be just one big piece? These days, buying from a cake store isn't easy. Your go-to store could temporarily close any moment due to a lockdown protocol, or they might stop offering delivery services for a while.

When these things happen, you can switch to mini cakes or cupcakes instead. Gather them on a tray or several plates and decorate them to your heart's content! Your guests won't have to wait for "cake-slicing time" or get a smaller share of it because each of them will now get an equal serving. That way, you can save time and money and make your guests happy. 

#7: Virtual Cake Apps

What if you didn't have the luxury of time to buy a cake and rushed into a virtual birthday party instead? There are virtual cake apps that you can use as a quick alternative. For the sake of having a birthday ceremony in a long-distance setting, you can always count on the power of technology.

What's fun about virtual cakes is that they respond when you blow or shake your device. It might not be the real thing, but for now, it passes as a cool birthday item in the new normal environment. You can always have the real cake later when it gets safer to meet people. 

#8: E-Cards for Invitations

It's not ideal to hand out door-to-door invitations this time, so maximize the benefits of technology in setting up your new normal party. Many websites offer free and premium card templates to help you create e-invites and other types of e-cards. Some of these sites include Canva, RSVPify, and Greetings Island.

Make sure to include the event's significant details. Indicate the start and end time, a breakdown of the program, the venue, and any other special instructions guests need to know. E-card sites offer various designs, so have fun picking your favorite birthday card templates!

#9: Lockdown Recipes

The stay-at-home life isn't necessarily gloomy. In a space where you only have limited sources, your creative skills are being put to the test. You try to seek the value of the simplest things and learn to make the best out of them. Recently, a lot of people have learned about quick and easy recipes. 

There are plenty of "lockdown recipes" trending online, and you can learn how to make them in just a few minutes! If you have a limited budget and source for your birthday menu, look into these recipes and give them a shot. Some examples include Dalgona coffee, five-minute cookies, and pizza in a mug.

If there’s one thing the quarantine season taught us, it’s that cooking is therapeutic and anyone can become a master chef of lockdown treats! 

#10: The Art of Cleaning

These days, birthday parties are no longer just pure fun and decoration. Cleaning has now become a significant step before, in-between, and after the gathering. To ensure everyone's safety from start to finish, sanitize, disinfect, or sterilize your space as necessary.

Require your guests to wear safety masks and sanitize their hands upon arrival. They should do that before and after eating as well for extra protection. In addition, you should still observe social distancing. It wouldn't hurt to give each other a little space, as it's for the betterment of everyone's health. 

Celebrate Birthdays With a Glowing Party Neon Sign from Neonize!

Virtual celebrations and home parties are already common even before the pandemic season. However, unlike the past, they're no longer just an option but a regulation. Whether it compliments your preferences or not, there's not much choice than to comply. 

It might sound gloomy, but you needn't feel like that. With the help of this list, you can still have a wonderful birthday. Prioritize sanitation, add a few colorful balloons, hang up a "Happy birthday" neon sign, or use interactive technology for a fun virtual party. 

If you're planning to get a LED neon sign for rent or custom neon lights, Neonize offers a wide range of incredible designs! From "happy birthday" messages to cake slice signs, we have everything you need to celebrate a bright, new normal birthday. 

Want more? Our signs are easy to install and UL-certified, so rest assured they're safe to use. You may now quit worrying over the smallest things and just enjoy the event with these fancy signs on your wall. Find little ways to enjoy special days within a limited space and continue to create wonderful memories!

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